A Court Blacksmith, whom was Condemned for being a ‘Woman who Reeks of Iron’, was Picked up by a Friendly Guild and Attained Happiness Translation

2. A Woman who Reeks of Iron

I started working at noon and finished late at night.

The inside of the castle was bright. The cityscape of the royal capital, which could be seen from the window, shined brilliantly.

One or two of the lights went out as I watched, and I turned my eyes towards the clock.

“It’s already this late…”

I usually reported to Allen once I completed the repairs.

They took less time than usual that day. I was already finished.

“What should I do… should I just go and report to him? But it’s already late… I might disturb him…”

Allen might be tired and want to be left alone.

However, he had also asked me to report whenever I finished the repairs as soon as possible.

It might be late, but what if Allen was waiting for me?

After some contemplation, I decided to report to him.

To be honest, I just wanted an excuse to see him.

In the castle, Allen’s room was on the same floor as His Majesty and the princess.

It was strictly guarded, and suspicious people could not approach.

Because I was a court blacksmith, I had free access to almost every corner of the castle.

At such times, I was glad to be the court blacksmith.

…I was such a dishonest person.

I retrieved the holy sword, and went for Allen’s room.

I was approaching his room when I noticed light was leaking through the gap of his door.

Upon getting closer, I realized that the door was slightly ajar.

“I’m glad I was able to return safely.”

I could hear Allen’s voice.

What a relief—he was still awake!

I was about to knock on the door.

“As if someone like Allen could lose to anyone. Not to mention, I believed in you.”

I heard a voice that didn’t belong to Allen. My hand stopped.

It was a female’s voice.

She spoke quietly and calmly.

The voice just now… wasn’t that the princess?

“Thank you for your words, Sercia.”

It was Princess Sercia of my kingdom.

Allen had said her name—there was no doubt about that.

Why was the princess in Allen’s room?

It was also around that time…

“Allen is the hero chosen by the holy sword. You won’t lose to anyone.”

“Yes, you’re right. I’m the hero. I’ll definitely defeat the Demon King.”

“Fufu, I believe in you. By the way, I can’t seem to find the holy sword…”

“I left it at her workshop. She’s a good blacksmith, not to mention, an honest one.”

He praised me.

The fact that the princess was alone with him was disconcerting, but I was praised! As I began to smile…

“Really, she’s easy to use. I only have to say a word, and she’ll do it.”


Easy, to use…?

“Just praise her a little, and she’s back to feeling good. Having such an easy woman, it’s really convenient.”

“My, aren’t you a terrifying person?”

“What are you talking about? Weren’t you the one who told me I should take full advantage of her?”

“Fufu, that I did~”

I could hear the two of them laughing.

I was… being taken advantaged of?

I, I just misheard, right?

“If you treat her that nicely, won’t she get the wrong idea?”

“That was never my intention… as if I would want such a disgusting, soot-covered, woman anywhere near me.”

…I didn’t mishear him…

…Those cruel words… were indeed spoken by Allen…

“Well, if she’s indeed that good of a blacksmith, I might consider going out with her.”

I lost my strength, and before I realized it, the holy sword had fallen to the floor.

A high-pitched sound echoed, which was obviously heard by the two inside the room.

“Who is there!?”

The door opened with a rattle.

When Allen’s gaze met me, he was utterly shocked.


“…Sir Allen, just now, what were you talking about…”

“Huh? So, you heard everything.”

Allen exhaled loudly.

His stare wasn’t gentle like usual, but cold and terrifying.

It was as if he was staring at garbage.

“It can’t be helped, then.”

“U, uh.”

“Everything you heard is the truth.”

“B, but why…? Sir Allen… is always so kind…”

“Because if I am kind to you, I’ll get what I want.”

Tears overflowed from my eyes.

“You said, you needed me…”

“I did say that. I need you—as a blacksmith. Aren’t you the one who confused the meaning of my words?”

‘I want to stay with you always.’

‘I’ll come back to you.’

‘With your support, I can become strong.’

Those were the words Allen had spoken me. All the while, his gentle smile never ceased.

The exact smile I fell in love with…

…but now, standing before me, was a man I didn’t know.

“Don’t get me wrong. I was never interested in a woman who reeks of iron like you from the very beginning.”


“I was just kind to you because you’re still of use to me. Did you perhaps think I’m in love with you? A bit far-fetched, don’t you think? I don’t lack women—in fact, there are too many of them. Despite that, I have the right to choose, too.”

I see.

A woman who reeks of iron’—was his nickname for me.

All the words he had spoken to me so far… were nothing but lies.

Wiping my face, I left that place.

As I desperately thought of escaping, I turned my face away.

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