The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

39.2 The Overlord and the Young Lords Plan to Tour the Capital (Planning Edition)

Surely, it’s because she understands as well, Yukino, who came from the same world as me, nods while saying, “desu, desu.”

[Whenever the country changes or the throne passes to an outsider, there’ll always be uproars…… where blood may be spilled. Well, there are a few exceptions, though.] (Yukino)

[Well, then I hope Nii-sama can become one of those few exceptions.]
[How exactly?]
[Can’t Nii-sama just marry the 『Anointed Dragon Emperor』-sama?]
[Yu, Yukino-san!? Are you alright!? Or actually, Nii-sama’s face was directly splashed with tea!?]
[Geho geho gehoo. I’m, I’m alright──]
「The 『Anointed Dragon Emperor』-sama is still a very young girl. There are even rumors that she can’t even go outside due to her evil retainers. Aniue-sama will then free her from that. Under the pretense of being protected from these evil retainers, she’ll enter into Aniue-sama’s seraglio where surely everything will be peacefully worked out!]
[Far from settling down, insurrections will rise up in various places.] 

Good grief, delusions are one of her strong points, too, I suppose. There’s no way a person from another world would be allowed to accompany the person sitting on the throne just because that person was 『recognized by the Dragon Emperor』.

[You think so?]

However, Haruka appears to be dissatisfied.
No, my eyes are half shut do to getting tea splashed on me, so I can’t really tell.

[If I were the 『Anointed Dragon Emperor』-sama, I’d put my faith on Aniue-sama and entrust my body to him, though.]
[Not everyone lives solely on instinct like you, Haruka.]

There are signs that Lizette is getting up from her seat.
[Honestly, is Nii-sama’s face not drenched in tea?]

[I’m sorry, Shouma-san. I’ll wipe it up…….]
Yukino gets up and comes over to me.

[I shall wipe your face. For a moment…… could you please close your eyes?]
[Sorry about this.]

I did as I was asked and closed my eyes. Yukino then begins to wipe my face with the nearest cloth.

Anyway, Yukino has completely become health. When we were capturing the forts from the 『Cult of Awakening Contentment』, her ice magic was also useful. For me, with Yukino being someone from the same world as me…… although she doesn’t seem to have realized that we know each other from long ago…… her being able to talk with me helps.

Sawa sawa.

Yukino’s chuunibyou, except during battles, is also subdued.

After this…… cooperating with her to fulfill her mission to 『quell the turbulent world』she received from the goddess would be alright. Doing that, it’ll be possible for Yukino to resurrect in her original world. Although literally 『only God knows』 how to make it consistent, surely Yukino’s parents should be delighted. Even I can do that much…….

Sawa sawa. Sawa.

[….. Yukino. What are you doing?]

I felt her thin fingers crawling all over my face and head a bit ago. Then, I felt them move from examining my arms and hands to my fingers……?

[N, no, no. Ano, that.]
Yukino falters for a bit, then.

[I was, I was just confirming Shouma-san’s fighting strength. I thought it was amazing you were able to cut that Doushi-san in half even though you don’t have that much muscle.]
[That’s because my physical strength also increases during awakening. I don’t think my current state serves that good of a reference.]
[…. Is that so? Still, I think you’ve grown quite strong.]
[Grown…… strong?]
[No, no, that was just me talking to myself. More importantly, Shouma-san,]

Kohon, Yukino clears her throat and takes some distance from me.
[Would you please take me with you when you go to the capital?] 

Yukino then speaks with a serious expression.
[I came from the capital. As such, I know both the situation there and the way. Surely, there’s no better person who can act as the guide than me?]

[Yeah, I plan to ask Yukino and Lizette to accompany me.]

Yukino knows the way and the situation over there. She also has the information on her fellow summoned people. Lizette is related to the dragons. Without her I wouldn’t be able to learn about the current emperor, the 『Anointed Dragon Emperor』, and of affairs related to her.

[What about me?]
[I would like to request for Haruka to protect the village. The mamono are gone, but there’s still the possibility that bandits and rogues will attack. Haruka can use the 『land’s mana』 and I bet you’d be able to repel most enemies? I’d be relieved if you stayed behind for me.]

Haruka doesn’t seem to be convinced and is groaning with her arms crossed.

[Then, if you were confident that no one would attack the village, you would take me with you as well, right?]
[……Yes, I would.]
[Alright, understood. I’ll do my best.]

 Haruka clenches her fists.

I’m not sure what she is trying her best for, but I’ll just nod for now.

Since the timing is right, I get up from my seat.
After washing the dishes by the well, I return home with the voices of Lizette, Haruka, and Yukino saying, “good night,” at my back.

Come to think of it, the water in the well seems to have increased considerably.

According to an elder in the village, “I feel like the water quality has improved and I feel better when I drink it.” That is probably due to placebo, though. Something along the lines of, “the land’s mana has been activated, it is affecting the water…” or something like that, I think. 

……But that reminds me, there are also claims that the crops are doing great.

…………Let’s not think too much about it.

Anyway, I’ve made plans for the future.
I’ll look over the village for a while. Once everything looks settled down, the three of us will go to the capital. Then, we’ll check the level of civilization of the dynasties in this world, and if possible, their military capabilities. I don’t think we’ll have conflict with the Alicia dynasty, but I’d like to be prepared.

[…… Well, nothing should happen for a while.]

Muttering such, I head home to sleep. Then, the next morning,
[Shouma-nii-sama! Emergency! 『Governor Kittle』-sama’s messenger is here!!]

I am shaken awake by Lizette who stormed inside in a fluster.

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