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82. The Restless Spirit King

POV: Philip

“What’s wrong, my king? You’re fidgety.”

“Am I?”

A child spirit, which looked like a ball of light—Al, brought that to his attention. Philip instinctively responded.

“It’s quite rare of you. After all, you’re always calm. Not to mention, until a while ago, you seemed to be expecting someone.”

“I see… so that was how I appeared.”

Looking out the window, Philip calmly analyzed himself.

The child spirit was keen.

The reason was probably due to Saint Eliane.

After the spirit’s forest was engulfed in miasma, Philip ventured outside the village to seek the saint’s aid.

He thought she’d be able to counteract the miasma with her power.

…However, after he was dismissed by her kingdom, Philip was at loss. The saint was his hope, after all.

Nevertheless, he couldn’t give up. Somebody able to dispel the miasma without being a saint could still exist.

He was holding on to his last straw.

Then—Philip met her.

“Al, what do you think of Eliane?”

Al replied, “Hmm. That saint is a very nice person. I feel safe whenever she’s near me. Her cooking is also delicious.”

“…You, feel safe? I see.”

For some reason, whenever Philip was near her, he felt as if entangled threads were being unraveled for some unknown reason.

There was no doubt she was a good person.

Thanks to her, the miasma was dispelled and the forest was saved.

For her to be the saint of the present era—what a relief.

He truly thought so.

But, more than that, she was an enigma.

Before he noticed it, he had been following her every movements.

When she laughed, his chest would tighten.

“Her cooking is delicious—there’s no doubt about that. That was the first time I ever ate such delicious food.”


Al agreed with Philip’s words.

Until now, the spirits weren’t interested in cooking.

In the first place, spirits didn’t need to eat like humans.

As long as they had clean water and air, they wouldn’t die.

That was why, spirits weren’t interested in delicious cuisine.

After eating her cooking, though, Philip regretted it.

Omelet rice—chilled somen—ice cream—…

All of them were delicious. Just eating them naturally made him smile.

Before Philip—no, all the spirits—realized it, everyone was looking forward to her cooking.

It was to the point that even if Eliane made an unreasonable request in exchange for her food, he’d fulfil it…

“…Why hasn’t Eliane arrived yet?”

After receiving a letter from a spiritual guide, Philip was informed in advance of the saint’s visit.

She’d usually arrive around that time…

“Don’t be so anxious, my king, the saint will surely arrive.”

“I hope so…”

What Al said was justified.

Yet, for some reason, he felt strange.

As Al had pointed out, he might be restless.

The moment Philip thought he couldn’t endure it anymore, he thought of picking her up.


Due to the special barrier, Philip instantly knew whenever the forest was invaded.

The barrier was so advanced, not even a single fly could bypass it.

At first, Philip thought Eliane had arrived…

“This magical power… no way!”

Philip stood up immediately.

He opened his mouth to give instructions to others—

—before that could happen, however, a voice directly rang inside Philip’s mind.

“You noticed me already? Nice to meet you. I’m Baldur. At this point, it should be obvious what kind of creature I am.”

Philip’s tension peaked.

—the demons had invaded the forest!?


“Why are you here? I have no intention of speaking to you.”

Philip pretended to be calm.

Baldur resumed his telepathy.

“How foolish you are. You have no right to tell me what to do. Please let me enter the village for a moment.”

“Are you an idiot? As if I’d let a demon enter my village.”

The village should be impossible for the demons to enter. It was because the barrier around the village was even stronger.

No one could grasp the exact location of the village. Even if it was coincidentally found, the barrier couldn’t be broken.

There were various races—such as humans and dragons—in that world. Amongst them, the demon race was the cruelest.

In order to achieve their purpose, they wouldn’t hesitate to do anything—even if it meant killing.

There was no way Philip could let them enter the village.

It’s okay… there’s a barrier around this village… even if they’re demons, they shouldn’t be able to easily destroy it. I mustn’t panic…

Philip calmed himself down.

Baldur’s following words shook him to the core.

“How cruel… you’d let the saint enter, but not me?”


He took a sharp breath.

Why did he know that we’re affiliated with the saint? No, stay calm… even if he knows that, he can’t do anything… nothing will change…

Philip began considering what to do next, despite that, Baldur was one step ahead.

“That’s why, I am a little jealous of the saint. I have no choice but to punish her.”

“What are you talking about?”

“There’s something I’d like you to see.”

An image vaguely floated in Philip’s mind.

When he saw it, Philip’s eyes widened.

“E, Eliane?!”

It was a dark and dingy place.

Eliane was trapped in a room surrounded by iron bars.

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