I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

52. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

Idle Talk: It Doesn’t Matter, So the Magician Observes

Chief… It’s time to talk to him.

Lurking in a pillar near the Knight’s training grounds, I called out to my own boss. It’s been two hours already.

It was time to get to work.

“You, you idiot! I can’t talk to him!”

The usually strong-willed Chief yelled at me, his face turning red.

Yes, yes. You need some time to prepare yourself.

Jeez, not being able to talk to them because you liked them too much, what kind of kid are you?

You are the Head of the Chief Sorcerers, aren’t you? Although you don’t seem like it now.

“Well, it’s not so much as a beautiful body alone, but the beautiful scales… Every one of which is perfectly composed and harmonized to protect against magical interference…”

Alley Bezalel, our nation’s proud Sorcerer, begun muttering about his observations of Dragons.

I, a.k.a., The Commander’s Dragon Officer, omitted the praise of Dragons and only wrote down actual observations.

It’s one of my jobs… To keep an eye on the Commander’s Dragon enthusiasm for when he gets out of control.

He’s a Great Sorcerer, and I usually respected the Commander. Even though he’s the same age as I am, he’s discovered several new complex magic, and so on.

But right now, I don’t respect him at all.

It would help if you were a little more dignified, not hunkered down to look at it in secrecy.

Oh, that’s because if I didn’t do it like this, the Dragon of my dreams will see me.‘ Yeah, that’s also disgusting.

If it weren’t for that, the Chief Sorcerer would probably be popular with the ladies. I’m looked at this red-gold-haired, beautiful man in front of me dryly.

Even though he’s got an adopted son, he’s still single. Definitely. It’s because he’s such a Dragon maniac.

… If you gave me a piece of those good looks, I would put it to better use. That’s what you call ‘a waste of talent‘.

Anyways, I hope someone would replace my post in watching over the Chief who was obsessed of Dragons soon.

It reminded me of the Deputy Commander and his colleagues, who made me the Commander’s Dragon Officer with a smile.

Yeah, I don’t think anyone was going to take over! I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to find a way to make it work.

I wonder if I could get a… Dragon allowance, or something.

But even if my salary increased, it’s not like I’d have any hobbies, or a girlfriend. So there’s nothing for me to spend anything on.

I’m depressed whenever I remembered my lonely self.

…Yeah, okay. Let’s escape reality for now.

The leader was now praising the Dragon, so you can ignore him and not have a problem.

I looked at the training grounds, where the Chief was watching intently.

The Dragon… Well, let’s just put it aside for now since there was that girl…

“I told you! You’re not in the right place!”


For some reason, it looked like she was trying to convince the Dragon.

…Yeah! A new perspective! That’s the one who they call the Dragon Knight’s Bride! Or was it Savior’s Saint!?

Not long ago, I thought she was suicidal… Errr, funny girl. She cane to the Sorcerer’s tower out of the blue and told the Chief about the Dragon story herself.

People with two names were bound to be different, after all.

Yeah, yeah! It’s a good thing that you have an embarrassing nickname like the Knight Commander or Chief Sorcerer, ‘The Magician of Fire‘.

Oh, here’s the Knight Commander himself.

Speaking of which, those two were supposed to be engaged to marry. She’s the Dragon Knight’s Bride, after all.

Huh? But lately, she seemed to be in Solan’s room a lot…

No, no, no… Solan’s supposedly solely focused on Lady Irene, right?

I looked at the girl’s face. She looked harmless… Women are so terrifying.

As I trembled with such fear, I heard the sound of teeth grinding from the side.

It wasn’t a ‘You were the same lonely bachelor, you traitor!”, but an ‘I envy you for approaching the Dragon so proudly!‘ kind of teeth-gnashing.

Jeez, you have many exciting stories to share with your fellow Knight Commander and son, but aren’t you a little bit too interested in Dragons, Chief?

You were supposed to have come from a Family of Genuine Magicians, right? So, you really don’t need to try hard, do you?

Well, it’s not something for me to worry about.

And so I was taking it easy.

Then bad one came.

Although it should be far away, the density of its magical power, the pressure… The pressure of this thing that looked like a mere boy, made me fall to my knees involuntarily.

That’s the rumored Dragon, huh?

As soon as it’s confirmed, I’ll report it to the Knight Commander and Chief Sorcerer as quickly as possible, wait… Both of them were already here!

What should I do when they’re both here as it showed up?

And while I was confused, the Knight Commander rushed to the boy; both of them disappearing to nowhere.

Well, I’m relieved for now.

And what about the Chief? As I expected, I looked at him, and sure enough, he was covering his face with his hands.

Yeah, I knew that.

When they summoned the Evil Dragon, he was depressed because he couldn’t observe properly during the battle. After all, the magic power was too rough…

When they came back, the Chief was not in the room, so I was still able to make progress, though.

But the other day, when I came here, he was so frustrated that he was late to the party because he was desperate to get away from his mother, Her Excellency the Left Field Marshal, also known as the ‘Twin Peaks of Nightmares‘.

And now, it’s finally appeared in front of your eyes. On top of that, it was moving.

I an only watch you with warm eyes, Chief.

This situation would continue for a while, so we took him to the office while we still had the chance. We did just that.

After working long hours of watching Dragons, the other work had been piling up.

“Commander! Let’s go!”

Since he bore a higher rank than me, I called out a few words to him before I dragged him away.

But there was still no reply. I knew why, too.

Come on, Commander! Let’s get some work done!