The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

43.2 The Overlord Ponders About the Combat Ability of the Village

The stone walls were in a 『コ shape』. The wall that I had enchanted was connected to the other 2. Without realizing it, I had used 『Naming Bless』 on all 3 stone walls. That’s why the other 2 rushed in when the first 『stone wall』 was in a pinch.



The other 2 walls overlap behind the first wall that is about to be pierced. With 3 walls defending, they are somehow managing to strive off Yukino’s 『icicle lances』.

[Aniue-sama, Yukino, you’re both amazing! Not even a legendary court magician would be able to do something like this! Aah, except, who should I cheer for?!]

I believe it should be the walls, Haruka.
They’re doing their best, but in the end, they’re no match for Yukino.


The 『stone walls』 were only able to endure against her spell for less than an instant.
Yukino’s lance immediately pierces through the 3rd wall── and then,


The 3 『stone walls』 all shatter. They have a splendid end, it’s as if they were doing a thumbs-up.

[…………Why do I…… feel defeated……?]
Yukino bites her lips in frustration.

No, Yukino, your spell pierced 3 stone walls in an instant. You’re unmistakably a cheat.

[Please allow me to have another go, Shouma-san! Next time, I’ll kill that 『Heihei wall (hei hei no hei)』 in a second!]
[You say that, but there are no more walls remaining.]
[Then, let’s go back to the village and do it once more!]

Yukino thrusts her fist towards the sky.

[I believe this is important for measuring 『Hazama Village』’s combat ability? Then let me continue until I’m satisfied! I’ll prove to you that I can protect everyone with my magic. In the name of Yukino Dragonchild, the 『Witch of Freezing』!]
[No, you’d be destroying the walls of other people.]
[It’s for protecting the village! Shouma-san!]

[Anoー. I just had a thought, but…]
Suddenly, Haruka raises her hand.

[Rather than wrecking the walls to test Yukino-chan’s magic, wouldn’t the village’s combat ability increase if we turned all the walls into 『soldiers of will』?]

That was a blind spot.

[Rather, you 2, you don’t realize how incredibly outrageous your actions are, do you? If Aniue-sama were to 『enchant』 all the walls of everyone’s houses, at 3 walls per house, you could make 300 soldiers, you know? Those walls would then dash in side by side, right? With that…. if I were an enemy, I’d completely surrender at just seeing that. I mean, how am I supposed to fight those things?]
[…………You’ve got a point.]

[Yukino-chan, you, too.  If you use spells like that, I wouldn’t be able to get close to you unless I’m prepared to get struck down in the process. Destroying that lance will be impossible unless I use all my strength. You’ve got to realize that you’ve done something amazing.]
[……So if you use all of your strength, you can destroy it.]
[Even Liz-nee wouldn’t be able to destroy it unless she uses her 『magic nullification ability』.]
[……So it wouldn’t work against Lizette-san.]
[Anyway, that’s why.]

Haruka, pin, holds up a finger and says,
[How about returning home for now and consulting with Liz-nee?]

That’s what it comes down to.

Then, after returning to the village──

[Understood. Lizette and Haruka shall persuade everyone in the village.]
Lizette says that at the lunch table.

I had told her about how the 『stone walls』 can be turned into soldiers using 『Naming Bless』 and that they’d make valuable military assets during emergencies.

『Hazama Village』 sits on the site of an old castle, so there are still quite a lot of walls enclosing its houses.

Lizette, after hearing that, becomes a bit lost in thought──

[In, incidentally, Nii-sama.]
[I believe this 『Village Chief Residence』 and the house Nii-sama is residing in are separated by their respective walls?]
[Well, if you put it that way, that is indeed the case.]
[We’re actually neighbors, correct? I do not believe there are any other houses around us?]

I nod.

Lizette, with a satisfied expression on her face, gazes at Haruka and Yukino.

[Also, one more thing, can Lizette and the others give orders to the walls enchanted by Nii-sama as well?]
[……Do you want to?]
[One never knows what might happen in an emergency.]
[True…… there will be times when I’m not in the village either.]
[That is true, that is true. Lizette believes that we should experiment with this.]

Lizette’s words are reasonable.

While we may have allied ourselves with Silvia-hime, we’re still not safe yet. We don’t know what might happen. 『Enchanting』 the stone walls is good in itself, but it’d be problematic for them be unusable when needed. We should at least do a dry run.

[Certainly, you have a point.]
[Then, then! As a test, the walls of Lizette’s house and this village chief’s residence, won’t Nii-sama 『enchant』 them?]
[Got it, let’s give it a try.]

So I try it.

The following morning.

When I woke up, the walls of this house I’m residing in and the village chief’s residence had merged. Or rather, they had moved and come to surround the two houses.

…….. Oh?

[[[Good morning!!!]]]

Lizette is waving to me from the house window.
Yukino is shyly looking at me from the entrance.
Haruka is doing mana drawing exercises while in her sleepwear. Every time she moves, her sash gets looser, but is that fine? Well, I guess it is, we’re a family after all.

[Please think carefully about this. Is Nii-sama not the 『King of the Frontier』?]
Lizette puts her hands on her hips and declares such.
[The residence of the king is the heart of this village. It is the place that must be protected the most. Therefore, if the 『stone walls』 can be used as soldiers, they must be positioned in a way you are most heavily guarded by said soldiers. With this placement, there is have a combined total of 6 soldiers from the 2 houses. Nii-sama is receiving twice the protection from a normal house. It’s the strongest!]

That means, this is what she had in mind when she asked me to enchant the walls. With that, the walls surrounding the houses obediently listen to her words now too. The grounds became one, and Lizette’s house turned into a 『detached』 part of the village chief’s residence.

The villagers who pass by only remark, “Ooh,” in astonishment. They say, [Amazing, Overlord-sama!], [To be able to do such a thing, Overlord-sama’s power is astonishing.]
It was Lizette who did it though.

[You sure thought this through, Lizette.]
[The best way to persuade the villagers to let me 『enchant』 their 『stone walls』 is this. First, we show them what happens after 『enchanting』 them. That way, the villagers are able to learn about the results and thus feel more comfortable accepting the 『enhancements』. That’s why you did this, right?]
[…………That is correct.]

What was with that pause?

[……Well, if that’s the case, then it can’t be helped.]
In the end, we gradually came to start cohabiting.

Later, I’ll gather the villagers and explain about 『enchanting』 the walls. If all the walls in the village can be enchanted with this, I’ll be able to head out with peace of mind.

[Thanks, Lizette.]
[…………That, that will not do. If Lizette…… If Lizette is to be praised…………]

Thus, before I knew it, the villagers are gathered around the house creating a huge commotion──

[……Apologies, Shouma-nii-sama. Lizette thought families should live together, so Lizette took advantage of being able to move the walls. Lizette is sorry. All other reasons are just excuses from after the fact. Lizette is sorrrryyyyyyyyyyyy.]

A long time passes until Haruka tells me of these silent murmurs by Lizette.

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