Translation When I Faked Amnesia to Break Off my Engagement, my Fiancé Casually Told me a Ridiculous Lie—“You were in Love with me Before you Lost Your Memory.”

31.1 The end is Always Sudden

“Good evening, Viola. It turns out that you’re here, too.”

With a gentle smile akin to blooming flower, Cyril left his peers and approached me. Then, Jamie broke in between us with tremendous momentum.

“Good evening, Lord Cyril. What business does you have with Viola?”

“Good evening, Lady Jamie. I wanted to talk to Viola a little. Is that a problem?”

In response to Cyril’s words, Jamie shook her head. But, as she remembered that Cyril had done her a favor the other day, she began to fumble. “Also, thanks for the other day…”

A moment later, Jamie was taken away by her father, the marquis, leaving us alone. I wasn’t sure, would I be okay?

“She’s as energetic as ever. How are you?”

“I’m good, thank you.”

“I wonder if your memories still haven’t returned?”

“It seems so…”

Originally, I felt guilty for faking an amnesia, and recently, I felt even more so.

“Your face is red. Did something happen?”

“I was happy about something…”

After I answered such, Cyril asked. “Did it have something to do with Philip?”

When I nodded obediently, he was surprised.

“To see that kind of expression on your face, it’s a first for me.”

“I, is that so?”

“Yes. Do you love Philip?”

I was surprised. Cyril always asked a lot of questions. Yet today, his question was strange.

Nevertheless, I naturally answered, “Yes,” while staring into his jewel-like, dark green, eyes.

“—even if Philip is lying to you?”

“Yes. Actually, I’m a big liar, too.”

When I answered with a smile, Cyril became astonished. He lowered his face, and smiled, as if troubled.

“…Because you love him, it doesn’t matter, does it?”


Eventually, he said. “I’ll escort you to Viscount Wesley.” He accompanied me to where my father was.

“Thank you.”

“No problem. Time for me to go.”

“Alright, see you.”

“…Yes. See you again, Viola.”

For some reason, his expression when he waved to me overlapped with his expression when confessed to me back then.


Due to the social season, there were many inevitable events.

With the purpose of attending the royal ball, I was rode in a rocking carriage heading to the royal castle with Philip.

Originally, I wasn’t good at socializing. Not to mention, a lot of my acquaintances were there. However, Philip and Rex would also be there. As such, I was completely relieved.

Upon arriving, I gave the minimum required greetings and finished dancing after one song. It was when I was about to take a break while drinking something…

“It’s been a long time, Philip.”

I hurriedly raised my face to the sudden, sweet, voice. Only few women in that kingdom dared to approach Philip.

“…Lady Mirabell.”

After mentioning her name, Philip whispered to me. “She’s the sixth princess, Mirabell. Refrain from saying anything.”

Mirabell, the sixth princess of that kingdom, had enrolled in the same academy as us. I heard she had been married to another kingdom. I never expected for her to participate that day. I was surprised.

Back then, she was notorious for being selfish. A lot of people were furious at her.

People didn’t change so easily.

I was wary. I deemed her as someone I should watch out for.

Philip and Mirabell had a bland, short, chat, but she eventually turned towards me.

“The two of you seem to have reconciled, what a surprise.”


I was confused by her words. At the same time, Philip’s shoulders bounced.

“Back when we were students, I, by chance, saw Philip badmouthing you to Natalia.”


As if to interrupt her words, Philip spoke in a hurry. However, Mirabell paid no attention to him.

“Oh, right, you were there, too. You overheard them and ran away crying.”


Mirabell was there. She saw them—and even me.

Now that Philip knew I had overheard their conversation, I turned blankly towards him. He looked terrified.

“I’m truly glad you two have reconciled. I pray for your happiness.”

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