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63. The Perfect Dish for Summer

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“Oh, so this is the village of the spirits?”

Upon arriving at the spirit village, Douglas curiously looked around.

By the way, anyone could enter the forest if they so wanted, but they’d never find the village. That was because there were barriers.

However, when we arrived in front of the village, the barriers naturally disappeared and we were able to enter.

Did the spirits know I was coming?

“Come on, Douglas. Don’t linger around too much.”

Although I beckoned to him, Douglas sniffed a nearby leaf without paying attention to me.

By the time I arrived, I was exhausted. There was not much I could do.

Indeed, the entire way there, I was carried by Douglas. By ‘exhausted’, I mean mentally exhausted.

“Dragon.” “Dragon.”

Once we did, small lights fluttered around Douglas.

They were young spirits.

“Is this a spirit? How amazing, you can tell that I’m a dragon.”

“Of course.”

“He’s going to burn our village down. I have to tell the king.”

What carefree voices.

Although what was declared was disturbing, there was no sense of crisis in the voices of the spirits in question.

“Oh, it’ll be fine. Douglas is a kind-hearted dragon. You don’t have to be anxious.”

When I tried to back Douglas up.

“Eliane, so you’ve come.”

Philip appeared out of nowhere.

“He is… a dragon? Why is Eliane with a dragon?”

Douglas stared at us dubiously.


…Or was I supposed to keep it a secret?

I just let Douglas explain.

“I see… so he’s also a resident of the Lynchgiham? It’s not about him, we just don’t have particularly good memories regarding dragons… I’m sorry for being cautious.”

“Don’t have particularly good memories? Did something happen?”

“Indeed. Once upon a time, I was chased around. Well, the dragon was probably trying to have fun. Even so, ever since then, I haven’t been fond of them.”

It sounded like he was chased by a dog.

“Is that so… but don’t worry. Douglas is a good dragon, although he may be a bit reckless.”

“If Eliane says so, I’ll trust you.”

“Hey, wait a minute. Just now, did someone insult me…?”

Douglas asked, but I ignored him.

“Well, it’s lunch time, and here I am. Have Philip and the others had lunch, yet?”

When I asked, Philip nodded.

“Eliane, don’t ignore me. Our talk isn’t over—”

“Well then, Douglas, won’t you take out the arrangements I’ve brought from Lynchgiham?”

“Tch …I understand.”

Because I kept ignoring him, Douglas may had given up. After clicking his tongue, he took something out of his storage magic.

Philip stared at it seriously.

“For today’s lunch, I’m making cold somen.”

“Cold somen?”

“It seems to be a dish that is commonly eaten in Eastern countries. I will make it right away, so please wait for a bit.”

I started cooking.

Since I had prepared the noodles, the set, etc, it wasn’t too troublesome to make.

Apparently, there was no such thing as a kitchen in the spirit village. It was quite difficult to cook.

Therefore, it was necessary to prepare before coming.

After having Douglas magically set the fire, I boiled the somen noodles.

Of course, the pot had been filled with plenty of spirit water.

The water was excellent as a catalyst for potion-making, but was also delicious as it was. That had been proven.

I put ice in a deep bowl and then filled it with more spirit water.

After the noodles were boiled, I poured the chilled somen into a bowl and it was completed.

“Please enjoy.”

It was the village’s square.

There were also some wooden tables, so we decided to eat the chilled somen there.

While I prepared the food, others spirits of various sizes gathered in the plaza.

It had become lively.

“Then, let’s eat it right away.”

Philip dexterously scooped the noodles with a fork and carried it to his mouth.

“It’s deliciouuuus!”

His eyes widened.

“Isn’t it?”

“It’s a simple dish, but also very delicious. The refreshing seasoning goes well with the hot summer.”

“I’m glad you said that.”

When Philip ate, other spirits also ate the chilled somen.

By the way, aside from the dwarf-sized spirits, when I was paying attention to how the young spirits eat, I saw them magically lifting the noodles and eating them little by little.

From my perspective, the somen seemed to disappear little by little.

There was no problem as long as they could eat it.

