Only I can Return After the Class Transfer Translation

55. Beehive

“Then, after coming across some dangerous mamono, Sakaeda’s party and ours agreed to split and meet up later here… What about you, Hanebashi?”

Hagisawa tells me that they all moved towards the river. Apperantly, the river was muddy because they had fought with said mamono.

Damn it… So they didn’t cross the river in order to escape?

“I thought that you all had escaped to the other side of the river, so I followed after you.”
“We didn‘t escape in that direction since continuing across would have exposed us to mamono that are a grade stronger. Wait, does that mean you crossed… Our plan was to travel downstream, but…”

Hagisawa speaks in astonishment.

No wonder I didn’t find any footprints. Looks like my assumption that the water was muddy as a result of everyone crossing the river backfired on me.

“So, how did your two groups end up taking different routes?”
“Shigenobu’s group went upstream. You see, there was a problem.”
“What happened?”
“According to the battle group, there was no danger we‘d recieve any fatal injuries. However, turns out the mamono‘s attacks were poisonous, and they took anyone struck back to their nest.”
“Yeah, at first glance those mamono looked like enormous… bees. Apparently, they use their poison to weaken their prey before bringing it to the hive to do something to them there. The battle group seems to have battled and killed some of them before. According to their words, there is a boss mamono who uses pheromones to manipulate other mamono.”

Shivers run down my spine. I get the feeling that I need to get back to the river right away.

“Well, we somehow managed to deal with the massive subordinate mamono, but Sakaeda’s group went after the boss.”

“See?” Hagisawa points to the river where three dinosaur-like creatures lay on the ground. It appears to be 300 meters south of the location I went to.

So they just went south along the river? Crossing it really did backfire. Looks like I‘m an idiot who can’t read the situation…

“That so-called boss still hasn‘t been defeated yet? Speaking of which, why are they even chasing after it in the first place?”
“It took two members of the base group with it.”
“What?! A-And?”
“Right now, Shigenobu’s group and some members of the battle group are chasing after it to save them.”
“I’m going too!”
“Wait, wait! Even if you go, what do you plan to do with those wounds?! I’ve told you what I know, so tell me what happened to you, Hanebashi!”
“My wounds don’t matter. If I don‘t hurry and help them…!”
“They do matter! Listen here… I didn’t want to say this but you leave me no choice. If you die, our chances of returning will be even slimmer! That’s why your safety comes first.”
“But that’s…”

I can’t say anything back.

Everyone believes that if my transfer ability continues to expand, I will be able to return them to Japan, and this is natural for them to believe. That may also be why Shigenobu and the others want me to return home and sleep there. Of course, this is Shigenobu here. He’d probably be concerned about me in any case, but still…

“So what happened to you, Hanebashi?”

I open my mouth to explaining, but just before I can say anything, my gloves transform and become Punching Bear.

“W-What the?!”

All of my classmates from the base and battle groups, starting with Hagisawa, cry out.

“A mamono?!”
“Huh? There’s a ◇ in front of its name?”
“Hanebashi! Your gloves transformed! What in the world is going on! Explain!” Hagisawa says.
“Huh? Oh this… Well――”

I explain what I had been through to Hagisawa and the others. I describe how, as with the Kangaroo, I battled the Punching Bear and how I handed over my gloves to this guy for treatment.

“Wow… So we can make friends with mamon?”
“I had no idea.”
“Under Taniizumi’s order, I suppose it’s no surprise we didn‘t notice.  There’s no way we‘d have been able to uncover under such complex conditions.”

“You can tame a Horn Rat by giving it cheese or something similar made with tools or cooking.”
Hagisawa responds with a cheerful voice.

Punching Bear bows as if trying to say, “I’m looking forward to being with you.”

“You’re a well-mannered one aren’t you?” I say.

Then, Punching Bear puts his head between my legs and tries to put me on his back.
What are you doing!

“Hanebashi, he seems to cherish you a lot. Why don’t you use him as a mount?” Hagisawa suggests.
“You’re right… In any case, I’m still going to help Shigenobu and the others!”
“Okay, okay! But first give us our food… We‘re all starving.”
“Ah… sure thing.”

Although the food has gotten cold, I use transportation to bring it here from Japan and distribute it to everyone.

Everyone sighs in relief.

“He‘s so docile and cute!”

One of the girls of my class pets Punching Bear‘s head.

“With this taken care of…I guess all that’s left now is to go after Shigenobu and the others.” Hagisawa says.
“Then, should I activate Trasfer?” I ask.
“Yeah, let’s hurry and catch up to Shigenobu and the others.”

I head after Shigenobu’s party with Hagisawa and the others.

“So around… here?”

We see the cave from afar. A bee mamono called Sepia Little Parasite Bee buzzes around it. Those with lower levels are placed in the back of the formation, where they are protected by members of the battle group.

The flying Sepia Little Parasite Bee attacks us as we advance, but the Punching Bear takes it down upon spotting it.

Someone else being able to use Wind Punch is really convenient. The boost from Insect Killer is huge as well.

