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85. The Counterattack Begins

“Who are you—!? Where did you come from—!?”

“Hey, wait a minute… this magical power, could that be…”

While the two demons were panicking.


Douglas blew them away in no time.

The demons slammed against the wall and fainted.

“Eliane, are you okay?”


Douglas looked more dependable than usual.

“We don’t have time to chat. I heard there are other demons…”

I could hear multiple footsteps approaching.

The demons might had noticed something was odd.

But it was too late.

“Douglas, do you know where this is?”

“It’s not too far from the city. I’ve also informed Nigel. He’s going to charge in with his knights.”

That was a relief.

As I could still communicate telepathically with Douglas, I assumed place wasn’t too far from the city. There was no problem, then.

“I’ll head to the spirits’ forest with Ralph. Douglas, can I leave them to you?”

“No problem. Recently, I haven’t been exercising. This is a good opportunity.”

Douglas shrugged his shoulders.

Then, he turned towards the child and his mother.

“Who are those two?”

“They are also captives of the demons. Can I leave them to you as well?”

“Gahaha! Piece of cake! Even if they are demons, they’re of a lower class. I can beat them all with my eyes closed.”

Douglas was powerful.

The demons wouldn’t have expected me to summon him.

“…Although, I sense they have surveillance magic. It wouldn’t be strange if other demons notice this incident, as well. If an archdemon comes as a reinforcement, you might be in for a bit of trouble.” Said Douglas.

“Don’t worry about that.” I said.

I also sensed it.

I’d think of a way to deal with it.

“Alright, let’s do this.”

I held my hand towards the prison and created something.

It was a clone of me.

Hoo… a clone. That shall do the trick.”

I had shown the same spell to Robert.

However, the clone couldn’t move. Still, it should be able to deceive them for a while.

“It looks like we’re inside an old tower that’s no longer in use. If you jump out of that window, you’ll be able to get out right away.”

Douglas pointed at a large window.

I looked down—it was far from the ground. If I jumped from such a height, I wouldn’t remain unscathed.


“Ralph-chan, can you jump from here while carrying me.”

“Of course. Finally, Ralph can show you his cool side! Believe in Ralph!”

Ralph stood before me.

It was a little scary… but when I heard Ralph, I no longer felt that way.

In the meantime, the demons were rushing towards us.

“Douglas! I’ll leave the rest to you!”


I parted from the mother and child with the words, “You can trust this man.” Then, I climbed on top of Ralph.

“Oi! Don’t let that woman escape!”

“Lord Baldur will absolutely be enraged!”

The demons tried to catch me, but Douglas stood before me.

“Don’t look back, just run!”

“Ralph-chan! Go!”


Ralph raised his voice and leaped out of the window.

A floating sensation. The ground was gradually approaching.

However, Ralph flawlessly landed on the ground. I didn’t even feel the impact of the landing.

I calculated the distance from there to the city and the spirits’ village. …Most likely, I should be able join with Nigel and head to the spirits’ village together.

First, I decided to join Nigel.

It’d be a little difficult for me to fight the demons alone.

“Ralph-chan! Please head East from here!”

“I understand!”


Nigel embraced me. We had only been separated for a little while, but when he did that, I felt like crying for some reason.


“Nigel, you may have heard from Douglas, but the spirits seem to be in trouble.”

“Yes, I’ve heard.”

I didn’t have the luxury to bask in the afterglow of our reunion.

“Let’s head out right away.”

“Get on Ralph, it’ll be faster that way.”

Ralph turned his back towards Nigel.

Did Nigel understand?

“Will do. Then, Adolf, we’re heading to the spirits’ forest. Please follow after me.”

He gave instructions to Adolf, the knight captain whom was behind him.

“I understand. But, will you be alright? The opponent is a demon. Only with you and Eliane…”

“It’s okay. Did you forget the time with Alberto? With Eliane, I can defeat anything!”

“I see. I believe in you.”

Nigel was a perfect match for the blessing of the goddess. Even if our opponent was an archdemon, I didn’t think he would lose.

Nigel and I rushed to the spirits’ forest on top of Ralph.

—then, we arrived.


The child spirits, Al and Mars, approached us.

“The village is in trouble—!”

“At this rate, our King will die!”

“It’s alright. I’m already aware what is happening. I shall go help him right away.”

Al and Mars were panicking.

Probably out of fear, they had left the village.

We had Al and Mars dispel the barrier and immediately entered the village.

I spotted Philip in the square, and a woman—the archdemon—they were facing each other. Upon looking closer, said ‘woman’ seemed to be a man.

I understand—is what I’m going to say, but I don’t want to lie. I plan to play with other spirits, as well.”

“…I, understand—”

—when Philip was about to accept the archdemon’s conditions.

“—There’s no need for that!”

The two of us appeared.

***T/N: It’s not counterattack… It’s nuclear attack. These level 1 demons had literally tried to capture a lv. 999 saint with lv. 99 harems.

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