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39.2 An Undesired Role

The game was about to start. Cold sweat flowed down Sharina’s neck. She didn’t know what was going to happen starting from there.

“I’m unworthy of doing something such as evaluating the crown prince. Please forgive me.”

What was the queen implying? Was she telling her to cut all contact with Roland, or to get along with him?

Sharina didn’t know how much the queen knew about her son’s misbehavior. Sharina also couldn’t tell what her prime objective was.

During her short strategy meeting with Riol, she was told to speak in an indirect way so as to not fall into either.

“Don’t be anxious. Just be honest with me.”

“I apologize, but…”

As of the present, Riol wasn’t beside her. Sharina had no choice but to survive alone.

“I said it’s fine. I will forgive you. Who else can give you such permission?”


She couldn’t determine the queen’s goal. There was no way she could talk rubbish about the crown prince before the royal family. As such, Sharina’s answer had to be favorable towards Roland. However, if it was like that, then it was too easy.

What would the queen get by making Sharina praise Roland?

“Even if Your Majesty forgives it, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.”

“So, permission isn’t enough? Alright, then, I hereby order you to.”

If what Tobias had said was true, then queen is the busiest person in the kingdom now that the king had fallen and was unlikely to recover. Not to mention watching the tournament, the shouldn’t have any time to chat a student. Whatever the queen’s purpose was, if Sharina kept vaguely hesitating, the queen wouldn’t be able to spend so much time on her.

“Do you want to disobey my order?”

“…He’s confident, has a different perspective from others, and can accomplish things that are beyond the realm of common sense.”

After hesitating for a few moments, she came up with that.

“Hmm. You seem to value my son very much. I see, Roland seems to be truly loved—that’s a relief.”

“There’s no one in this school who doesn’t yearn for His Highness.”

Not good.

The words that she minced so as not to be rude, and were never meant to be a compliment, had easily been transformed into the finest compliments by the queen. Moreover, the queen appeared to have conclude that Sharina was yearning for Roland. At the very least, she tried to be general about it—‘everyone yearns for Roland’ Therefore, it’d sound like the entire school, rather than Sharina personally longing for him—but, was it effective?

Umu. Of course, the crown prince must be adored by a lot of people—but I’m glad that you like Roland.”

“…No, no, I’m not qualified to receive such words. Especially considering that I am insignificant for His Highness.”

She had to act as according to the script.

Sharina no longer thought that the queen was merely having a conversation with her. The queen had to have something in mind. She was trying to manipulate Sharina into giving her the exact answers she wanted—and so far, the queen had received exactly what she wanted.

Despite that, Sharina was still in the dark. She was unable to uncover the queen’s objective.

“Then, Sharina, let me affirm one last thing—how long have you known about my son, Roland?”

That was her last chance to escape. But she couldn’t understand the meaning of said question. Naturally saying she had only learned of Roland after he had returned from studying abroad would have been disrespectful. Regardless, what would happen if she answered, ‘since I was of an early age?’

“What do you mean, Your Majesty? There’s no one from this kingdom who does not know of His Majesty!”

“I see. I understand everything, now.”

As a result, Sharina could only give mundane and general answers.

“I understand that you’ve longed for Roland ever since you were a child. Hence why you turned down Leonardo’s proposal. I apologize for not giving appropriate support.”


Sharina couldn’t breathe. She finally understood the queen’s intention. She realized it, but had no way of escaping.

“Sharina Clydea, let me welcome you into Roland’s fiancée candidate group—Dahlia Garden. Be aware of your responsibilities as the future princess. Work hard.”

The queen who had achieved her goal swung her hips with satisfaction. When the queen thought the conversation was over—

“—P, please wait, I cannot, please reconsider, Your Majesty!”

“Refrain from meaningless chitchat! Her Majesty the Queen is about to leave!”

Sharina desperately screamed, but was easily blocked by the academy director and the other teacher whom were waiting by her side. The queen was about to leave the room.

“—Future! I’ve vowed my future to someone else! I love that person and that person only!”

“I don’t believe you are engaged. I’ll forgive your uncouth behavior for your future engagement with my son. But, never again. Keep that in mind.”

Sharina, who turned deep blue, let out a shrill scream, but all she got in return was a doll-like, cold, gaze. Not a shred of mercy could be seen. Now that the king had fallen, national stability was the top priority. The love affair of a girl didn’t have any place in that kind of consideration.


After sparing a single glance at Sharina, whom was on her knees, the queen left the room.

Shortly after the queen’s footsteps had disappeared, the school directors left without even a word to Sharina.


In the empty, quiet room, only Sharina, and the role she never wanted—the future princess—were left behind.

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