The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

118. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (8)

After exhaling for a long time, Hadith spoke with a serious expression.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what you just said, because I know you love me.”

After a slight pause, Jill turned bright red and yelled.

“I never said that—!?”

“That’s not what I heard! At first, I thought you had a lot of questions but after properly listening to what you said, that’s what it boils down to! Don’t you agree, Rho!?”


Rho replied with a strong consenting tone. In other words, Hadith seemed to think so from the bottom of his heart.

Jill screamed in confusion.

“W, wait, what I’m saying is that I’m uncertain over what to do, and that I’m not sure if I love Your Majesty—”

“Yes, I heard that. You don’t want to experience the same failure as before, and you are worried about our future. Tthat’s why you’re impatient. I think the reason for that is because you love me.”

“Eh, is that… so? B, but, then why am I so anxious!? I’ve never been like this before!?”

“That’s because you love me more than the previous guy you’ve loved. Basically, that’s how much you love me.”

I see. So that’s how it is.

The conclusion was unexpected.

“Moreover, you talked on the premise that you loved everything about me. Afterwards, you started to expand on said premise.”

“In other words, I like everything about His Majesty? So, you mean, I’m like, in love with you?”

“Yes, that’s right. Hence why, don’t rush. You can stay the way you are.”

“I see! That’s a reli—”

When she was about to rub her chest, she realized that actually, nothing had been resolved yet.


In other words… did I just… straight up confess to his face?

The moment she realized that, smoke rushed out of her head.

The more she pondered about it, the more she failed to comprehend. Her head spun while her eyes were ready to roll. Hadith hurriedly caught the staggering Jill.

“J, Jill…?”

“I, I, I, I, what did I just, I—”

“C, calm down! Are you alright? Did you catch a cold?”

“I, I love Your Majesty, that much?”

She loved him to such an extent?

As she contemplated that, her eyes fell upon Hadith. He wore both a bandana and an apron—his appearance was unbefitting of an emperor. She also understood that he was despised by many.

However, how proud and happy would she be if Hadith were to love only her without losing his strength, his kindness, and his smile—if he were to be unyielding to the unreasonableness and the adversities brought by the future.

Even now, his golden eyes which reflected only Jill, were so wonderful. His long eyelashes fluttered as he blinked anxiously. The shape of his thin lips as he called her name…

It was the same with Rho. She wanted to raise that little dragon which was the heart of that man. She didn’t want the help of anyone. She wanted to do it herself.

The moment she realized it, her body was boiling.


“What happened?! Hey, Jill!!”

“Your Majesty, for a while, stay away from me! Don’t even look at me! I want to cool my head! Let me jump into the pond again!!”

“But why!?”

She kicked open the door of the palace and ran with all her might. There was no sign of him chasing her. Even if Hadith were to try to chase after her, the thoughtful Camila would stop him—or at least she believed so.

I, I’m so embarrassed, I want to die! I can’t look at His Majesty’s face! Where’s that pond!?

Where was it?

For the time being, she sprinted for the garden. Without knowing it, she had run up a tower, cut through an aisle, down some stairs—before finally arriving at a garden.

At the end of her run, she found a large pond with a pier and a small boat. From it the setting sun shone. It looked different from the pond Rho fell into earlier, but she didn’t care. She needed that pond to suppress her embarrassment!

Let’s do it!

She kicked the ground and leaped for the pond. She closed her eyes, expecting the water to cool both her body and head. However, before she could enjoy the cool sensation of the pond, she was pulled—

“Don’t do something as foolish as suicide!”

Jill blinked when she hadn’t only resurfaced but was also yelled at. A rope was dangling from a thick tree floated on the surface of the pond. She also saw a heavy dress laying discarded at the base of the tree.

The person seemed to have removed her extra clothes and jumped into the pond using the rope as support.

“If it feels unbearable to the point you contemplated dying, then just stab the cause and kill it instead.”

Such was the first sentence she heard from that person. Jill recognized the face. She had seen that exact same face in small, black-and-white, photographs back when she had read that person’s obituary in newspapers and other medias.

“Well, now that you’ve been helped by me, the second princess, don’t think you can give up on the life I’ve saved anymore!”

“You… are…”

“Weren’t you listening? I said, I’m the second princess, Natalie Theos Rave. It’s the name of the princess who saved you. As a form of gratitude, why don’t you engrave my name in your chest?”

The girl, who laughed arrogantly, grabbed Jill’s body and began to pull on the rope.

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