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101. The Plan of the Demons

The place was darker than midnight.

There was neither a ceiling nor a door while a round table floated in the air.

Inherently, it was a dimension where one’s sense of balance was jeopardized.

In that a place, four demons surrounded the table.

“Baldur was killed.”
The demon with the most magical power opened the discussion.

“It can’t be helped.”

“He was too hasty.”

“He should’ve exercised more caution.”

The remaining three agreed with his words.


“Sure, he was too hasty. He wasn’t ready to resurrect the Demon King. Regardless, there was no doubt that the kingdom was in crisis, giving an opportunity. Have you noticed anything else?”

The other three couldn’t argue against the terrifying demon.

Baldur despised them for being ‘meek’.

Said meekness was the result of the demons doing their best to ensure success.

However, there was no denying that a certain pessimistic feeling had permeated the demons.

Baldur chalked it up as cowardice.

The remaining demons were slightly aware of that. As such, they didn’t try to stop Baldur.

“In the end, Baldur was killed.”
A demon opened his mouth.

“I heard that his army was also annihilated. Had we agreed with Baldur, and cooperated with him, we’d surely have been destroyed. Still, why does Chancellor Pewiz say that Baldur’s actions weren’t wrong?”

“That wasn’t what I was saying. What I meant to say is we don’t know when such an opportunity will return.”

The demon called Chancellor Pewiz continued to speak.

“Compared to the original saint, the saints of these days have grown weaker. The original saint could envelop the entire world within a barrier while the present one can only shield a single kingdom. Not to mention, she is too naïve. We can take advantage of that.”

“What is Chancellor Pewiz thinking? I hate it when you are indirect…”

The demons were frustrated.

“Certainly, that was a bit confusing. Still, I’m certain he means an opportunity to invade the royal capital and revive the Demon King has arisen.”

Chancellor Pewiz raised his hand and declared loudly.

“Although the saint of the present era is weak, a timed barrier has been set around the royal capital. If we delay, that saint might get even stronger. Putting this off would be foolish.”

“I agree with that plan. I’m tired of cooping up in such a cramped place. I want to go wild.”

Chancellor Pewiz smiled with satisfaction at what those words.

“In two weeks, once the barrier has disappeared, we will all launch an attack. Are there any objections?”
Chancellor Pewiz asked.

None of the demons objected.

Everyone had the same mindset as Baldur.

For a noble race like the demons to cower in fear was unacceptable.

“But, Chancellor Pewiz, wouldn’t launching a full on attack right after the barrier disappears be a bit reckless? The saint and the others would see it coming.”

“Of course. About that, I have a plan. Even if they do their best to prepare, humans who couldn’t stand against Baldur have no hope. Either way, the Demon King will be resurrected. It’s a checkmate.”

“In other words… we must prioritize the resurrection of the Demon King and ignore the humans?”


Chancellor Pewiz nodded.

“Victory is guaranteed, however, I’m worried about something…”

“What is it?”

“No, I’m just overthinking. It’s too farfetched. Even if it happens, it should be impossible for this generation’s saint to draw out its full power…”


—in two weeks, a war was ready to begin.

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