Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

49. The Homes of Aristocrats and One’s Parents are Challenging

With the levanite case resolved, some peace had returned.

The wedding was less than three months away. As such, Tistye had to study up on the invited guests.

The duke’s family has its own connections and status…

Lacie was a very small kingdom, so although large divisions existed within it—such as royalty, knights, priests, aristocrats, and merchants—there weren’t many complicated power and political relations.

On the other hand, Verscia had many houses, each with its own long aristocratic history. Complicated entanglements regarding the relationship between their branch families and relatives were also present.

In the past, many aristocrats lived solely on territorial management. But, recently, some houses had built huge fortunes by engaging in business and trade.

However, there were many people who opposed that because it was considered unconventional. Thus, there were a lot of invisible conflicts.

If I don’t study them properly, I’d be disgracing His Majesty…

Tistye was reading a huge pile of documents, but she stopped when she heard knocking on her door.

After Tistye welcomed Lizzie in, she entered with a smile.

“Your Majesty, it’s almost the appointed time.”

“Oh, right! I shall head out!”

Visiting the drawing room on the first floor had become commonplace ever since the preparations for the wedding ceremony had begun.

By the time Tistye entered, the chief of ceremony along with a man and woman were sitting on the sofa. She felt sorry for being late. After some greetings, Tistye sat down before the visitors.

The two people both had red hair. Their eyes were also brown. They looked similar—perhaps, twins? Eventually, the chief of ceremony opened his mouth.

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience, Your Majesty. Today’s meeting is about your attire.”

The man turned towards Tistye.

“Nice to meet you, Your Majesty. My name is Luca Schneider—while this is my sister, Elena.”

The man, who called himself Luca had an intelligent look. He also wore glasses. In front of Tistye, he gave a generous smile which gave him an amiable impression.

Elena, on the other hand, seemed somewhat restless and awkward. Unlike Luca, who had tidied his hair, Elena’s long bangs covered her face. She also had her face lowered most of the time.

They look similar, but at the same time, different…

Then, Tistye recalled their last name—‘Schneider.’ She had just read about it… finally, she recalled that name.

“Could it be, from the family of the Count of Astil?”

The chief of ceremony expressed his admiration.

“So, you know about them! The Count of Astil is known for designing dresses and costumes.”

The Count of Astil was one of the first to adopt the new way of aristocracy.

Originally, sheep breeding and cotton cultivation flourished in their territory, and by making early capital investments, they jumped to the top of the spinning industry.

That family also provided a large amount of support to guilds—such as tailors, woolen fabrics, and dyeing industries. They worked hard to produce talented craftsmen.

As a result of establishing a workshop of skilled people, they were flooded with orders from the royal family and other aristocrats. They were trusted because of their overwhelming quality.

Them being selected to prepare a wedding dress for the empress was no surprise.

Jumping straight to the point, Luca cut the chief of ceremony’s story short.

“Indeed. In fact, I’m the designer at the studio.”

“T, the designer?”

“Yes, it’s often said that such is rare for an aristocrat.”

Certainly, there were many aristocrats who provided financial support to specific industries.

However, when it came to aristocrats who actually took up a position, there weren’t many.

According to the chief of ceremony, the dresses designed by Luca were extremely popular. Any noble lady would die for the opportunity.

“Originally, reservations need to be made at least three years in advance… but, since this dress is for the empress, I’d like to prepare it myself.”

“I, is that okay!? There are many who reserved first…”

“…Rather, I’m honored. It’ll add exposure to our workshop.”

With a smile, Luca immediately laid his designs on the table.

The colors were all white, but the shapes were different. The dresses were all unique—there were those with sleeves, those with knee-length fronts, but were long in the back, and those with laces covering the wrists.

“Wow… I have never seen dresses like these before!!”

“Of course, we also make conventional ones, but one-of-a-kind designs are our trademark. We’re also ready to accept any request from Your Majesty.”

While looking over the designs that Tistye liked, Luca started asking questions.

Tistye was unconfident towards her taste in clothing, but as she answered his questions, she somehow came up with her favorite shape.

Elena, sitting beside her, stared quietly at the occasional nodding of Luca.

“Then, it’s time for the fitting. I’m sorry, but I would like to borrow a separate room.”

The butler who was waiting beside them would guide Tistye.

Tistye wondered if Luca would be the one to do the measuring, but Elena went with her instead.

The room they moved to was only separated by a door. Upon arrival, the butler left the room.

Left alone, Tistye smiled at Elena who remained silent.

“I see, so the measuring will be done by you.”

“I, indeed…”

Elena’s voice, which Tistye heard for the first time, was fleeting. Still, Tistye was happy with her response. She continued to speak as gently as possible.

“Should I remove all my clothes?”

“N, no, that’s fine…”

After stuttering, Elena opened her bag and took out a measuring tape. It looked worn-out, perhaps due to lot of usage.

Perhaps she was nervous, Elena dropped it on the carpet.

Elena proceeded to bow many times, saying sorry as Tistye picked it up right away.

“Forgive me, thank you, Your Majesty…!”

“It’s alright. I’m sorry for making you nervous.”

Recalling the old Lizzie, Tistye smiled a little.

“It’s a precious tool, isn’t it?”


“I see, so you love your job very much. This must be something you have wanted to do for a very long time.”


Was Elena’s sudden reply. Tistye widened her eyes—after all, unlike her previous meek replies, Elena had raised her voice.

Noticing Tistye react in such a way, Elena immediately shook her head.

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