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44.1 The Magic of Rebirth

Regardless of the fact that Sharina had become the fiancée candidate for the crown prince, she wasn’t yet officially a member of the royal family. Thus, she wasn’t allowed to enter the king’s chamber without permission.

…However, she also wasn’t in a position to be denied her request. Especially when she only wished to express sympathy.

“Keep in mind, if you dare try anything strange, your head will fly. Hence, if you have something in mind—”

“—Roland, be quiet, please.”

Roland had also been summoned so they could visit the king as a pair. It seemed that he was undergoing his successor education, as well. Sharina followed the queen and Roland as they went down the hallway leading to the king’s chamber.

For a while now, Roland had been whispering to her. However, as his voice grew louder, the queen silenced him.

“Mother! But, this woman—!”

“I won’t repeat myself.”

The queen raised her voice at Roland who was still adamant. However, it wasn’t for the sake of Sharina. The queen was merely trying to maintain her face.

In all actuality, the queen shared the same sentiment as her youngest son who had long admired his older brother. Despite that, the queen’s resentment towards Sharina would be revealed if she supported Roland in the open.

Roland should’ve become aware of the queen’s plan by now. Despite that, the reality stated the otherwise.

Roland was agitated, believing his mother had fallen under the deceit of the fox. By threatening Sharina, he had almost ruined the queen’s perfect scenario.

The queen also didn’t seem willing to properly explain anything to Roland—be it her actual conversation with Sharina in the guest room, or her true goal.

After all, doing that would be the equivalent of admitting that Roland had make a mistake. There was no way the queen could bear to do that, especially after her son had recovered his self-esteem and stopped being a shut-in.

“…His Majesty’s condition isn’t good. We can’t stay for long.”

“Yes, I understand.”

 The queen dug her nails into her palm.

‘His Majesty’s condition isn’t good.’—was the worst way to phrase it. Nevertheless, there was no difference. It was already an open secret in the royal palace.

“…Sharina, are you alright?”

“I’m alright, Tobias.”

Under that dreary atmosphere, Tobias, who walked behind Sharina, worryingly uttered her name. After being summoned by the queen, Roland had also called for Tobias.

“Tobias, don’t talk as you please!”

“…I’m sorry.”

Tobias withdrew, but not before whispering to her, “Stay with me if anything happens.”

They were in the royal palace, after all. Be it on her right, or her left, there were only enemies. Hence why, it was truly encouraging to have an ally.

Sharina couldn’t reply anymore, so she just turned around a little and nodded.

They were finally before the king’s chamber.

Behind the door protected by the escort was a dim-lit room enveloped in a heavy atmosphere even though it was daytime. The room had the finest of furniture, and although they were not dusty, there were signs of being unused for a while, which accentuated loneliness.

“…How’s His Majesty’s condition?”

Besides the canopy bed, there were doctors who were continuously performing their duties. The queen asked in a serious tone. Those court doctors were assigned to always be there in case of a sudden change in the king’s condition.

“His Majesty’s condition hasn’t changed since the morning. His breathing is stable and his pulse is normal. Regardless, we can’t be assured, yet.”

In other words, the king hadn’t woken up since morning and anything could happen.

The magic stones formed by the demonic disease constantly deprived the body of magic. As such, the magic user was forced to sleep in order to recover as much magic as possible. The length of sleep grew as the demonic disease worsened.

At first, it’d only be an hour a day, and before long, it’d turn into a coma. Eventually, the magic user would die in his sleep.

The king didn’t seem to be in a coma, yet. Still, it was only a matter of time. It shouldn’t take too long, now.

Although the symptoms differed per individual, it was quite rare for the illness to develop that fast.

In other words, if she missed that opportunity, the next might never come again.

“Your Majesty the Queen, please allow me to perform healing magic on His Majesty.”

With her hands folded in front of her chest, Sharina gently stepped forward. As her expression changed into that of being in pain, she tearfully gazed at the queen.

“I want to give His Majesty the magic of the fairies.”

Beginner light magic, Light Powder. That spell was also known as, ‘the magic of the fairies’, because it was likened to a fairy’s powder, something which could grant any wish. In all actuality, the spell had no healing effect whatsoever. Despite that, it was quite common for noble ladies to cast that spell around the sick, as a mean to express, ‘get well soon.’

As a candidate for the crown prince’s fiancée, Sharina was merely expressing her wish for her future father-in-law’s health. On the surface, there was nothing strange with such a noble wish.

“That pointless magic? Why—”

“I’ll allow it. Stay a quiet for a bit, Roland.”

After a moment of contemplation, the slightly frustrated queen gave permission.

Sharina, who until now had only obeyed the queen’s orders like a doll, suddenly made such an appeal. The queen was beginning to show a sign of distrust.

Regardless, Sharina was aware that the queen couldn’t easily dismiss her request while in the eyes of others such as Tobias and the doctors. Once the queen had given her permission, it didn’t matter what Roland had to say. Sharina had won.

“Please, excuse me.”

While maintaining her façade of a calm, honorable, fiancée candidate, Sharina approached the side of the bed. The moment she did, Roland reminded her with a distorted expression. “It’s be a big mistake to think that by merely doing this, you’ll be able to deceive me…”

Sharina casually ignored him.

The king’s eyes were tightly shut. Magic stones were emerging everywhere—they could be seen on his face and arms. It was a painful sight.

“Light, Guidance of Heaven, Goddess of Equality, give me a moment of happiness—Lumen Puruis—…”

A clear, light yellow, magic circle floated above Sharina’s palms. The glow came from the powder of light.

No one noticed that the center of the magic circle was in line with the center of the king’s body.

“W, what the hell is this light?!”

That reaction was only to be expected.

The gentle and small powder of light became strong and large. Then, they finally transformed into blades of light. They were so brilliant, everyone had to close their eyes. Afterwards, they scattered like a fountain.

“W, what do you intend to do, Sharina Clydea!? Cease your spell this instance!”

The queen, who was covering her eyes with both hands, screamed. The queen was shocked, but otherwise still rational. The queen perhaps suspected the reason Sharina deprived her of her sight was to get revenge.

“I can’t.”

The queen screamed to no avail. In the end, the queen could only shield her eyes from Sharina’s brilliant light.

Sharina never intended to harm the king, the queen, or even the crown prince.

“It’s for the sake of His Majesty’s recovery. Therefore, I can’t stop.”

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