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104. Meeting Mr. Sieghard

After parting with Nigel, I went to Sieghard’s place with the map I received from Claude.

“What kind of person is he, I wonder…?”

…He was said to be an eccentric, but…

I heard that many scholars were like that. Therefore, I wondered if Sieghard also fell under that a category.

With Claude’s letter of introduction, everything should be fine.

But what if he were to ask to be paid in advance?

“Hmm… I just can’t help but worry. After all, I’ve never met him before. Well, now isn’t the time to be shy.”

I braced myself and hurried to Sieghard’s place.

I walked by relying on the map, however, the road only grew more complicated.

The moment I left the main street and entered a back alley was when anxiety set in.

“Is this really the place?”

As I said to Claude, I wasn’t familiar with the royal capital because I was rarely allowed to go out back then.

Even though it was midday, it was dark due to the path going between the buildings.

I proceeded to walk down the dim, damp, road.

“Ah… could it be, here…?”

Eventually, I found a small rusty door on a wall at the end.

“Well, the map pointed here…”

I didn’t want to be rude, but… the building was so dirty. I didn’t think that place was fit to be called a home.

If someone were to tell me a monster lived there, I’d believe them.

Was Claude lying?

Such a thought occurred. However, I immediately shook my head and denied it.

“He’d gain nothing by lying… Well, there’s only one way for me to affirm the truth.”

…Do I have no choice but to enter?

I made up my mind and knocked on the door twice.

I waited for a while, but I didn’t get a reply.

“How strange… is no one home?”

…I had wasted my time, then.

However, I couldn’t just turn back.

That was the only place I’d be able to find any clues.

I couldn’t hesitate.

Once the barrier dissipated, our time would be up.

“T, this is rude of me, but, excuse me…!”

Without waiting for a reply, I took the plunge and pulled the door.


I heard an unpleasant sound.


I saw the room, and gasped out in surprise.

“There’s a lot of them…!”

That was right.

The room was full of books.

At the same time, it was also very cluttered. Finding a foothold was difficult.

“But… the electricity is on. There are also signs of life. I’m certain that someone lives here…”


Honestly, I was terrified by the room.

I wanted to turn around and return to the royal castle immediately.

But… even though it was messy, it didn’t smell unpleasant.

On the contrary, there was a sweet perfume like scent in the room.

That was probably the reason why I could handle it. But… the level of the mess… it was beyond words.

“…Hm~? Is there a visitor?”

I was stunned.

The pile of books steadily moved. Then, a right hand shot out from inside.

Buried alive!?

However, the owner of the voice calmly popped his face out of the mountain of books.

“O, fair maiden, what business do you have with me?”

He beckoned to me.

“I, I came here to meet with the historian, Mr. Sieghard…”

“That’s none other than me. What happened? One sec—it’s uncouth to talk to a beautiful lady like you as I am.”

The man—Sieghard—emerged from the pile of books and tidied his attire.

Tousled hair. Because of that, his eyes were hidden by his bangs. I also couldn’t see his face.

…But he seemed to be a youth?

His appearance was different from what I imagined.

“…Why is the room so messy?”

“Is it? What are you talking about? If it’s this level, it’s still considered tidy. Although it seems to be cluttered, they’re actually perfectly arranged. I can find any book I want to read right away. It’s convenient like this.”

Sieghard proudly extended his arms.

I, I beg to differ…

“…Are there any history books here?’

“Indeed. Most history books from all over the world are here. I had a hard time procuring them.”

“Then, may I ask for a book regarding the traditions of this kingdom from 300 years ago?”

I specified the book to Sieghard.

He contemplated. “Let’s see… Surely, it’s around here—no, was it here? Nope. Then, over here…”

He immediately filtered through his books.

Because of the forceful way he did it, an avalanche of books occurred. The room grew even more miserable.

After wrestling with books for about five minutes…

…Eventually, Sieghard uttered. “It’s not here.”

“…By that, do you mean that you don’t have the book?”

“No, I think it’s around here somewhere. I’d like you to give me a little more time… about half a day.”

“…Why is this room so messy?”

“I’m so sorry. It actually isn’t perfectly arranged. It’s a mess. I just didn’t have time to clean it up, and before I realized it, the room was already like this.”

Sieghard finally confessed.

When I heard that, I sighed inwardly.

“It can’t be helped. I will help you clean up this room! Otherwise, we won’t be able to discuss anything  properly.”

“Is that alright with you?”

“Of course. After all, we need space to sit…”

…To be honest, I was sick of seeing that room.

“Give me a moment. First, let’s put the books on the bookshelf…”

I immediately started cleaning the room.

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