The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

39.1 The Overlord and the Young Lords Plan to Tour the Capital (Planning Edition)

The 『Cult of Awakening Contentment』 has been destroyed.

The cause was us attacking their forts and released all of their peasant soldiers. That we found an ancient magic circle when we captured the 3rd fort is also great. First, I restored the magic circle. Then, upon appointing Yukino as the castle lord and reactivating the 『barrier』, the nearby 『Doushi』 evaporated, and the insects vanished. As a result, the cult lost its war assets and bases of operations…… apparently, they were attacked by 『Governor Kittle』’s army afterwards.

We received that information from the nearby village (I later learned that its name is 『Mawari Village』). While it isn’t exactly accurate, it’s good enough for us.

The room with the magic circle in the fort was sealed with Yukino’s ice magic. Furthermore, as there were no people left in the fort, a large rock was dropped on the mountain path to block it. With that, no one should be able to tamper with the magic circle.

Immediately after that, I confirm the situation of the barrier from the sky.
[The barrier has extended to the neighboring village. Looks like we can spend some time in peace.]

『Abandoned Castle』 『Hazama Village』 『Old Fortress』
After activating their 3 magic circles, the barrier now forms the shape of a giant triangle.

The entirety of the frontier, up to the vicinity of the neighboring 『Mawari Village』, was within the barrier.

In particular, that the route from 『Hazama Village』 to 『Mawari Village』 has become safer is great. The fact that no mamono will appear means that trade may be conducted with peace of mind.

Bandits and deserters who’ve turned to attacking others sometimes appear on the road, but we decided to deal with them through a joint 『Hazama Village』 and 『Mawari Village』 patrol. The villagers of both villages can now go back and forth to exchange crops and timber. As I thought, it becoming possible for the humans, the Oni tribe, and the harpies to share information with each other is great.

By the way, the meeting to decide the patrol schedule was held in 『Hazama Village』. Why I had to participate in it is still a mystery to me even now. Also, I wish everyone would have quit looking at me when they were voting on things.

For those reasons, things will settle down in the frontier for the time being.

Now all we have to do is go on the defensive and live quietly until these turbulent times are over.

……However, before that──

[I think I’d like to visit the capital once.]

I say that to everyone that while we are having dinner at the village chief’s residence.

Gathered within the residence’s living room are Lizette, Haruka, and Yukino. They’re all here because right now, this residence has become the house of the 3 girls. They invited me to live with them, but of course I declined.

I may be a former chuunibyou, but I have the sense and ability to deal with reality that I’ve cultivated over a decade working as a salaryman. The idea of 3 girls in their teens and me, a man in his 30s living together is, as expected, something that I’m not comfortable with. Or rather, honestly, it’s embarrassing.

Besides, if I am together with Yukino all the time, I don’t know how soon she’d find out that I’m her 『True King』. I’d like to keep the fact that I am the 『Dragon King of Organic Farming 《Organic Dragon King》』 a secret until things settle down.

[……I see. So you have considered that, Shouma-nii-sama.]
With a bowl filled with tea in hand, Lizette looks at me.
[The current emperor, the 『Anointed Dragon Emperor』-sama, resides in the capital. Since Nii-sama was recognized by the Dragon Emperor, Nii-sama should also be allowed an audience. Nii-sama will expel the treacherous retainers who are taking advantage of the emperor. Afterwards, by pressuring the 『Anointed Dragon Emperor』-sama who stands at the top of the world to issue an edict, all of the lords will have no choice but to obey.]

Gatari, Lizette’s chair shakes as she stands up.
[In doing so, surely the lords who are harboring thoughts of rebellion against the 『Alician Dynasty』 will be exposed as well. Shouma-nii-sama will be the pioneer of rectification for this turbulent world. Of course, Lizette, as someone who also draws upon draconic blood, shall fight as Nii-sama’s sword! In other words, this trip to the capital is Nii-sama’s first step in his royal road── nay, it is the first step to making the 『Aberrant Overlord』 name known to the entire realm!! Isn’t that right, Shouma-nii-sama!?]

[…………That’s not it.]
I say.

[…………There’s no deep meaning to it. I just want to see this country’s capital, you know?]
[…………Is that really the case?]
[That is really the case.]

Silence descends.
Lizette, with a gatari, pulls in her chair and sits back down.

Turning red, she covers her face.

No, I get it. I know that Lizette, who has the blood of the Dragon Emperor, wants to help quell these turbulent times. However, that’s all too out of the blue. I’m not thinking that far ahead, either.

[Mou, Liz-nee, you.]
[……Please don’t look this way, Haruka……]
[You sure don’t get it, Liz-nee. Aniue-sama is a realistic person, so he’s saying there’s no way he’d suddenly be having an audience with the 『Anointed Dragon Emperor』-sama.]

Haruka’s large bosom shakes as she nods.
Next to her, Yukino, too, nods the same way while drinking her tea.

Lizette tends to quickly get heated up when it comes to the Dragon Emperor. In that respect, Haruka is realistic. She is Lizette’s childhood friend, so she also knows the flaws in her opinions. On top of that, Haruka can offer a sensible opinion──

[If that were to happen, the 『Anointed Dragon Emperor』-sama might hand the throne over to Aniue-sama, after all!]
[── Huh?!]

── What, that isn’t what I expected at all!?
Lizette, you too, why are you looking at me with your eyes wide open like that!?

[Isn’t Aniue-sama is who someone recognized by the Dragon Emperor-sama and is able to connect the land’s mana? There is no talent more suitable for ruling the realm than this, right? That’s why I have no doubt that the moment the 『Anointed Dragon Emperor』-sama meets Nii-sama, she’ll concede the country! She’ll abdicate in favor of a more virtuous ruler! If it’s her, she absolutely can’t not do that. I’ve never met her though!!]
[Why are you speaking like you are acquaintances even though you haven’t met her at all!?] (Shouma)
[A maiden’s intuition!]

Bishiri, Haruka points at me.

[Now listen here, Haruka.]
[What is it, Aniue-sama?]
[Be it the Imperial Throne or the Royal Throne, such things can’t just simply be handed over, you know?] 

Having learned history in the previous world, such was my perception.

Surely, it’s because she understands as well, Yukino, who came from the same world as me, nods while saying, “desu, desu.”

[Whenever the country changes or the throne passes to an outsider, there’ll always be uproars…… where blood may be spilled. Well, there are a few exceptions, though.] (Yukino)

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