Because Pushing Didn't Work, I Decided to Pull Away Translation

2. It Happened at First Sight

I fell in love with Noel 6 years ago. It happened not long after I, Sherry Grafton, enrolled in the magic academy.

It wasn’t a fateful encounter.

However, from the very first time I saw him, I fell head over heels. I was sure he was the one. I was sure that afterwards, I wouldn’t fall in love with anyone else.

“Sherry, are you staring at Noel again?”

“Yes, he is so dazzling today, my eyes are about to melt…”

“How do you not get tired of just staring at him from a distance every, single, day? I wish you would muster up your courage and send him a letter, or something…”

“What are you saying? There’s no way someone like me can get involved with Noel. I’m happy just looking at him like this.”

He, Noel Anderson, was the eldest son of a count family. He had a strong backing, had both good looks and grades, and was also a fire wizard. He was one of the most gifted magicians in the kingdom. He had even already been recruited by the knights of the kingdom.

As such, there was no way someone like him, whose future was too promising, would want to get involved with a mediocre baroness—such as me. Even the prospect terrified me.

From the day I fell for him, my love only grew. Still, I was satisfied with merely gazing at him from a far. I thanked God for letting be to be born in the same world as him.

For the remaining two and a half years until graduation, I thought that my life would be fulfilled just by seeing him every day.

One day, during lunch break, I was eeating with my best friend—Claris, at the school cafeteria. As usual, I continued to fawn over Noel with high spirits.

“You see, Noel is lovely today, too! This morning, he was rubbing his eyes for a bit—he might be sleepy! I wonder if he was studying until late last night… I didn’t expect to see such a cute side of him, my heart almost burst! I can’t thank God and his parents enough for giving birth to him!”

“Do you love Noel Anderson that much?”

“Yes! Exactly! In this world, I love him the most!”

“Is that so? Thank you.”

“Your wel—… huh?”

For the first time, I wondered to whom I was speaking with. Claris, whom was before me, was wide agape. She was staring behind me…

…The moment I turned around, I solidified like a statue.

Why, if it was none other than Noel Anderson, the man “I loved the most in the world!”

It was my first time seeing him up close. It was also my first time holding a conversation with him. My happiness exceeded its limit, and my consciousness started to blur.

“I, I…”

“You’re always looking at me, aren’t you?”

“F, forgive me…!”

“Don’t apologize. Can I ask for your name?”

“S, Sherry Grafton…”

“Sherry? That’s a nice name. See you later.”

With a soft smile akin to a blooming flower, Noel left with his friends.

I couldn’t process reality. I forgot how to breathe and could only stare at his distant back.

When Claris hit my head with all her might, I finally returned to reality.

“Di, did I just talk to Lord Noel!?”

“Yes, that’s right! Good for you, Sherry!”

Sherry seemed to have felt sorry for me who could only gaze at Noel from a distance. So she seemed to be delighted from the bottom of her heart.

I never expected for Noel to notice me. My chest was filled with joyful, embarrassing, and remorseful feelings.

Noel talked to me, and even called my name. Even if he did it out of a whim, it’d be a lifelong memory for me. It was a miraculous event.

Yes, that was what I thought.

From that day on, Noel began to call out to me. “Hi, Sherry.” every time we met.


It had been a year and a half since then, and I was in my third year—the final year of the magic academy.

Of course, I still loved Noel. I wondered if it could still be called ‘love.’ I felt that it had gone beyond that.

“…This can’t be!”

On the first day of the new semester, I saw our names on the bulletin board before me. I was rooted to the ground.

In the end, I was still in disbelief. After checking it over and over again, I asked an unknown student beside me to check it three times. Finally, I was able to accept the fact.

“Lord Noel! Lord Noel! We’re in the same class!”

“Hi, Sherry. That’s right.”

“It’s like a dream! Not to mention, to breathe the same air as Noel every day, if I were to sit in front or behind you, we might touch when I hand over a document?”

“If you get excited because of something like that, you’ll be seen as pathetic, you know?”

I rushed into the classroom, located the brightest silver hair, and approached him. He was as nice as ever. My chest stirred—again, I thanked God. 1

…Since then, our conversations had increased little by little. Before I realized it, we were already having casual conversations. Noel told me that I could talk to him without any concern about his status. He, whom was kind to me, shone brilliantly in my heart.

Thanks to Noel, every day, I was overjoyed to the point I almost died.

The reason we were able to be in the same class—it was probably because I kept praying enthusiastically every night. Having him in the same room every day would, arguably, be the happiest year of my life.

“Lord Noel, I’m thanking you in advance for this year!”

“…For this year, I see.”

“Did you say something?”

“Nothing you should be concerned of.”

Noel, who smiled beautifully as usual, made me happy to the point I was ready to scream.

***T/N: Ah, the life of a medieval fangirl… I, I somehow can relate.

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  1. The author may have misplaced that earlier conversation. It probably should have happened after she headed to the classroom