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107. The Location of the Original Saint

The original saint was still slumbering in my world…

The moment I heard that, I leaned forward and questions started to flow from my mouth.

“Where is she?! Where are the demon king and the original saint slumbering!? Does that mean if I can find her, I can also gain the same power as her!?”


The Goddess’ voice was almost inaudible.

However, I was able to obtain a crucial piece of information.

“I do not know, I hope… you are able… to find the ‘path’…”

In the end, the divine light enveloping Nigel disappeared. At the same time, I could no longer hear the voice of the Goddess.

Silence descended once again.

…My mind was blank.

“O, oof…”

“Nigel, are you alright?”

Nigel opened his eyes.

While holding his head, he sat up.

“Why am I…?”

“The truth is…”

I told Nigel everything.

“I see… with just a remnant of the original saint, you will be able to attain the full power.”

“Indeed. Therefore, we should focus on discovering where the demon king is sealed.”

“Did the Goddess tell you the location?”

I shook my head.

“So, it was indeed the truth. The demon king is sealed in this kingdom. That explains why Baldur decided to invade the royal capital.”

“Tis a shame that Baldur is gone. At the very least, we could have asked about the place…”

“That has passed. We can only focus on the present.”

“That is right.”

Nigel agreed.

Recently, a lot had happened. My mind was getting dizzy.

However, I couldn’t afford to be lackluster.

Afterwards, Nigel and I made plans for the future.


To uncover where the demon king was sealed.

Talk was easy. Finding the exact place was extremely difficult.

“It looks like no one knows…”

“That’s right.”

Nigel said with a troubled face.

The day after I communicated with the Goddess.

We immediately started gathering information from those who might know where the demon king was sealed.

However, no one had a clue.

That might have been unavoidable.

In the first place, the war happened during ancient times. No one knew the demon king had been sealed there.

I didn’t think it’d be easy, but our time was limited. I couldn’t help but be impatient.

A few days had passed since then, but I couldn’t uncover a single clue. I passed those days in agony.

“Not even Sieghard has a clue… what do I do?”

“Sieghard… the historian you were talking about? Right now, he seems to be the most knowledgeable.”


“…That reminds me, Philip might know something.”

Nigel clapped his hands together as he made the suggestion.

Philip, the spirit king, knew of the wars from ancient times and the demon king.

Therefore, he might know something.


“…No good. I asked Douglas to go to the spirit village to ask, but he also did not know anything.”

“Is that so? Well, otherwise, it’d be too easy, I suppose.”

Nigel expression flashed disappointment.

The demons must have been steadily preparing to invade again.

As long as the barrier continued to stand, there was nothing to worried about, but…

…I couldn’t let my guard down. There was no telling what the enemy was capable of.

“I cannot even talk to the Goddess…”

Using the same method as last time, I tried to communicate with the Goddess once again—to no avail.

“…I will talk to Douglas again. I will ask him to guard the royal capital. In the meantime, I might be able to figure something out.”

“Yes, I understand. I want to come with you, but I have a meeting with the ministers… forgive me.”

“You do not have to apologize. Let us do our best.”


We had decided what to do next—therefore, it was time to act.

I turned on my heels and set off to meet with Douglas.




Nigel called out to me, and I turned around.

He suddenly hugged me, and gently pressed his lips against mine.

H, hyaa…!

“I’m sorry for being sudden… but I want you to cheer up. I want to spend more time with you, but the circumstances won’t allow it. Therefore, at the very least…”

“I, it’s no problem, but it will be awkward if someone were to see us, so…”

My face must had been bright red.

Nigel probably had confirmed that no one was around.

…But, apart from that, it was too sudden, I almost had a heart attack.

Even though Nigel had released me, my heart was thumping rapidly.

“Then, I shall excuse myself. Good luck, Eliane.”

“Y, yes…”

Nigel waved his hand to me.


Nigel sometimes showed a teasing, childish, side to me.

I thought that side of him was adorable.

I clenched my fist, and tried to walk again.


“Is anyone there?”

At the corner of the passage.

Because I felt that something was off, I decided to call out. However, there was no reply.

The sign of the presence disappeared entirely—was it because I noticed?

If someone truly was lurking there, I wanted some kind of explanation. But I could simply be jumping at shadows…

“…Well, that is not important right now. I have to go to Douglas right away.”

I decided to forget about it, and kept walking.

The strange presence I had felt soon disappeared from my mind.

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