The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

132. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (22)

The room without its lord was quiet. Until recently, due to a young dragon having been energetically rolling around, it seemed even bigger. Moreover, there was nothing to do.

In the end, she had no choice but to voice several complaints towards Zeke’s back. Zeke was currently maintaining his sword.

“Is it just my feelings, or have we truly become useless after returning to the imperial capital~?”
Camila sat with her legs propped up towards the wall in a corner of the room.

Zeke sighed, “How annoying. It’s not like there’s anything we can do about it.”

In the middle of the emperor’s private room, which was empty save for Camila, Zeke sat down while honing his great sword.

While that could be considered an offense, unfortunately, the emperor hadn’t returned. The two were only able to return to their beloved, petite, captain; a teddy bear that could blow everything away when triggered; and a chicken that was trying to strengthen its legs by crushing rocks.

“It seems that such is the case~ with this situation, I can’t even escort Jill-chan~”

“Don’t complain, it’s all because of that crown prince, Vissel.”

Currently, Vissel and the people he brought from Fairert were changing the Rave Empire. Prince Listaerd, who had supported the affairs of Emperor Hadith until then, left the imperial capital to clear the suspicion regarding the Duke of Leirzatz. Princess Elynsia had also been removed from her position as military commander due to the reformation of the imperial army.

The emperor seemed to have no intention of siding with the crown prince.

With that, politics and military affairs were no longer fell under the jurisdiction of crown prince Vissel.

The former imperial army had been driven out of the imperial capital. Those soldiers were labeled as rebels while the Fairert army claimed the title of the imperial army.

Both Zeke and Camila, members of the former imperial army who remained within the imperial capital after the Fake Emperor Mayhem, honestly thought the Fairert army consisted of leftovers who couldn’t side with anyone. As such, they didn’t have a good impression towards them.

More than that, they wondered what Vissel was actually planning. They didn’t like that guy. He suddenly appeared with an extreme reformation to the imperial army.

Yet, what could they do?

There was nothing he could do.

The princess, who was probably unarmed, escaped in order to help the imperial army. Then, a child who hadn’t let go of her doll suddenly stood up and stopped the crown prince from giving chase. That little girl was also unarmed.

As such, Camila and Zeke, people capable of fighting, were extremely ashamed at just sitting around and doing nothing.

“…Well, it can’t be helped. We’re no match against him. After all, he’s the crown prince—he has power, money, and backing. Moreover, he’s the emperor’s brother, and not to mention, smart. In fact, politics is turning around well. He also has money. As of the present, he’s trying to create a new imperial army—one that can counter the rebellion in Radea. I can’t help but salute the crown prince…”

Camila, who had come to Zeke’s side before he knew it, sat down while leaning against his back.

Zeke frowned at the weight, but instead of complaining about it, decided to speak.

“That guy. Rather than harmlessly letting him return to Kratos, we should’ve kept on our side.”

“Ah, yes~ that boy~ he’d surely be useful in these circumstances. I wonder if he’s doing alright~”

“Well, I wish he could at least do something about this crown prince.”

Wishful thinking. Camila laughed a little.

“Do you want them to crush each other? After all, they seem equally cunning.”

“…Well, yes~ ah, for me to be encouraged by you, a Bear Man… I’d rather end my life.”

“Are you asking to be punched?”

“You are right, though~ From the beginning, I never expected it to be easy~”

At present, both Jill and Zeke were Dragon Knights of Noitral under Elynsia’s command. He decided to become one for the benefit of being paid.

“Alright, I’m going~”

“What about Jill? Are you going somewhere?”

“That’s right~ It seems that Princess Frida is worried. As you can see, because of the current situation, there beings no Dragon Princess, we can’t be recognized as knights, either~ As such, I can’t even serve as an escort…~”

Elynsia, the popular princess who possessed both military spirit and an open heart, could only smile at the flamboyant Camila and the unfriendly Zeke.

“Is that so? Can you just follow me?”

“Is it alright for you to be involved with us?”

“What? I’m still a princess. Leaving the two of you to collect dust here is a waste of potential. I’m going to make you two work hard. After all, I have to make do.”

“What’s wrong, Your Highness Elynsia~? You can’t sit still, either~?”

That was uncouth of Camila—despite that, inwardly, Zeke agreed with her. The princess had a conservative way of thinking that avoided conflict. She also had to be compassionate towards others. Because of that, Elynsia was trusted.

“I hope my younger brothers and sisters are doing their best. At the same time, as their older sister, I can’t lose.”

Elynsia, who was slightly depressed, might share Zeke’s opinion.

No, she was probably more frustrated than Zeke. After all, she was a princess. She also had the power to fight. Above all, she was their older sister.

“However, I can’t think of a single way to overcome this situation. Above all, I think we need to be prepared. Why don’t we cooperate with each other?”

“Ah~ I love that kind of spirit. I want to cooperate with you~!”

“I’m fine with anything that won’t bother captain.”

“Of course, it won’t make us look bad or anything. We should be fine, I think…”

She wasn’t too persuasive at the end….

However, they knew Elynsia wasn’t good at deception or plotting. As such, they decided against asking. Otherwise, the plan itself probably wouldn’t start.

They also couldn’t rush into it. After all, to the princess, calculation was probably too foreign.

“Jill has placed her hopes on you two.”

Elynsia looked serious.

“Thus, if you guys were to come to a head-to-head match, 5000, no… you should be able to take on even 10.000 opponents.”

“Are you serious!? That’s twice the amount!! With what kind of method did you calculation that!?”

“Of course, we will improve our skills even more! Then, the difference in strength may disappear.”

“…N, no way, could it be, Her Highness Elynsia has the same thought process as Jill-chan~!”

Camila was terrified while Zeke had cold sweat on his back. Elynsia laughed loudly.

“I’m not saying it out of the blue.”

“But, the way you calculated it earlier—!”

“Use a dragon. You guys should at least be able to ride dragons. It’s a rule.”

Camila and Zeke tensed at the easygoing woman who also happened to be the leader of the Noitral Dragon Knights. That woman was said to be elite.

They started thinking—that raccoon boy, Lawrence—might be necessary, after all.

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