The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

123. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (13)

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty!”

“Welcome back, Jill! …Huh?! What’s with your attire!?”

“There may be a cure for Rho!”

Jill shouted as she rushed towards Hadith’s palace.

Hadith appeared from the kitchen. Probably because he was preparing dinner, a delicious aroma wafted from him.

“‘Cured’…? Is he ill?”


Rho, who was playing with a ball with Sauté on the floor, raised his face.

After Rho had kicked the ball, Sauté chased it in a hurry. They seemed to have become friends.

“Please listen, actually—”

—Jill recalled it when she was about to explain.

Not only had she grandly confessed to him, she also ran away due to the embarrassment.

“More importantly, what’s with your clothes? They’re cute. Still, for you to jump into the pond again—”

“—I understand! I will try to erase that embarrassing memory by jumping into the pond once again!”

“But, dinner is ready.”

Jill, who had begun to run, halted instantly.

“Today’s main dish is grilled lamb with bones along with consommé with eggs in a fruit salad. I’m going to pair it with potatoes steamed with butter.”

It was very effective!

Jill slowly turned around. Hadith was smiling.

“If you eat them now, they’ll still be fresh and delicious.”

“…W, well, it can’t be helped, then!”

“That’s right. Afterwards, we have a lot to talk about. Like, for example, the man you loved before.”

“As I thought, I need to jump into a pond!”

“Oh, right, I have to take out the dessert from the oven.”

“Your Majesty being is sly!”

Before she could complete her reply, her stomach grumbled. Hadith proceeded to lift Jill while she was covering her face.

“Then, let’s have dinner. We also need to talk.”

“I won’t talk if you’re mean! But I will still have dinner!”

“Older brother Vissel is returning.”

Hadith sat the shocked Jill on the chair and said that they should have dinner first.

By the end of the dinner, Rho was lying on his back in a wooden box filled with cushions.

Sauté often kicked rocks in the garden overlooked by the terrace of her bedroom. Perhaps, it was his means of exercising. Recently, his appearance had become that of a chicken that would be served on a table. However, Jill felt that he wasn’t just a chicken. Every time Sauté kicked a rock, it would chip. It seemed that the stones would soon be crushed.

While Jill sat on the bed, pondering, Hadith arrived with a comb.

“You are free to do whatever you wish with Natalie and Frida.”

“I, is that really alright? If I were to recklessly deepen our bond, won’t they be in trouble later?”

“If you’re concerned about my sisters, you can rest assured. In the future, they’ll be overlooked. There will be more people in the royal palace. I probably also won’t be able to move as freely as I used to either.”

Hadith spoke while combing Jill’s hair. She had just gotten out of the shower.

“Above all, older brother Vissel absolutely won’t acknowledge you. Compared to that, everything else is a trivial matter.”

She was a little taken aback by how casual Hadith was.

“I didn’t mishear you, right? He absolutely won’t acknowledge me?”

“After all, he told me to choose a princess after careful consideration. I also needed to pay attention to her backing. My brother takes good care of me. The matter of the Dragon Princess is important. I think he’s very angry because I decided on my own.”

“…He has always been trying to bring back Your Majesty who had been exiled to the frontier.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

On the surface, Vissel sounded like a decent guy. However, Jill knew that underneath all that, Vissel was the one who leaked information to the kingdom of Kratos.

However, as for what kind of brother Vissel was to Hadith, Jill didn’t know for certain.

“He’s also not on good terms with older brother Listeard.”

Jill could somehow understand the reason.

“You must be thinking it’s going to be difficult.”

What actually happened was, following Listeard, Vissel was also executed by Hadith. While Hadith was fighting the Kratos army, Vissel launched an attack on the imperial capital. As a result, Vissel was executed. His execution should be three years from now on.

Vissel’s plan couldn’t be said to be cowardly. After all, Geraldo was more or less doing the same thing. He tried to use Jill as a means to distract Hadith. At that time, Jill was tasked to lead an army to fight against Hadith’s men.

But, around that time, Hadith shouldn’t be that evil, yet.

Although his stratagems made her grind her teeth many times, he was a respectable opponent.

By the time Jill met Hadith once again, shortly after Vissel’s execution, he had become nothing but a cruel emperor, one who sought to destroy everything.

As I thought, His Highness Vissel plays a major part in Hadith’s life.

When she looked up, she saw Hadith, still holding a comb.


“Eh, uh, well, what should I do?”

“Hmm, that’s right…”

Hadith quietly approached her face, as if to tell her a secret.

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