The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

140. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (30)

The dragons refused to move. The emperor was missing. Everyone was trying to figure out the secret meaning to the bakery mentioned in the letter. The first thing Jill did in the imperial castle was to find a horse. She found Zeke and Camila training with Elynsia and ragged them out by their collars. After putting them on horses, she immediately set out. Jill also didn’t lose her chance to threaten the dragons flying around in the sky.

She didn’t give a damn to the possibility of being suspected as a spy and left the imperial castle.

She was too busy getting angry at her husband who went out on his own doing who-knows-what.

She stopped her horse, which ran at full speed, at a small village along the way. After asking around, she learned of where Natalie and others were hiding. It had been more than three days since Hadith had disappeared. Hadith may have long since started his bakery in Radea.

“I’ve decided—for my birthday present, I will ask for a horse. That’s right, a horse.”

Natalie and Rho were safe and all the unscrupulous people who tried to save themselves had been beaten up. As they proceeded, Jill muttered.

“It’d be better if the horse could fly. That way, I can shoot down dragons.”

“Can that still be called a horse?”

Ignoring Zeke’s instant retort, Jill looked around.

“How many people remain?”

“Twenty-nine, if we exclude Princess Natalie. None of them are seriously injured.”

Jill hit eight soldiers over the flames—Camila, who seemed to have grasped the situation while destroying the enemy soldiers, answered.

“If you count us, we can make five groups of six each. Then, we can form a platoon~”

“W, wait, where are you going?”

“To Radea, Your Highness Natalie.”

The ragged Natalie seemed shocked. An old soldier appeared to protect her. He was the first person who stood up to defend Natalie and Rho.

“Thank you for your help, but who on earth are you?”

“I’m the Dragon Princess—Jill Saber.”

Everyone became silent. Jill looked over everyone.

“I don’t have much time. I’ll explain it briefly. Did you know that your ex-comrades are hiding in Radea? All of you are going to Radea as my army.”

“What can we achieve with just this number of people?”

“You will save Radea from the rebels along with the Dragon Princess, and return to the imperial army.”

The soldiers were staring at each other, appalled.

With her arms crossed, Jill continued in a loud voice.

“You’re treading on my patience. To be honest, I’m going crazy. I want to destroy Radea myself right this second.”

“W, with your own hands…?”

“Yes. In the first place, it’s not like you have any choice. Or, do you want to be taken out by those who claim to be the imperial army?”

“B, but we have Princess Natalie…”

“The messenger sent to negotiate with you has already returned to the imperial capital—as a corpse, that is.”

The soldiers felt a massive shock.

“N, no way! No messenger ever arrived!”

“Under the current situation, it doesn’t matter who did it. The army has already left the imperial capital. At this rate, you’ll die in vain and will be branded as rebels. Will you die fighting, or die in vain?”

“—Your Majesty the Dragon Princess.”

The old soldier went forward and knelt down.

“I’d like to ask you one thing—can you protect Her Highness Natalie?”

Jill blinked in confusion. However, the soldier’s eyes were serious. It wasn’t just the old soldier—but all the soldiers behind him.

“This life has been saved by Her Highness Natalie. If you can promise to protect Her Highness Natalie, then I will entrust you with this life—whether you’re the Dragon Princess, or not.”

“M, me too!”

Towards the soldiers, who gave their words one after another, Natalie was shook.

Natalie’s feelings had come to fruition. Her tone and expression softened.

“I promise. She will be my sister-in-law one day. I’ll task my knights to ensure her safe return to the imperial castle. Surely, Her Highness Elynsia will keep her safe there.”

“B, but! If I were to return, what about all these people…!”

“We are soldiers. That’s why, we have no choice but to restore our honor through achievements, Your Highness Natalie.”

“But you were all branded as rebels even though you didn’t do anything!”

Natalie, who stood up and was trying to say something, was stopped by the old soldier.

