The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

127. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (17)


It seemed that even if they were to pretend, Rho’s distrust wouldn’t disappear.

Rho was staring at Jill with a dissatisfied glare.

Natalie laughed. “If there are no other issues, I suggest you slowly watch his growth rather than forcibly train him. What do you think?”

Rho began to rub his body against Natalie. He seemed to side with her.

To Rho, it was a free pass to not fly at all.

Realizing that, Jill put her hands on her hips.

“No can do, Rho! The only issue here is your lack of interest to train!”


Because of Jill’s stern attitude, Rho jumped off from the table and hid behind Frida.

Just like Hadith, Rho lacked motivation, too.

Frida smiled happily.

“Rho, this is my friend… do you want to eat cookies with me?”


After being introduced to her stuffed animal, Rho happily followed Frida.

…Well, it’s alright? I can just look at it this way—he’s bonding with his sisters. Your Majesty, if you were to learn about this, how would you react?

Jill decided to tell Hadith later—that Rho was playing with his sisters. He might be relieved. After all, Hadith drew a line between him and his sisters because he believed they feared him.

“…Recently, someone has been sending cookies to my room…”

“What? Isn’t that suspicious?”

“Older brother said it’s alright… don’t you receive the cookies too, older sister Natalie? They’re delicious.”

With a smile, Frida took out the cookies. They were wrapped within a cute, transparent, bag. Natalie folded her arms.

“They’re delicious, but at the same time, ridiculous. I don’t have any servants, as such, I thought they were poisoned. However, if they actually were, the method is too foolish and more likely to go awry.”

“I’m sure it’s a cookie dwarf. Such delicious cookies… I’ve never eaten anything like them before!”

Upon receiving the cookie from Frida, Rho scoffed.

No way.

Jill’s gaze swum.

The culprit is His Majesty! There’s only one way to confirm it! I’m familiar with the taste of his cookies!

“C, can I have one, too!?”

“Here you go.”

The moment Jill received a piece from Frida, she understood everything.

That exquisite sweetness. The crispy roasted outer edge. The moist dough. The splendid texture produced by the large sugar grains which had been sprinkled on them.

Your Majesty!

It seemed that Listeard was involved, too. Most likely, he was the one who sent those cookies to his front doors of his sisters. As Jill thought—Hadith was doing his best. For her to have doubted him… well, even though Hadith was putting his effort in strange things, but still—!

Jill got emotional to brink of tears.

“I, if you someday meet the person who baked these cookies, please be kind to that person!”

“What’s with that sudden request?”

“Could it be, you know the true identity of the cookie dwarf?”

Frida cutely tilted her neck as she tried to reach out to Jill. Natalia casually asked while eating the cookies brought by Frida.

“By the way, what’s your name? I don’t think I’ve heard it, yet.”


In the edge of Jill’s vision, there was something shiny outside the window—

—she reflexively moved her body.

“Look out!”

Multiple arrows pervaded the glass window. The screams of Frida and Natalie echoed in the terrace. There were multiple sounds of footsteps and crossbows.1

“Raise your hands and get down! If you resist, we’ll shoot!”

“Y, you guys are, the Fairert army!?”

Natalie, who saw the insignia of the military uniform, hugged Frida and shouted. Fairert was one of the Three Dukes—and also Georg’s supporter. Although it was reported that Fairert had claimed to have taken no part in the previous incident, were they truly attacking the imperial capital?

“Your Highness Natalie, Your Highness Frida, come with us.”

“What the hell is this commotion!? Why would the Fairert army… no way, elder brother Vissel!?”

“You seem to have misunderstood. In the first place, the name ‘Fairert army’ is wrong. We are—”

Jill slammed her elbow into the soldier’s belly before extending her hand to Natalie. Due to their falling companion, the soldiers were surprised.

“W, what’s with this kid?! Shouldn’t she be a mere servant!?”

“Watch out, she might be from the remaining Imperial Army!”

“Take Rho, and run! If possible, tell His Majesty the Emperor to protect the Imperial Army!”

One of the soldiers got kicked into the wall. Jill proceeded to slam her right fist into his belly. However, her blow didn’t cause any serious damage due to insufficient magic. It was impossible for Jill to defeat them at once.

There were no signs of any enemies approaching from the corridor inside the castle. However, there was also a possibility that enemies were lying in wait within the castle. Regardless, if the current enemies weren’t stopped, the princesses would be caught and shot.

“W, what about you!?”

“Hurry up and run!”

Hadith would definitely notice if there was a commotion in the castle. Natalie, who gasped at Jill’s scream, embraced Rho while taking Frida’s hand, and ran away.

“Go after the princesses! It doesn’t matter if they get injured!”

“As if I’d let you!”

Kicking off the back of the man who tried to give a chase, Jill stood before the door where Natalie and the others had escaped through.

“Why are you pointing your blades at the princesses!? Have you finally become rebels!?”

“Rebels!? The rebels are you, the Imperial Army. Or, more precisely, the Old Imperial Army!”

One of the soldiers stuck out his chin at Jill who frowned in bafflement.

“Even though she possesses some magic, she’s still a kid. I’ll leave her to you. Don’t waste your time with her. I will chase them.”

“As soon as the princesses are found, secure them.”

While the soldiers in the front pointed their crossbows at Jill, more than half of them moved back. Could they be planning to abandon their fallen comrades so they could chase after Natalie and the others?

What’s going on? Why is the Fairert army attacking us? How should I respond… No, first off, I have to change my perspective!

They were suddenly attacked. Natalie, Frida, and Rho fled in fear. That alone was enough to consider those soldiers as enemies.

In fact, the soldiers attacked them first. There was no need to overthink the situation. If those soldiers had a reason, she could just ask after defeating them. The responsibility for explaining the situation lied not with Jill, who had to defend herself, but with the enemy who suddenly attacked.

I’ll defeat them! Yes, I will beat them to a pulp!

It had been a long time since she last exercised.

Jill, who clenched her fists, kicked off the floor and leaped towards the remaining soldiers.

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  1. The text reads muzzles, but this world doesn’t have guns.  So, it probably means crossbows.