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65. The Advanced Potion was Super-Class

I entrusted the rusty sword I received from Philip with Nigel.

“All I see is a rusty sword, but it’s also a sword that was passed down for generations by the spirits. I’ll keep it in a safe place.” Said Nigel.

I didn’t hesitate to leave it to him.

One day, Nigel and I were summoned to the magic research institute.

What did they want?

“Robert, and even Nigel are here…”

When I went to the director’s office, there stood Robert. Prince Nigel stood before a large potion.

“We need to talk about the advanced potions made by Eliane.”

Robert cut to the chase.

Ah, my potions…

Around that time, I had completely lost my passion for potions.

It was because as a pharmacist, I had reached the pinnacle.

I always had the tendency to bore of doing things—Maybe I tired of things too easily?

“I’m sure you said something about stockpiling them and sending the rest to merchants…”

“Yes, but until now, just to mass-produce the advanced-potion, I had to measure their effects. As such, I didn’t have time to price it or find a merchant.”

“Oh, that kind of thing…”

“Eliane doesn’t seem to be very interested…”

Nigel shook his head for some reason as I spoke to Robert.

“That’s not the case. I love making potions.”

“Just now, you didn’t sound very convincing.”

Nigel was probably able to tell I was lying right away—as such, I averted my gaze.

“Therefore, I shall announce the outcome of researching the advanced potions.”

I’d be lying if I said I was holding my breath, but it was also strange for Robert to just summon me like that—I was a bit excited.

“I thought they were advanced potions, but I was mistaken!”

I wondered if he was going to say that…

Getting showered with praise would be uncomfortable, but the current situation was also awkward!

But my expectations were betrayed.

“Congratulations, this is an authentic advanced potion.”


I was somehow able predict that outcome.

However, that didn’t seem to be the only thing he was going to say.

“I also discovered that they were of a higher grade among the advanced potions. Let’s call them super-class potions.”

The news was actually bigger than I thought.

“Wow. This make me so happy.”

“Spoken in monotone!?”

Nigel retorted. Neither happy nor sad—I felt hollow.

“Eliane is amazing. She doesn’t just excel in healing and barrier magic, but also potion-making.”

“No, that’s not true.”

I told Nigel with bleak eyes.

Robert continued speaking.

“Now, about the future of this super-class potion. As I’ve said before, I’m going to provide some to merchants. Is that alright?”

“Yes, please do so, Robert.”

The fact that Nigel was here meant that they had already discussed it.

The price wasn’t important, personally.

The raw material was just water, and even though we paid the spirits for it, I didn’t care if the actual potion was given away for free.

However, if an appropriate price wasn’t attached, a price collapse among other potions could arise.

Free was great, but not everything was a virtue.

“Thus, the price for when they are sent to merchants will be as such.”

When I heard the price, my eyes almost pop out.

“T, that expensive!?”


Robert said with unchanging expression.

The price I heard from him was so exceptional that a house could probably be built from the sale of just one super-class potion.

“Considering the price, will it even sell?”

“I think it’ll still be flooded with customers? When I talked to people I could trust, they immediately raised their hands. I think it’s a bit cheaper, but for now, let’s see how it goes.”

No matter how super-class it was, would one potion be enough?

It seemed that adventurers would play a central role in buying them, instead of the aristocrats.

It was obvious they wouldn’t be able to match the wealth of aristocrats—I honestly felt the price was too expensive.

…Well, if it sold too much, we wouldn’t be able to keep up with demand—maybe the current situation was appropriate.

—However, how naïve I was!

The potions I created were far better than I anticipated.

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