“That’s precisely why, Your Highness Natalie. It’s because we don’t do anything.”

The old soldier’s tone, which carried a slightly different meaning, caused Natalie to waver.

“All we ever did is wallow in dissatisfaction and distrust, hence we were taken advantaged of and truncated.”

“Being taken advantage of is worse than anything! Those morons are the bad ones!”

“Well, we also can’t claim that the Rave royal family betrayed Dragon Emperor, because like them, even though we’re imperial army, we’ve never swore loyalty to him.”

In other words, they could only say they were betrayed if they had trust in the other person.

The old soldier smiled gently at Natalie who became speechless.

“However, you reminded me of my loyalty. Return to the imperial capital, Your Highness Natalie. You’re of the Rave royal family. You’re the princess we should protect.”

‘A princess in name only’—Natalie, who claimed herself to be that, raised her head.

“Honestly, I can’t say much about the Dragon Emperor. However, he recognizes you as part of the Rave royal family. The girl who is the Dragon Princess has come to your rescue. Therefore, we want to call ourselves the imperial army again.”

“That, I… I can’t…”

“That’s why, we want to help our comrades, too.”

Then, he glanced at Jill, before lowering his gaze.

“The imperial army in Radea i tshe same as us. General South, who leads them, is loyal to Lord Georg. That’s why, he shouldn’t have lost sight of what he needs to protect. You see, everyone has a strong desire to protect the Rave Empire.”

“But, crown prince Vissel told me that they’re gathering in Radea for a rebellion. If they plan to avenge Lord Georg, they can’t be spared.”

“However, before the rebellion happens, there’s still room for to negotiate, right?”

If that were possible, it wouldn’t be a problem. Regardless, Jill answered—

“—Alright. I will advise His Majesty. However, the rebellion shall be the point of no return.”

“Yes, if you’ll allow it, I’d like to convince them.”

“I understand. Let’s devise concrete measures along the way. Then, Her Highness Natalie shall return to the castle.”

Natalie, who was listening to Jill and the others, suddenly regained her senses.

“I, I’m sorry… that, after all, I couldn’t do anything.”

“That’s not true, Your Highness Natalie.”

Jill looked straight at Natalie before the old soldier could say anything.

“Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to meet the soldiers in this way. They would’ve just died while harboring a grudge towards the Rave royal family.”

Natalie bit her lips as she stared at Jill.

“Everyone, is there a way for me to help?”

“You’ve entrusted the soldiers to me, Your Highness Natalie. I won’t let them die in vain.”

“The same goes to you. We haven’t had a tea party, yet.”

Jill laughed when she heard something unexpected.

“That’s right. Being honest with you, I had a tea party with Her Highness Frida.”

“That wayward child… I already said don’t.”

“Don’t worry. Just leave everything to me and head back.”

When Jill squeezed her hand, Natalie held it back as tears flowed down her cheeks.

“If you say so, I shall return, then. But, can I truly borrow your knights?”

Camila turned to Natalie and laughed while waving her hands.

“It’s fine~ with the three of us together, we shall return as proof that Dragon Princess Jill has saved you~!”

“If we leave you to other soldiers, the circumstances will become complicated once again. Also, if you make the slightest mistake, various things will be ruined.”

“Please, Camila, Zeke. Be sure to deliver her safely to Her Highness Elynsia.”

Towards Jill’s order, Camila and Zeke returned a salute. As it was, the other soldiers returned the salute all at once.

“If so, please give me an order, Your Majesty the Dragon Princess.”

“I will accompany you. I can’t deny that it’s somewhat shitty, though.”

“R, right, the dragon! There’s still the little dragon!”

Jill smiled at the soldier who raised his voice from behind.

“He’s called Rho, and Rho is coming with me.”

When she beckoned for him, Rho, who was hiding behind Natalie, quivered.

The wise Rho must had noticed—

—that Jill was angry with Hadith.

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