Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

40. Urusai

With Golden Week having come to an end, it’s back to normal daily life. So, although I feel sluggish, it’s back to school again starting today.

Fua~, I’m sleepy—”
Fua~, I’m sleepie—”

Influenced by my yawn, the fairy on top of my head also yawns… Wait!? Fairy!?

“Hey, you, what am I, your chair!?”
“Somehow, goshujin-sama’s1 head is really comfy~. So, I claimed it.”

Seriously, it happened so naturally I didn’t even notice her. I don’t have time to take her back either. Do I have no choice but to take her to school…?

“There might be people who can see you like before, so you absolutely can’t reveal yourself.”
“No worries, no worries! I won’t make a mistake like that anymore!”

She too reckless for me to believe in, but… well, it should be fine. Someone who can see her shouldn’t be appearing anytime soon.

“By the way, Near, are you still holding on to that bug?”
Yes, this bug is very interesting. Its appearance is incredibly elaborate, yet even ignoring that, it’s a marvel of interest.”
“I- is that how it is? Make sure to let it go once you’re finished.”

I really don’t get why, but Near has been incredibly happy with that golden scarabaeid beetle it caught at the cherry blossom viewing yesterday. Near, in its robot form, is playing with the scarabaeid beetle inside my bag even now.
Well, the scarabaeid beetle looks like it’s fine. Leaving them alone for a bit longer shouldn’t be a problem.

“Well then, time to change… Hm?”

Right when I’m thinking that, it happens. I’m at my shoe locker to change into my indoor shoes, but I find something like a letter inside it.

“I- is this…”

Nervous, I open it and pull out a brief, one line long, letter. It’s poorly written, but the characters are cute.

[After school, I’ll be waiting in front of the Sapporo TV Tower. Please come.]

I rush to confirm the shoe locker.

There is no mistake. This shoe locker is master’s.

Just as Near says, there is no doubting that this is my shoe locker. In that case, this, perhaps it’s…

Goshujin-sama got one~! That, isn’t it a love letter!?”

I quietly nod at the fairy’s words. Somehow or another, my springtime of youth seems to have arrived.

—Imagine a Diamond here—

The time is after school. Two girls can be made out within a certain fog covered park.

“Seriously, sorry. Even though I talked to my onee-chan and otou-san, they refused to cooperate for some reason…”
“That’s totally alright, desu. I’m reassured just having Uruna-chan’s cooperation, desu.”

The apologizing black haired girl is Mizukami Uruna. The blond haired girl who replied is her best friend, Owl.

“Owl, since I have to maintain the barrier, I won’t be able to fight with all my power. The other person is skilled enough to have shaken off Owl’s reconnaissance, scarabaeid beetle, familiar. If it comes to a fight, be careful.”
“It’ll be alright, desu. I won’t do anything unreasonable, desu. Besides, these children are with me, desu.”

As Owl speaks those words, 2 balls of light reveal themselves fluttering above her head.

“That’s true. I’m just worrying too much. It doesn’t matter how good someone is, there’s no way Owl will get hurt.”

Uruna agrees with Owl’s confidence. As a fellow spiritualist, she understands her best friend’s abilities better than anyone else.

“Looks like he’s here.”
“Before anything else, let’s properly discus this, desu.”

At the same time they finish talking, they turn towards the boy walking calmly through the fog.

—Imagine another Diamond here—


The time is after school. I came to the designated place in front of the TV tower, but I’ve made a regretful mistake.

“I don’t know who the sender is…”
I got too excited. How did I not notice until just now…?

“So, the sender’s name wasn’t written—. Or rather, was getting changed really a good idea?”
“Tha- that’s true.”

As the fairy alluded, I returned home for a bit and changed out of my uniform, but staying in my uniform might have made recognizing me easier. Looks like I messed up there, too.

“At this point, heading back will take too long. I’ll stay like this.”
I hope the sender will recognize me in my casual clothes.

“Found him!”
“Found him, desu!”

While I’m thinking such a thing, 2 girls come flying out from a crowd of people. 1 of the girls has a short, fashionable, ponytail… Ah! Isn’t that the class representative’s little sister, Uruna-chan!? The other girl has blond hair… she’s the girl I bumped into at the cherry blossom viewing yesterday!

“You won’t get away this time!”
“Surrender and let yourself be tied up, desu!”
Eeh! What!?”

What are they going on about? I’m the one who was called, and for starters, I’m not running away…

“[Mist Illusion] barrier!”
“A barrier!?”

My circumstances are completely ignored as the class representative’s little sister spreads a fog like barrier. The people sightseeing around the T.V. tower and passersby all leave the barrier.
I see, I see, this barrier is for turning away outsiders and preventing recognition.

“Learn it, learn it.”

Still, what in the world is going on? Even though I came after being called, I was accused of escaping and enclosed within a barrier… I don’t get it.

Eh? That’s dangerous!”

At the fairy’s warning, I get out of the way and a spear of water pierces the ground where I was just standing.

“Missed, he’s moving better than earlier.”
“Uruna-chan… that person, doesn’t he feel different, desu? He isn’t wearing a uniform, desu…”

“What are you saying, Owl? Weren’t we about to be killed by him? Don’t lose focus.”
“Tr- true, desu. Sorry, desu.”
“For now, let’s take that person down. There won’t be any problem hearing his story afterwards.”
“Right, desu! Sanda, [Shot Bullet]! Guran, [Saucer Blade], desu!”

Right when I thought the 2 were discussing something, the blond girl sends a scatter shot of lightning and disks made of rock flying at me.

“Out of nowhere, so brutal…”
The countless shots and disks leave no room to slip between them.
In that case,

I reinforce my thinking speed and physical strength. Then, I sidestep all of the lightning shots and stone disks.

