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40.2 The Queen’s Scenario

“…I’ll convince everyone!”

By the time Sharina noticed, she had already screamed it.

“I’ll keep spreading word about how nice and cool you are! I’ll talk to as many people as possible before the queen can announce anything today! I’ll knockon all the doors in the dormitory from end to end and tell everyone who answers! If no one is inside, I’ll slip a report detailing Riol’s coolness through the gap beneath the door!”

“Hey, wait a minute—”

“—I also have a copy of the letter I sent to my father before!”

“—Wait a minute!?”

Riol raised his face. His impatient expression was very cool.

…I shall add that to the report.

“I mean, everyone in school is already watching us all the time. They must already be convinced that we’re different from the rumors. The problem is the aristocrats who aren’t parents or have children enrolled in this academy…”

“…In other words, I have to send a report to their houses.”

“Don’t do that!”

His complex expression, which was a mixture of anxiety and impatience, was very cool.

That shall also be added to the report.

“I’ve been saved by you many times. If anyone finds it mind boggling that I love Riol, I’ll bash their heads in and make them nod!”

“Sharina, please refrain from going physical…”

What was wrong with Riol’s status? So, what if he wasn’t the strongest in terms of magical prowess?

If what she was feeling wasn’t love, then what on earth was love?

If she were to choose someone based on their status and wealth, could that be called love?

Nope. If he didn’t have enough financial resources, they could make up for it. If lineage was taken out of the equation, it’d be impossible to tell whether Riol was part of the royal family or a baron’s son.

…She couldn’t say anything about his appearance, though. She might come off as biased—

—after all, she indeed fell for him at the very first sight.

 “It’s nothing new but, it seems that you love me to the point you’re willing to die for me…”

“No! No matter how many times I’m reborn, I’ll still fall in love with you! Riol, won’t you find me in the afterlife?”

“Yes, of course.”

Behind his jet-black bangs, his emerald eyes were gently narrowed.

Before she knew it, her trembling had subsided.

“But I don’t want to lose you in this world either. Will you cooperate with me?”

“Of course!”

Riol seemed to have planned something.

No matter how many times they were separated, they’d be reunited again and again.

She had never been so happy.

“I’ll spread it throughout the entire kingdom—about how cool Riol is!”

“Well, spread it to your heart’s content.”



Riol put his index finger to his lips, about to tell her a secret.

“In a month from now on—”


“Fu, fufu, fufufufufufu! As I thought! I wasn’t mistaken! I knew it, from the beginning, that witch was only bedazzled by money and power…!!!”

It was the top floor of the boy’s dormitory, a place intended for the third years. Inside the room reserved for members of the royal family, a man was laughing boisterously.

“From the beginning, this is what that witch has been coveting…! With my older brother, she didn’t stand a chance because his fiancée candidates were too powerful…! Rather than being the first prince’s concubine, of course she’d much prefer to be my—the second prince’s—wife…! Satisfying her vanity and living a luxurious life are all she cares about…!”

Split ends could be seen on his blonde hair, which was formerly like silk thread. His eyes, which were supposedly as clear as a lake, were dark and stagnant.

Roland Louis Ulysia, the second prince of Elgacia, was greatly disgraced in the magic tournament five days ago. He escaped to plot his revenge. Despite that, during that day’s final, he was unable recover as much honor as he expected.

“However, it seems that the witch isn’t so bright, after all. Her scenario fell a little flat—for I’m now the crown prince, and not the second prince she thought I was. The daughter of a countryside count will never be acknowledged as my wife.”

Just when he thought things were going downhill, good news arrived. Or more like, a report which proved he wasn’t mistaken.

“My mother has been deceived… the witch lied to her, saying that she has longed for me since forever. Even though that woman only has eyes for money and power. Well, that lie of hers will prove to be in my favor, though. After all, my older brother’s blunder diminished the trust high-ranking aristocrats have with the royal family.”

Roland knew that his mother, the queen, would come to watch the match that day. What was surprising was the fact that the witch, the root of all evil, had come into contact with the queen. He didn’t know the exact details, but it seemed that the witch had convinced the queen to turn her into Roland’s fiancée candidate.

“Soon, the witch will throw away that familiar of hers—which is nice. That’s his just desert for playing tricks on me. Rather, I should be grateful for this.”

“…Your Highness, I want to have a word with you.”

His attendant, whom was bearing a message, interrupted Roland’s monologue.

“Riol Glen didn’t cheat. He had no opportunity to touch Your Highness’ magical instrument. Other than Your Highness, no one would be able to craft such a magical instrument.”

“Hmph! It seems that you still don’t yet understand. Well, let me tell you, that ‘tampered magical instrument’—the evidence—was fabricated by me. But that doesn’t matter, because I’m sure Riol Glen has indeed cheated. If not, how could he defeat me?”

His good mood ruined, Roland moodily distorted his face.

“I can’t allow him, a mere cheater, to win anymore. In the first place, the reason he didn’t get caught, wasn’t that because he’s very crafty at hiding the fact that he had cheated? It’s the absolute truth. Indeed, such is the fact. Hence why, it won’t be a problem for me to make the evidence.”

He shrugged his shoulders as if he was explaining to a senseless child.

“Even if the proof is fake, as long as the crime is genuine, there’s nothing wrong with it. Or rather, that’s exactly the role that belongs to a person who stands at the top.”

“Riol Glen didn’t cheating. Sharina Clydea also isn’t a witch. The message from the queen also can’t be called true. Do you want to reign with lies and wrongdoings, my lord?”

“A sovereign also needs to be prepared to drink with evil and justice. By staying innocent, you can be a pawn or a knight, but never a king. Remember that well.”

In a dimly-lit room where the moonlit shone, the future king laughed merrily.

The kneeling, honest, knight bit his lips with regret.

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