The battle group are quite used to fighting, so I guess it’s no wonder we’re progressing this smoothly.

“Thank you Kuma-chan!”

How charming. Everyone in the class is thanking Punching Bear.

We are certainly fine… But something doesn‘t feel right.

“Hanebashi, are you okay?” Hagisawa asks.
“W-What do you mean?”

I ignore my instinctive sense of danger and turn to Hagisawa. I break out in cold sweat every time I hear the buzzing of wings.

“Well, from what I heard from Sakaeda, you don’t like bugs, do you?”
“Yes, but just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean I can sit in the back. What will happen to the guys who were taken away if I do that?”
“Calm down.”

Irritation fills Hagisawa tone as he looks at me.

“Bear, I’m not sure if you understand what I’m saying, but this is an order. Absolutely don’t let Hanebashi do anything stupid, okay?”
“Hmph? So you can understand me? You’re quite smart, aren’t ya!”

“What are you saying? I won’t be able to protect anything if I don’t behave irrationally.”
I get off Punching Bear with those words and head for the cave.

There is a beehive-like hole in the wall. Seeing it makes me uncomfortable. Furthermore, the air has a very sweet odor.

The Sepia Little Parasite Bee corpses lying on the ground lead me to believe Shigenobu and the others are ahead.

“Looking at corpses of insects this big is seriously gross. By the way, there was talk about honey being able to restore magical power. Was it referring to this place?”
Hagisawa asks the members of the battle group.

Come to think of it, I heard that as well. Did they gather honey from mamono this dangerous?

“This is more or less the same honey, but Taniizumi made us hunt in places where the mamono were weaker. Although it smells sweet, it’s not edible.”

“Is that so…”
Hagisawa picks up a bit of the honey-like substance with those words and uses appraisal on it.
Fumu… Yeah… This thing, it doesn’t have any recovery effects. It seems to be an item called Honey Mochi. It looks like it can be converted into an item used for capturing.”

“Something like birdlime?” I ask.
“Something like that. Well, you can gather some if you like, but it’s cheap and not that useful.”
“A honey used for traps…”

We don’t have time to waste with this, we need to hurry!

The beehive brings us to a wall just as I think that. It’s built in such a way that we can’t go deeper without taking a massive detour.

We can see a battle raging behind the transparent wall.

“They‘re over there?” Hagisawa asks.
“Looks like it, but…” I say.
“From what I can see, we will need to go around.”
“Yeah, this wall does seem pretty solid…”
“Can’t you cut it down with the Metal Turtle Sword?”

When I hear his question, I thrust the Metal Turtle Sword at the wall.

With a gatsu, it cuts deep at first. As I wonder if I’ll be able to cut through, the honey sticks to the blade and stops it short.


I try to wipe the honey away blade, but it won’t come off.

“This honey doesn’t do well against heat. It should come off if we warm it with some fire.” Hagisawa suggests.
“I’ll probably be able to get across if I use Trasfer!”

If I can see where, I should be able to get across. And the faster I can help Shigenobu and the others, the better.

“You shouldn‘t go alone though…”

Despite Hagisawa‘s words, I use Trasfer. Then, while frustrated and waiting for my chant to end, Punching Bear stands before the wall.

“Huh? What’s wrong?” I ask.

He suddenly stands up and throws out a punch. A good, gosu, rings out.
The Wind Punch seems to take a claw like shape.

It can be used like that?

As the honey is blown away by the wind claw, Punching Bear buries his fist in the dirt and raises an uppercut.

A variation of Rock Fist?

A snapping sound reverberates throughout the area…The wall crumbles, creating a path.


Yukinari Hanebashi:
1) Teleport objects /Self to Earth
2) Point/yen conversion. (Tells others it’s a shopping catalogue)
3) Remote viewing
4) Bestowal transfer
boxing gloves: strawberry wallaby medal, kangaroo knight medal, punching bear medal (belt)
Kitchen knife
Meguru’s Metal turtle sword
Baby Blue Punching Bear Punching Gloves

Effect: Dynamic Vision Increase; Wind Punch; Bear Claw; Earth Crash; Wild Sense
Instant Expansion Ability: Kangaroo Step; Boxer
Baby Blue Punching Bear King’s Medal
Effect: King’s Protection; Glove Strengthening;
Enabled: 1 VS 1

Punching Bear Lv 15
Ability: Boxer
Unique Ability: Assist; Insect Killer

Meguru Hiyama:
1) Teleportation
2) Clairvoyance
3) Material transfer (uses pillars of light)
4) Transfer to the other world

Shigenobu Sakaede
1) Black Smith
2) Mining Correction
3) Equipment Strengthening
4) Grant Effects

Minori Himeno: Has a polite/formal way of speaking
1) Healing/recover mana
2) Charge with mana
3) Repair (doesn’t fix missing pieces/chips)
4) Item box

Dai Hagisawa
1) Craft things
2) Identify
3) Trade
4) Collection Improvement

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