The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter—I’ll Show you What I’m Capable of! (LN) Translation

1.6 The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter

“That’s right, Juliane. Now that you’ve gotten better, why don’t we go to the orchestra?”

“Ah, there’s no need. I’m tired of going out. I want to clean my room.”

“What’s wrong Juliane? You should let the servants do that.”

“No, mother, haven’t you heard about ‘LOHAS’? You can’t be a lady unless your body and mind are healthy and beautiful.”


“Simply put, it’s getting healthy through an intensive lifestyle! You’ll get healthier by moving your body! It means arranging the things that you don’t need so that your inner beauty can shine!”

“I, is that so? Then, maybe, I should organize the closet a little.”

“That’s amazing, mother! Therefore, please takeout the dresses you’ll no longer wear!”

From the closet of my mother, who loved to splurge, I would surely be able to obtain some assets.

In order to secure funds for old age, we have to sell everything that can be sold. However, there are no flea markets that can buy the belongings of the aristocrats, nor are there any casual second hand shops… what do I do?

Because I was sheltered, I didn’t really understand the city.

I had to do something about it.

I returned to my room and changed into the rather plain, light, blue dress.

“As I thought, I need manpower that can act as my limbs. However, I’m wary of just hiring anyone… I wonder if I should hold an interview…”

I scratched my head. The greasiness of my hair immediately halted my thoughts.

“I should probably take a shower. Except, the hair wash and soap I splurged on won’t have any effect. Well, maybe I could make shampoo with bee honey?”

The organic-loving older sister who was a fellow patient in my previous life taught me how make it.”

It seemed worth trying.

I wasn’t happy with my current appearance.

Even if what awaited me was only a bleak future, I didn’t want to look ugly. I wanted to be my most beautiful during my demise.

I reached for the jar of honey on my desk. The reason why one had been casually placed in such a place was because I, who was obese, loved to put a lot of it in my black tea.

“The bee honey from our territory is of high quality and has no adulterants. With this, lukewarm water, and baking soda, I should be able to make a shampoo with glossy hair effect…”

The territory of Gessel family was gloomy and cold because it was located in the North. However, during its short spring and summer, thanks to the flowers and clovers that remained in bloom on the almost untouched land, it was possible to obtain delicious honey.

“I’ve heard a lot of grandma’s wisdom from my fellow patients. I wonder if there are any plants such as houttuynia cordata or herbs in the garden. I have to make use of anything that can be obtained for free.”

Time was finite. I mustn’t waste my time. I took the picture book out of the bookshelf and excitedly went out to the garden.

As expected, I had a lot of money, so my garden was unnecessarily large. I hadn’t gone on a walk before, so when I was wandering around with a picture book in one hand, I came across a completely unexpected development.

“…It’s very courageous of you two to be having a tryst in our backyard.”

“Hyii! Please forgive me!”

A subordinate named Jack apologized while rubbing his forehead on the ground.

“Uh, I’m sorry.”

Liz laughed nervously. She seemed to be a new maid—otherwise, she wouldn’t have dared act like that in front of me, someone who was easy to anger.

Jack and Liz were unraveling in one corner of the backyard.

The reason Jack went, “Hyii!” was not only because dating between employees in my house was prohibited, it was also due to the ‘disturbance of morals.’

By the way, before the memory of my previous life had returned, I hated all passionate lovers. When I was the one who discovered them, I’d usually fire them.

“Well, if you listen to whatever I say, I will forgive you. Naturally, this will stay confidential from my family and the other servants. The royal capital is in a recession. Finding employment is difficult, so losing yours would be problematic, right?”

Jack and Liz nodded.

I did it, I got a maid and a henchman.

“This is just right. When I was wandering around for a change, I found my mother’s storage shed. However, I couldn’t get inside because it was packed. It is probably filled with dresses from when my mother was still young along with diet equipment she brought but got tired of in seconds. Jack, arrange them, please.”

“OK! I’m confident in my strength. I’ll finish it with haste!”

With a rather mob-like face, Jack laughed. His hair and eyes were gray, and he looked like a mob. But his laidback atmosphere made him appear like a soothing guy—

—no, a soothing guy wouldn’t be having a tryst in my backyard.

“Then, Liz, follow me. I found a nice wild plant, I want you to help me pick it.”


Liz’ charming smile shone. Her wavy red hair was put together like a lady-in-waiting, but fluffy locks came out on both sides. Her hazel’s eyes were melty—truly, a girl with fierce sex appeal.

“Did you just recently join us? Who do you want to serve? DD you want to remain in this position, or do you have some other goals?”

“My goals? Well, to get hitched!”

“You’re very straightforward, I like you.”

She looked courageous and didn’t know much about me until yesterday. It was also convenient to have her by my side.

“Milady, that grass is edible. You can eat it, use it as paint, or extract and drink its essence. Oh, the mushrooms growing in that damp place over there are also tasty!”

“Hmm, you’re quite knowledgeable.”

“My parents died when I was little. I grew up while imprisoned by my relatives. There were many days where I couldn’t get anything to eat. Hence why, I want to create a warm family quickly and wish to save money while working here. I’m trying to find someone!”

“That’s heavy!”

As I picked up some plants with Liz, her backstory grew dark. I stretched out the apron of her maid uniform and put all the plants there.

“I want to cook, drink, and eat them. Are there any chefs capable of doing this?”

After all, when it came to our dining table, the luxurious atmosphere lasted from morning until night. In our rich household, it was common to eat as much as we wanted, but it was detrimental to both our health and budget.

It’d be more enrichening to have freshly picked, healthy, ingredients cooked—basically, it’d be very LOHAS—great taste and beneficial for the body. In addition, it’d save money.

It’s killing two birds with one stone.

“Why don’t you talk to the chef? I’m sure he’s out in the field at this time.”

“That’s right. By the way, what kind of person is the chef? I never stepped a foot in the kitchen myself.”

“He’s a very manly person, and gives off, “I won’t do anything half-heartedly!” vibe.”

I didn’t understand what she was saying at all. I walked for a while with my head tilted. Soon enough, I saw something like a kitchen garden.

I saw a tag that said, ‘No Entry (I’ll kill you if you enter)’, but I didn’t care about that. There shouldn’t be anyone in that mansion who could kill me yet.

“Ufufu, the green beans and okra have grown up well. I shall turn them into delicious dishes.”

While I was passing through the tall vegetables and flowers with Liz, I heard a thick voice. Looking through the gaps between the green curtain, a strong man with stiff, windswept, brown hair was crouched down digging through the soil.

Perhaps noticing our presence, he looked up in a daze.

“I wonder if a wild boar has come in again. How troublesome. I shall catch it and turn it into a roast pork.”

Because being roasted into pork was just too much, I stuck out my face from the other side of the green.

“Ohoho, Tis’ I, Juliane Gessel, also known as a wild boar.”

“Lady Juliane!?”

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