“Instead of blocking, he dodged them!?”
“Thi- this is the first time anything like that has happened, desu!”

The 2 girls are shocked.
Fuhahahaha! My mastery of [Reinforcement] grows stronger everyday! When I apply it to my special abilities and techniques, their power become more than I can handle, but my control over my reinforced physical abilities is almost flawless!

“Your physical abilities might be incredible, but that still won’t let you avoid this. Dine, [Lance]!”

While I’m airborne and unable to dodge, the class representative’s little sister launches a water spear at where I’m going to land. She has some pretty good aim.
Still, she’s naïve!

“[Scatter Flame Bullets]!”

Even if I’m in midair, I can avoid it by firing a scatter shot from the soles of my feet! My shoes and socks will get ruined, but it’s better than having my stomach— — —

“— — — Hm? Work!”

The technique I drew on my feet don’t react. I land like normal and get hit by the spear. Thanks to [Reinforcement] I only end up with some scratches. A [substitution tag] ensures no scar remains either.
Still,— — —

“— — —Why didn’t my [Scatter Flame Bullets] invoke?”

I was able to use [Reinforcement] and my [substitution tags] without any trouble. Yet, [Scatter Flame Bullets] is neither a yes nor a no.

“Now, desu! Sanda, Guran, [Blast Lance]!”

Not going to give me any time to think? In that case!

“[Triple Barrier]!”

The approaching thunder and stone spear won’t be… Wait, I can’t invoke my barrier!?

Che, [Toy]!”

Just before the spear can hit, I create several clay puppets and have them take the hit for me. The spear explodes at impact and the puppets are all blown up, but I am unharmed.

“I can’t use [techniques], but I don’t have any problems using [special abilities]? Just what is going on…?”

[When master invoked techniques, spiritual power was felt. The problem isn’t a lack of spiritual power but is perhaps one of its flow.]

Near gives me its analysis, but what exactly does a problem with flow mean? I should be using it like always, but…

[Ah, that might be my fault! Somehow— I’ve been feeling magical power flow from goshujin-sama for a bit now, see~. But, since there was nothing I could do about it, it’s been flowing into me. Tehepero!]
[No, not tehepero2!]

The fairy is shocked at my shouting.

“Fairy, how can I go back to using my techniques like before!?”
H~m, perhaps, they’ll work again if you properly enter a contract with me, I think.”
“A contract?”
“Yeah, right now, goshujin-sama and I have a half hearted relationship. One like we’re just playing around.”

That phrasing.

“That’s why, if we properly unite through a contract, you should be able to use techniques.”
“How do we properly unite through a contract?”
“Maybe, with a name? Getting a name would be great! Getting called, “fairy” is somewhat insipid.”
“A name…”

This kinda reminds me of what happened with Kuro. In the world of ayashi and fairies, they seem able to enter master-servant relationships by being named.

“Alright, in that case, I’ll give you a name.”
“Yeah, to be honest, I’ve been thinking of one.”

Since I’ve already named Kuro and everyone else, I’ve unwittingly been contemplating names for the fairy. Habits sure are scary.

“Hurry, hurry! My name, my name!”

It’s like she’s seriously going to eat me. I need to tell her fast.

“Your name is, [Urd3].”
“Urd! Kya—, that sounds great! Does it mean anything? Is there a history to it!?”
Ah, yeah. It does.”

Maybe it’s because her tension is rising, but she is zipping around my face. The flaps of her wings hurt. Shut up, already.

“That name is similar to the names of a god of harvest and of a goddess that governs the past4. Also, if you write, “Ultimate” in Japanese, the first two characters will be pronounced as “uru5”… Well, there are various interpretations.”
Ooh! Incredible! As expected of goshujin-sama!”

Somehow or another, she seems to like it. Alright, alri…!?

Hyaho— —u!!”
Eh? Hold-! Urd!?”

Maybe it’s an effect from giving Urd her name, but she’s suddenly shining seven colors… the light fades without any trouble.

“Wha- what was that?”
Ah, sorry for the surprise! Everything’s fine, that signaled that our contract was completed!”

It shocked me. I thought she was going to explode.

“More importantly, with this, I believe goshuji-sama will be able to use techniques!”
Oh, seriously? Then, I’m grateful.”

Among everything I’ve learned, the onmyou technique, [Scatter Flame Bullets]-san has been of a great help to me. Not being able to use it had me a bit worried.

Fuu fuu fu! I shall show you the power of the ultimate fairy, Uru-chan— —!!”
“You plan to fight, too?”

Well, with how fast she can fly, she probably won’t get in the way. If things get dangerous, I could lock her up in a barrier, too.

“The ultimate fairy~, Urd!  Fufufuu.”

She’s seriously happy with the name, [Urd]… A terrible amount of guilt is filling my heart.

Goshujin-sama, what’s wrong?”
“No, it’s nothing.”

That, I can’t say it. Her name, it’s derived from one other word…6

T/N: I’m not sure if I find this fairy annoying or charming.  It’ll probably depend on my mood…

Shout out to jorgelotr for providing the info about Urðr down in the comments section.

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  1. I translated it as master before, but Near also call Kyouske master. This change is to avoid confusion.
  3. In Japanese, it’s written as Uru
  4. The god of harvest being referenced here could be “Urðr, a norse god that kinda relates to agriculture. The goddess that governs the past is [Urd] from Norse mythology.
  5. It’s read ultimate, but the kana is written as アルティメット (Aru).
  6. Urd/Uru’s name is a pun with the title.  Urusai means noisy/annoying and is usually translated into English as, “shut up.”