I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 49]

Chapter Forty-Nine: Aina-chan’s Heart (Part II)

Recently, the President didn’t seem like himself.

I looked back at the good old days… It was painful to watch him being so upset. No matter how hard his situation got, the former, doll-like President would have never expressed his emotions the way he was doing now.

…Well, when I heard that the reason for his demeanor was because he couldn’t eat lunch with Hououin Ayaka, I was quite dumbfounded.

President. How greedy are you that you even made becoming a fiancée of someone without her knowledge a habit? On top of that, the cause was her eating a bento with a friend of the same gender… Although, I wouldn’t deny that she’s quite a pervert… You could at least allow her to eat with others.

…The President, who at first seemed to be receptive, was, in fact, quite narrow-minded.

Hououin Ayaka being held by the President from behind may look like a father caring for a young child to outsiders, but to me, it was the opposite. In other words, he was a big child clinging to his mother, asking to spoil him.

…Well, I can’t really be one to talk.

“…Why are you taking pictures of Aina-chan?”

“Do you dislike it?”

“Not really, but…”

Since it’s a big deal, I’ll save this scene on my smartphone, too.

It’s rare to see the President act like a child. No matter how much I’d feel inferior to the President in the future, I can just feel calm by looking at this image.

When I looked at Hououin Ayaka, who gazed back with a bewildered expression, and the President, who was suspicious of my intentions, with wrinkles forming between his eyebrows, a smile naturally fell on my lips.

The President who has now experienced love has become more pathetic and uncool compared to before.

…But I can’t help liking how the President has become.

The students who took pictures and went home must feel the same way.

Because the President, who expresses his emotions simply by the words and actions of the Hououin Ayaka, is very human and lively.

“…Well, it is a present, Hououin Ayaka. As always, your intuition about food is amazing. I bought two types of cheesecake, one of them being a rare kind. Which one would you like?”

“Oh, I can’t decide… Rare! …No, I still want to eat baked food.”

“…I’ll just order another one and share it with you.”

“Oh! As expected of Kaname!”

…No, that isn’t necessary. I could just cut it in half.

Perhaps it would be unwise to say that to the President who is aiming for something, so I shouldn’t say that.

It wasn’t long before I found myself having a front-row seat to a feeding fest.

“Well then, I’ll go and make some tea. The President takes it straight, while it’ll be double-milk tea for Hououin Ayaka.”

“Ah, Aina-chan is making tea without me saying anything…! And you’re even letting me have double-milk tea?!”

“I’m the one who will end up doing it anyway, so it’s the same even if I initiate making it from the very beginning. As for the double-milk tea… Black tea is something to enjoy, so I thought it would be better to respect individual tastes than to simply follow the right way.”

…Since you looked so happy drinking the milk tea that I made.

“Thank you! I love you, Aina-chan!”

I guess it’s not just my imagination…. I’m a little saddened by the words of kindness that she directed at me along with her big smile.

You were the first person who allowed me to live my life as I was by affirming what I was trying to achieve through acting… You were the one who indirectly freed me from my complex towards the President.

I know that the “love” you hold towards me and “love” you feel towards the President are different.


“…President, please don’t stare at me like that.”

“…I’m not glaring at you.”

“If the President wants milk tea, as well, then I’ll make it for you.”

“…Straight is fine.”

The pleasure of being looked at with jealousy by the President is far superior to the pain I feel in my chest, so I won’t dare to name this stabbing feeling.

“Then, please wait for a moment. I’ll prepare some tea for the both of you.”

Above all, I feel calm and happy when I see them getting along well and looking happy.