“What is this sauce? It’s something I have never tasted before!”

“It’s ‘mentsuyu’. A lot of work was required for it a I had to start with fermenting the soybeans.”

“I see… so that’s it…”

Then Philip ate the somen noodles.

“But it’s a bit difficult to eat.”

“Is that so? Well…”

I took out a certain tableware, A tableware that resembled two short sticks.

“Those are?”

“They’re called ‘chopsticks.’ This is also a tableware commonly used in the East. I think it’s difficult to use, but once you get used to it, it’ll be easier for you to eat the somen.”

“Is that so? I’ll try them right away.”

Philip received chopsticks from me and tried to eat the somen.

“Hmm… how do I use it?”

“This is how you should do it.”

To Philip, who stared at the chopsticks with uncertainty, I gave a lecture on how to hold them.

“It certainly is easier to eat with these.”

In the blink of an eye, he used the chopsticks dexterously and squeezed the somen.

Because his bowl was almost empty, I added some more somen.

“Hey, Eliane, you should also eat more. From the perspective of a dragon, humans eat too little.”

“Yes, yes. Other than that, Douglas, you sure are getting better at using chopsticks.”

“Don’t say foolish things—I’m a dragon, after all. It’s easier for me to use tableware than humans.”

Although Douglas said that as a matter-of-fact, when he first came to Lynchgiham, he was trying to eat barehanded.

I thought that wouldn’t do, so I taught him… and now, he was good at using chopsticks.

After a while, the noodles I brought were gone.

The chilled somen had been completely devoured.

“That was delicious.”

Perhaps feeling full, Philip looked happy. It was hard to understand because he was the kind of spirit who wouldn’t show much emotion.

“It was good, but it’s not over yet.”

“There’s still more?”

I felt Philip’s eyes gleaming in anticipation.

“Yes. There is always dessert after a meal—please wait a moment, Douglas?”


First were the eggs and milk I had Douglas to bring with his storage magic. Afterwards, I also requested sugar and fresh cream.

“First, warm the cream and milk…”

In the meantime, mix the egg yolk and sugar within a bowl and stir.

Once it was fully cooked, add a mixture of fresh cream and milk to the bowl little by little—

—then, stir…

“Then, the final touch—Douglas.”

“It’s rude to take advantage of me like this.”

Douglas complained, but still blew inside the container.

Of course, it wasn’t a mere breath.

Small ice crystals were mixed in, solidifying the inside of the container in the blink of an eye.

“The dessert is ‘ice cream’. Please enjoy.”

I gave spoons to the spirits and had them eat ice cream.

“It’s cool and delicious. I envy humans for eating this kind of food every day.”

“Not every day, it’s a luxury because we only occasionally have it.”

The ice cream seemed to be more popular than the chilled somen. No matter how much I made, it was devoured in a moment.

Should I be relieved that even the young spirits seemed to relish it?

Not just Philip,


“The saint is good at cooking…”

“How brilliant of her…”

Other spirits were also screaming.

“Eliane, let me eat the ice cream as soon as possible!”

“Wait a moment, Douglas. You’ll have your share later. Right now, the spirits are of the utmost priority.”

“That doesn’t bode well with me…”

“Even though you already ate a lot back in Lynchgiham.”

Eventually, the ice cream was gone.

“Thank you very much, Eliane. We are happy at being able to eat such delicious food.”

Philip thanked me.

“No, that’s not the case. I was able to cook delicious food because your water is good.”

“But, is it, really? Is it really fair to reward such delicious food with mere vegetables and water?”

“Of course. Rather, I’m the one who’d like to thank you. As expected, doing this every day is impossible, but I’ll continue to regularly come to cook.”

I smiled at Philip.

I gave him the money I had received from Nigel in advance, but Philip and his friends didn’t seem to be very interested.

It seemed that the money circulating in the human world didn’t matter to them.

“Oh, that’s right, I was hoping for Eliane to see this when she came.”

As Philip snapped his fingers, another spirit brought a box out of nowhere and presented it to us.

“Look at this. If you can open this box, its contents shall be yours.”

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