The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

119. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (9)

“…Should I chase after her?”

Hadith asked the Dragon Knights. The two only shook their heads.

“I think it’s better to leave her alone. Jill-chan must be terribly confused~”

“As I thought…”

Hadith, whom was still kneeling, agreed with Camila’s advice. There was also no objection from Zeke, either. In that case, Hadith’s decision was correct.

“Honestly, I’m also confused. Her confession was just all over the place…” Said Hadith.

“Oh, right, captain also mentioned her past lover—”

“—Zeke~! You idiot~!”

“That’s right. She mentioned something like that, didn’t she—wait, why are you guys running away?”

The two subordinates were quick to turn on their heels. When Hadith called out after them, they gave some awkward excuses.

“…I’m going to get Rho some apples.”

“Yes, by the way, Rho-chan~”


“You don’t have to worry, okay~? As long as you don’t lose sight of yourself, everything will be fine~”

The two subordinates simultaneously turned to look at Hadith.

Hadith, who stood up while dusting off his knees, heard Rave’s explanation.

“Judging from Jill’s conduct, the man she formerly loved must’ve been as high-ranking as me. That person was taking advantage of Jill, thus, she had to leave Kratos to not be treated like that anymore. That’s the conclusion my heart has arrived at.”

“My, at times like this, Your Majesty is surprisingly sharp~…”

“Well, ever since he started chasing after captain, he’s already been suspicious, that prince…”

“It seems that if I hadn’t taken Jill away, their engagement would have be decided.”

Zeke blinked, while Camila whistled. That must had been the first time they heard about that.

“Oh my, so the two of you eloped? That’s awesome, Your Majesty~”

“But, in the long term, will that be okay? Is the captain’s house going to stay silent?”

“I’m wondering the same. That’s why I’m very busy at the moment. Back then, all I wanted is a Dragon Princess. Now, it’s different. I have to properly build up Jill’s position.”

Zeke and Camila stared at Hadith whose arms were crossed.

“I hope you guys will protect Jill and also take care of my heart.”

“W, wait, Your Majesty~! I know you’re motivated, b, but is this really alright with you~? After all, Jill-chan had another man she loved—she said it herself~! Are you just going to leave that man alone~?”

Hadith shrugged at Camila’s meek question.

“I merely feel pity for that man. After all, Jill loves me. Therefore, I have nothing to worry about. Jill loves me, Jill loves me, Jill loves me, Jill loves me, Jill loves me—”

“—You’re worried, after all~! Right now, you’re merely self-suggesting~!”

“Y, Your Majesty, please claim back the light in your eyes—the same light from when you assured captain. You look very terrifying right now.”

“—Oi, Hadith! I told you to report to me once you returned—what!? You’re in an apron again!?”

As Hadith mumbled a spell (curse), he was grabbed by Listeard who came through the open door.

“Older brother Listeard. What is it, suddenly?”

“There’s a meeting. Oi, what happened here? What happened to Lady Jill?”

“I think Jill-chan is in a big athletic rush to cool off her head. As long as you don’t get close to her, she isn’t dangerous~”

Ha? What are you… no, let’s talk about it another time. The situation is complicated.”

“What’s wrong, Your Highness?”

Frowning at Zeke’s sloppy attitude, Listeard paused.

“…A report just came in from my Dragon Knights who were investigating the area around the imperial capital. Vissel is on his the way to the imperial capital.”

“My older brother?”

Towards Hadith, whom was beaming, Listeard nodded. Listeard didn’t try to hide his bitter expression.

“Yes. At the earliest, he’ll arrive at the imperial capital tomorrow. Generally speaking, it seems that he brought a large number of troops, funds, and also civilians. They are coming from Duke Fairert’s territory due to our shortage of manpower.” Said Listeard.

“Eh, wait~ Fairert is a nobleman backing him, right~?” Said Camila.

“Those people… did they regret it? Are they perhaps trying to form an allegiance? Most importantly, are those people really on our side?” Said Zeke.

Hadith’s older brother clenched his fist without answering any further. Back then, Hadith would consider that trait of his as troublesome—but as of present, he no longer did.

“It’s okay, older brother Listeard. I’m grateful for the aid we’re going to receive.”

“But, if nothing is done, the court may be overwhelmed… even though you have no allies.”

“My older brother, Vissel, is on my side. The two of you have to get along.”

No one responded to Hadith’s words.

“Ukkyu.” Only Rho’s adorable consent could be heard.

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