Classic Literature

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

A large, deadly sea monster is running loose and has already destroyed over 200 ships. The acclaimed French scientist Dr. Aronnax decides to hunt down the legendary monster, but he and his companions are thrown overboard and rescued by Captain Nemo during a heated battle. They then embark on a riveting adventure aboard Captain Nemo’s extraordinary submarine, the Nautilus.

Author: Jules Verne

Arc 1
1: A Shifting Reef
2: Pro and Con
3: I Form My Resolution
4: Ned Land
5: At A Venture
6: At Full Steam
7: An Unknown Species of Whale
8: Mobilis in Mobili
9: Ned Land’s Tempers
10: The Man of the Seas
11: All by Electricity
12: Some Figures
13: The Black River
14: A Note of Invitation
15: A Walk On the Bottom of the Sea
16: A Submarine Forest
17: Four Thousand Leagues Under the Pacific
18: Vanikoro
19: Torres Straits
20: A Few Days on Land
21: Captain Nemo’s Thunderbolt
22: “Aegri Somnia”
23: The Coral Kingdom

Arc 2
1: The Indian Ocean
2: A Novel Proposal of Captain Nemo’s
3: A Pearl of Ten Millions
4: The Red Sea
5: The Arabian Tunnel
6: The Grecian Archipelago
7: The Mediterranean In Forty-Eight Hours
8: Vigo Bay
9: A Vanished Continent
10: The Submarine Coal-Mines
11: The Sargasso Sea
12: Cachalots and Whales
13: The Iceberg
14: The South Pole
15: Accident or Incident
16: Want of Air
17: From Cape Horn to the Amazon
18: The Poulps
19: The Gulf Stream
20: From Latitude [email protected] 24′ to Longitude [email protected] 28′
21: A Hecatomb
22: The Last Words of Captain Nemo
23: Conclusion