The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

126. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (16)

As she walked around the courtyard with a bag containing Rho, Jill frowned.

…There’s little security. We are also facing a shortage in manpower… for some reason, I have a bad feeling…

Fortunately, because of that, she didn’t pass by anyone as she headed to Natalie’s room. No matter how much she thought about it, something felt fishy.

“Good morning!”

“Why did you enter from the terrace!?”

“I was taking a moment to check on the security. It’s important.”

Natalie opened the terrace door while tilting her head. “I, is that so?”

Frida was also present in the room. She was staring at Jill. There were no other servants. There was a shortage of manpower, but the reason for the lack of servants was probably because they had to welcome the crown prince, Vissel.

“So, I brought him as promised—the dragon I’m raising!”


Today, Rho, whom was in a good mood and had a floral pattern on his back, greeted them cheerfully.

“W, what is this color…? Is he a new species? I’ve never seen anything like him before…”

“The scales are mottled! He’s a slightly strange mottled dragon!”


Rho agreed with all his might. While hugging Rho, Natalie stared at him with a doubtful expression.

However, she shouldn’t think that he was a black dragon.

Or rather, normally, no one would come up with the idea of painting a black dragon into a different colored one.

Frida gently approached and stared at Rho with her round eyes.

“Who’s his name?”

“He’s Rho!”

“He’s cute…”

After blinking, Rho bashfully hid his face. “Ukkyu…” As his wings were touched by Frida, he squirmed. Frida stretched his wings in and out.

Jill was touched by the heartwarming sight while Natalie muttered a little.

“Can that dragon truly understand what humans are saying?”

“That’s right, just look at his yellow and brown scales!”

Jill said proudly.

Natalie finally relented.

“…Well, whatever. You seem fine and rather perky, today. Even though yesterday, you were attempting suicide… did something good happen?”

Natalie probably intended to make some small talk.

However, Jill remembered her newfound determination and straightened her posture.

“Yes, we confirmed our love last night!”

Rho fell from Natalie’s arms. Frida’s stuffed animal also fell. Rho blinked some more.

“My husband is the coolest! As such, I’ve determined to be a suitable wife for that person!”

“…Husband? Wife? Wait, how old are you again?”

“I’m 11-years-old!”

“…You’re married, already???”

“Yes! The ceremony hasn’t been carried out yet, but I definitely am!”

Natalie finally regained her sense.

“Oh, a promise to get married… it’s but a child’s promise.”

“The other person is an adult who’ll soon be 20-years-old—”

“—Let’s get rid of that freak!”

Next to Natalie, Frida softly muttered.

“He’s the same age as my brother… is he cool…?”

“Yes! I’ve fallen for him all over again yesterday!”

“To be someone’s wife… how envious…”

“Frida, since you’re cute, I’m sure a good man will appear.”

“No, you’re being completely deceived! Frida, don’t listen to her!”

“But, my brother is as old as that person, and he’s nice…”

“That’s because you are his sister! When it comes to marriage, it’s different!”


On the floor, Rho shyly covered his face, while hitting the floor with his tail.

Realizing that, Natalie leaned on the table as she took a deep breath.

“…Let’s discuss that later. Let me see this child for the time being…”

“T, thank you! I want to raise this child well and get married!”

“I’m going crazy, so stop talking about that. This child has golden eyes…”

Perhaps he knew he was in the spotlight, Rho peeked from between his claws. Natalie crouched down and examined Rho’s body.

“His scales are stiff… his hair growth, too. Well, he seems fine. I don’t think he’s injured. Can he spread his wings properly?”

When asked, Rho proudly spread his small wings. Natalie became suspicious again.

“…This child is too smart for a spotted dragon.”

“Because he has golden eyes, he’s clever!”

“…The wing membrane is alright. however, I feel that the size of his wings and body are a bit disproportionate…”

“W, what’s wrong?’

Towards Jill, who got worried immediately, Natalie shook her head.

“It’s not something to be concerned about, after all, he’s still young… Well, if I have to be frank…”

Natalie stared straight at Jill, who gulped.

“He has a big butt.”

“…Big, butt…?”



Being stared at by Jill and Frida, Rho hurriedly hid his rear.

“To be exact, its his hind legs. However, overall, not only his tail, his whole body is plump.”

“…Indeed, he seems fat. He can even roll like a ball.”


“This child will grow out of it.”

Natalie lifted Rho with her thin arms and put him on the table.

“Sometimes, dragon have a slow growth. When they decide they needn’t fly, they don’t fly. But I can see this child growing into a very strong dragon. Be it a special, or an ordinary one—dragons tends to grow up differently.”


“There is a legend that the black dragon, the king of dragons, derives his nourishment from the heart of the Dragon Emperor…”

“D, did you hear that Rho!? You’ll grow up into a very strong dragon!”

She felt like Rho was being suspected. Jill tried to divert Natalie’s attention.

With her arms crossed, Natalie said casually.

“If you’re worried, just remember that his butt is too big for him to fly.”


Rho screamed dissatisfiedly. He swung his tail around to whip his rear.

“Ukkyu! Ukkyu!”

Perhaps he wanted to prove that he wasn’t fat.

Jill, although pretending to be calm, honestly thought he was cute. Natalie also sighed, while Frida smiled as if her heart had melted.

“He’s so cute…”

“Ukkyu, Ukkyuu!”

“I, I understand, Rho, you’re not fat, you’re fit…”

In her heart, she muttered, how very much like His Majesty…

***T/N: For some reason is reminded of Zhongli’s butt, which was said to be the biggest amongst male chars.

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