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46.2 The King’s Mistake

“Mother, what are you saying… judging from your story, it’s as if you forced Lady Clydea to become my fiancée candidate even though you despise her…”

Right next to the king and the queen was the kingdom’s current successor to the throne—Roland Louis Ulysia Elgacia.

While Roldan was being dragged by the knights to his room, he tricked them and escaped using his magical brooch. Then upon rushing to the throne room, he discovered that the award ceremony was over. Not only that, the king and the queen were arguing.

“You’re lying, right…? That witch, wasn’t she merely taking advantage of the queen’s apology? She lied to you, saying that she loved me, just so she could enter the Dahlia Garden, right? Answer me, Mother!”

Afterwards, the witch compared the great wealth she’d receive at the end of her rigorous princess education against the enormous rewards she could enjoy at the moment. Then, because she decided she just couldn’t endure any longer, she withdrew from the Dahlia Garden.

Despite that, as soon as she declined the role of the princess, Riol Glen decided to part with his scrumptious rewards. At that moment, Roland was eagerly waiting his turn—he wanted to reveal the witch’s wicked nature to the masses. That way, she’d understand her place.

However, the conversation between his mother, Ulysia, and the king—both of whom should’ve been deceived by the ugly witch—was far beyond believable.

Unable to bear the weight that his fundamental belief was crumbling, Roland grabbed Ulysia and shook her.

“So, you came all the way here just to say that, Roland?”

The queen could only stand quietly. Her eyes were empty. The king, who stood before Roland, responded.

“I’m not saying that you should be a faultless king. However, a king who refuses to admit his own mistakes or listen to others—eventually, the people will abandon such a king.”

“F, father…!”

At the receiving end of his father’s ruthless gaze, Roland unintentionally withdrew.

“Your superficial excellence deluded me. Moreover, I was also afraid of going against Ulysia. Because of that, I failed to see the truth about my children… as a king, this is my biggest mistake…”

“…F, father, what are you?”

Anger, remorse, and sorrow bled from the eyes of the king as he quietly stared at Roland.

“…I order to you to be humble. Until you’ve cooled your head, you don’t need to go to the academy. However, if by the end of it, you have still failed to change, then there will be no other choice—you will have to meet the same fate as your brother.”


“N, no way, that’s…”

The same fate as Leonardo. That notion alone was enough to knock Roland to the brink of despair.

“U, uwaaaaaaaaaaah!!!”

“Ro, Roland! Wait!”

Ignoring the queen’s screams, Roland ran across the hallway to escape the unacceptable reality.



Saying whether or not the award ceremony had gone smoothly was difficult to say. Still, for the time being, it was over.

After everyone was dismissed;

“Sharina? What is it?”

“His Majesty said to not delay our research for even a second! We should go home!”

Sharina rushed towards Riol as they were leaving the royal palace. She then walked in the direction of the carriage and lifted the hem of her skirt.

“Let’s go home together, Riol!”

“But, but His Majesty said…”

By the way, although their carriage was near, they were still on the palace grounds. The distance from the palace to the castle gate was so immense, a carriage was instructed to wait outside the palace.

“Well, alright then. It would be a waste to ride inside such a huge carriage alone.”

After a moment of confusion, Riol nodded happily and extended his hand. Sharina gladly took his hand and went to approach the carriage with him.


“Yes? What is it?”


Riol halted, as if remembering something.

“What happened, Riol—”

Will you marry me?”


The next moment, Riol knelt down as he stared at Sharina.

“Everything happened because I procrastinated. As such, I mustn’t postpone it any longer.”

“R, Riol…”

From his firm words. From the serious gleam emanating from his dark green eyes. From the strength of his hold—his seriousness was intensely conveyed.

It was a genuine proposal.

Ever since she met him, the answer had already been decided.

“Yes! Of course! I love Riol! I will definitely make you happy!”

“…Shouldn’t it be, ‘please make me happy’?”

“Just being with you makes me happy!”

Forgetting to wipe the tears in her eyes, Sharina replied while tightly holding his hand.

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