The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

128. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (18)

“Let me explain from the beginning in an easy-to-understand manner.”

Vissel quietly spoke as he slowly looked around the conference room.

“As I said, the territory of Radea was occupied by the former imperial army. No statement has been made, but the uprising is only a matter of time. Meanwhile, all you did was play house with your vessels in the imperial capital.”

In response to Vissel’s criticism, Elynsia clenched her fist. Listeard, whom was being detained, remained silent.

The development was quite obvious.

Radea, the territory seized by the rebels, was once territory belonging to Georg. Hadith also planned on searching that territory for the fleeing imperial army.

However, there was a report from Georg’s aide, one who was temporarily in charge of Radea, that there was no change. There was also the fact that Radea was a special territory. As such, Hadith couldn’t take any action.

Elynsia said harshly.

“Why would Listeard be suspected of starting a rebellion? If there are any signs of a rebellion in Radea, the first one to be suspected should be Duke Fairert! He supported uncle!”

“Because he didn’t want to be suspected, Duke Fairert gave his army, manpower, and even budget to me.”

Hadith was also impressed by the excessive amount of support. Well, it was only to be expected—otherwise, Duke of Fairert wouldn’t have been able live.

“The story doesn’t end there. Worst of all, there’s information that the Kratos army is stationed in Leirzatz’ territory.”

“The Kratos army!? No way, did they attack without any announcement!?”

Hadith suppressed the impatient Elynsia.

“Leirzatz is a trading city. For the Kratos army to escort trade ships, that’s a common occurrence, older brother. It’s unreasonable to suspect them of rebelling.”

Everyone knew that the Water City of Veilburg in the North and the Trading City of Leirzats were contact points with Kratos. Vissel smiled softly at Hadith who was stating facts.

“You’re still naïve. Did you know that Radea is adjacent to the North of Leirzatz? Moreover, the Duke of Leirzatz has recently been concentrating a large amount of food and weapons within Radea. What if the Kratos army in the Leirzatz’ territory also intends to do the same in the Radea territory?”

Listeard’s laugh boomed.

 “In other words, Your Highness the Crown Prince wants to say that the rebelling imperial army, who fled the imperial capital following the incident with my uncle, is occupying the Radea territory. For some reason, my grandfather—the Duke of Leirzatz, is backing them. As such, the servants and soldiers who were provided by the Duke of Leirzatz might also be involved in the Anti-Emperor Faction.”

“You’re quick to understand. Also, above all…”

Vissel, who quietly passed Hadith, was surrounded by Fairert’s soldiers—the new imperial army—as he paved his way.

Then, Hadith finally turned to face Listeard who gave a fearless laughed.

“Well, I understand where you’re coming from. I don’t know where the source is, but did you forget that you are engaged to uncle’s daughter? You’re backed by uncle.”

“Of course, I remember. However, I’ve told uncle to desist. For clarification, you can ask your sister and the people of the imperial castle who were trapped back then. That should be enough of a confirmation for you, Listeard.”

“As usual, other than Hadith, you don’t consider anyone your sibling. What a vile man.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t do away with my memory of being suppressed by the Rave Royal Family. It’s not that I deem us inequal—by the way, Listeard, before I knew it, it seems that you’ve recognized me as the crown prince? That’s the first you’ve ever referred to me that way.”

“This isn’t the time to argue, Vissel, Listeard…!”

“Don’t get me wrong. All the information regarding the Duke of Leirzatz’s movements was brought to me by Duke Noitral.”

Elynsia, whose uncle was the Duke of Noitral, became speechless.

“Duke Noitral might’ve been trying to restore Elynsia’s honor. After all, back then, Elynsia aided Georg. Don’t worry too much, Elynsia.”

Elynsia lowered her gaze onto the floor. Listeard raised his voice.

“Older sister has nothing to do with this. If my grandfather is really attempting to do something wrong, and Duke of Noitral heard about it, it’s only part of his responsibility as an aristocrat of Rave Empire to report it. It’s nothing to be ashamed about.”


Elynsia, in a dilemma, muttered her little brother’s name.

Vissel squinted.

“As expected, Listeard. It seems that you understand your position accurately. Now, I’d like to offer you two suggestions.”

Vissel raised two of his fingers.

“One, for you to be detained until the suspicion regarding the Duke of Leirzatz is cleared up. Of course, Frida would also be detained along with you.”

“Basically, a hostage? But, if it’s a false alarm, you’ll end up turning the Duke of Leirzatz into an enemy.”

“At that time, I will make the source, the Duke of Noitral, explain everything. That is my order.”

As if amazed, Listeard was at a loss for words.

“Do you intend to confront both Duke Leirzatz and Duke Noitral?”

“Don’t worry, I will give Duke Leirzatz an opportunity to explain himself. As for the second suggestion—do you want that role to be yours?”

“…To face the Duke of Leirzatz and clear the suspicion myself?”

Vissel nodded to Listead when he clarified in a low tone.

“However, you can’t take Frida with you. She will stay in the imperial castle. After all, the suspicion surrounding you hasn’t been cleared up.”

That Frida was to serve as a hostage against Listeard was understandable without needing to say.

“In either case, not only will the dragon knights who report directly to you, and all the manpower you’ve gathered be excluded from Hadith’s surroundings, the former imperial army will be chased out from the castle. It’s okay, the ones I brought with me are excellent. Political affairs shan’t face any delay.”

“I’m moved. The crown prince has helped me a lot, it’s actually quite surprising. Unfortunately—I won’t be leaving the imperial capital. Of course, I also refuse to live in captivity.”

“…I see, is that so? Well, Hadith, what do you want to do?”

Hadith turned around and gave a frank impression after blinking.

“…I’m surprised. It seems that my period of popularity has come. Both of my older brothers are paying so much attention to me!”

Vissel’s smile stiffened, while Listeard could only show a dejected expression.

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