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45.2 What I Wish for

“Roland, withdraw.”

“F, Father—!?”

Why was he surprised? On the contrary, did he think he’d be forgiven for absolutely anything? The aristocrats who were previously sneering at Riol were a bit taken aback. Regardless, no one was foolish enough to call out the future king’s uncouth behavior.

“…I won’t allow you to make such a remark. What a statement to make towards the people who’ve made such a contribution to our kingdom. Immediately retract your words and stand down!”

“N, no way! I’m not at fault! Don’t be deceived by them, Father!”

Riol’s special wish had improved his standing in the eyes of the aristocrats. The moment Roland exclaimed such, the attention gathered on him all at once. Still, since it was the crown prince, no one dared raise any objection. Despite that, their gazes were colder than when they ridiculed Riol.

“Be it this girl, or this guy, they don’t deserve such a disproportionate reward!”

“You’re still saying that…!”

However, Riol had been waiting for that exact moment for the off chance the king was swayed by Roland’s words and rescinded the reward…

“…Your Majesty, please wait. Certainly, His Highness Roland is too talkative. However, His Highness Roland’s effort to improve his bond with Sharina Clydea mustn’t be ignored. Amidst his busy schedule, he still tried to interact with her. By doing so, he attempted to respect Ms. Clydea’s resolve which was to ‘attain the princess education and be a suitable partner for him.’ It isn’t strange for him to be upset and say such a raucous thing.”

Before the king could try to dissuade Roland any further, the queen stepped forward and argued.

“Has not the reward for this person already been deliberated? It has been decided that his reward will match his achievement. Hence, it’s preposterous to increase his reward just because of a few words. Considering the budget for Sharina Clydea’s queen education, even if it’s a groundbreaking discovery, there’s a possibility that others will complain if the reward is excessive.”

Unlike Roland’s ridiculous statement, the queen’s remark was sensible. Certainly, the queen wasn’t wrong.

Feeling that her victory, which should’ve been certain, begin to sink, Sharina’s shoulders trembled.

“Your Majesty, may I speak?”

“…Alright, I allow you to speak.”

However, the echo of Riol’s dignified voice freed her from anxiety.

“I apologize. It’s as the queen said—I’m asking for too much. In addition to the rewards listed earlier, Her Majesty had given my friend an opportunity to learn how to become the nation’s mother. It’s only natural that the reward is considered excessive.”

Putting his hand on his chest, Riol accepted the words of the queen. However, even though Riol’s words were dubious, his gaze was unwavering. He looked straight ahead, unwilling to give up.

“Haha! It looks like your plan is foiled! Rather than future prospects, you should’ve immediately chosen gold instead. How do you feel knowing your familiar is choosing gold over you, witch!? Drown in that misery! Your victory was so close, and yet so far!”


Although Riol had affirmed all the queen’s claims, Roland smirked in contempt. Unlike the queen, he didn’t feel the slightest suspicion regarding Riol’s previous statement.

The queen had been trying to restore Roland’s honor by creating a perfect narrative. Unaware of that, Roland spouted things that poured all the queen’s efforts down the drain.

“Nevertheless, her help is essential for my research. That’s already the best reward I could ever receive. So, I hereby return all the other rewards—be it the gold coins, the war horses, the medals, and also the title of knighthood.”



Your Majesty, please.”

Hearing what Riol uttered the next moment, a stupid noise leaked from Roland. The queen was also at loss for words.

Roland truly thought the witch’s familiar had betrayed her for instant wealth. Despite that, what happened was Riol refusing all the other rewards. At that point, if the king still refused Riol’s request, it’d be overkill. More so considering that the king’s life had been saved by his amulet.

“…I understand. I acknowledge Sharina Clydea’s withdrawal from the Dahlia Garden.”

“Your Majesty!!”

With one statement from the king, the golden chain which ensnared Sharina’s legs was severed.

“I will look forward to it, Riol Glen, Sharina Clydea. Let’s work together.”

“Thank you very much, Your Majesty.”

“Yes, I’ll do my best…!”

Sharina was finally free.

She no longer had to accept the hand of a man she disliked, nor was she tied to the roll of the princess.

Now, she could take the hand of her beloved and be together with him.

Suppressing her rushing emotions, Sharina’s eyes became tearful.

Ha! As expected of the witch’s familiar, you’re aiming for a good deal! Don’t be deceived by them everyone, their real identities are—!”

The heartwarming atmosphere was once again ruined by the same man.

Merely wanting to be with each other, Sharina and Riol chose to part with the queen’s seat and the bountiful rewards. Despite that, Roland remained blind and started making a fuss in front of everyone.


The angry voice of the king echoed. The queen had no time to stop Roland.

“This is an order, take Roland to his room.”


At the order of the king, two guards seized Roland. Everyone present was half-stunned at the sight of the second prince being dragged out of the audience room.

Not even Riol and Sharina had expected for the king to forcefully dismiss Roland. They believed the king would just encourage Roland to leave.

“Forgive my son’s rudeness…”

With a sad voice, the king apologized while bowing.

Sharina asked what the king was doing in a terrified manner. It didn’t seem like the queen would be able to cover for Roland anymore.

After witnessing Roland being dragged away, the queen remained in a daze and never said a word.

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