The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter—I’ll Show you What I’m Capable of! (LN) Translation

1.8 The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter

Three weeks passed in a blink of an eye.

I sewed together with Liz and scrutinized information gathered by my hands all while giving instructions to Jack and the chef. I also side jumped routinely.

Thanks to the food and wild grass tea that the chef delivered to me, I finally lost weight. The bee honey and Liz’s scalp massages changed the quality of my hair. My abundant acne was almost gone.

“Ohohoho, could it be, I’m Cleopatra’s incarnation?”

I was posing in front of the mirror. By the way, my pose was that of when a wrestler crouched on the ring.

“I seem to have properly inherited Rotundia’s gene.”

I was resenting the inequality of the world which gave me the obesity gene. However, when I tried to lose weight, I ended up looking like my mother.

My appearance was at the level where someone could tell at a glance that I was my father’s daughter.  However, as of the present, when I stood beside my mother, I was sure I could find something in common.

I couldn’t do anything about my damaged hair, so I asked Liz to cut it. My hair no longer touched my shoulder.

“That said, ugly girls will always remain ugly, it seems.”

It was wishful thinking to hope I could become an extreme beauty after losing weight. It was just baseless.

In the mirror, I could see the mix of Baldazar and Rotundia on my face. My nose and lips were clearly defined, but my eyes were too wide. Well, it could be said that I was exotic.

I put on my mother’s dress which Jack had retrieved from the storeroom and had been resewn with Liz. It had been a while since I last wore a proper dress. I would wear gym clothes or sleepwear like a sick person in the room.

“My! How beautiful you’ve become, Juliane! It’s like when I was young! Alfred will surely be surprised!”

“Oh, your divine beauty makes my vision goes hazy! Why, if it isn’t my beloved daughter, Juliane!”

I ignored all the idiocy-filled words.

But well, it seemed that I had lost a lot of weight. It was only natural for the two of them to be impressed.

“Oh, father, it seems that your complexion has improved. Moreover, you have a little bit more hair, now. I wonder if it’s the effect of the red wine. Mother has also gotten a little thinner, hasn’t she?”

Regarding Baldie and Fattie, it seemed that riots would occur unless we gradually switched to LOHAS. Thus, I requested the chef to gradually introduce a healthy menu.

It was because if they were to stick to their bloody habits forever, my life as their nurse might start sooner than I thought.

Even so, it hasn’t really grown.

I remembered hearing from an aunt who was a fellow patient in my previous life, “In the old days, I used to wash and dry the thin skin from inside eggshells and put it in shochu to make a hair restorer.”

I tried looking into it.

Not to forget, loquat, ginkgo biloba, houttuynia cordata…

They were common in that world, so I mixed all of them together.

I put my hands together and commanded in a loud voice.

“Then, exercise with me! I’ve devised an exercise schedule for my mother and father to grow more hair and lose weight. I’m the proof that it’s effective!”

I put my hand on my waist in a proud manner. The jaws of my parents dropped. Liz quickly presented the gym clothes and shorts I made by referencing my previous life.

“Yes, father, mother—do a big stretch with your arms raised from the front.”

“Will I truly grow more hair by doing this?”

“Huff, huff… I will be able to lose weight, right?”

“Indeed. The only way to get out of the darkness is to get through. Only those who believed can be saved.”

For my parents, whom were lifestyle-related illnesses incarnates, the exercise I chose was cardio. It was an exercise that ‘anyone could do’ regardless of age or sex. It was also perfect for those two who had one foot in the grave each.

“Next is to bend your body diagonally downward and push your chest forward.

“M, my belly, hurts…”

“Huff, huff, the meat around my stomach is falling—I can feel it!”

“Put in movement all across your body and do this in your room every morning.”

Although they kept, ‘huh huh, hah hah hah’-ing, Baldie and Fattie were doing their best.

“As long as I can regrow my hair, I will do whatever it takes.”

“I’ll have to do it if I want to lose weight.”

“That’s right! Next, put your feet together and jump!”

***T/N: I, I seriously can’t see these two impressionable parents of her as bad people who only care about profit at all, at least during this scene…

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