The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

36.2 The Young Girls who Follow the King Come Up with Impartial Titles

[Di, dididid I appear like I was laughing!?]
[Your cheeks are relaxed, and your lips are taking the form of joy. You have been lightly exhaling, 『fuffuun』, for some time now. Were you not aware of this?]
[Yo, you’re imagining things! I’m neither laughing nor am I getting carried away!]
[I see. Then Lizette is imagining things?]
[You’re imagining things.]
[……Is that so.]
[……That is so.]
[By the way, Yukino-san.]
[── Lizette, and Haruka are sworn siblings.]
[── Ye, yes. I’m aware of that.]
[──’s real name is Kiryuu Shouma]
[──I know that! He’s someone from my world, right!?
[── and Lizette are sworn siblings, but we can still marry.]
[Nii-sama is someone who was recognized by the 『Dragon Emperor』 who once ruled this world. Nii-sama has already been acknowledged as a dragonkin. Lizette also possesses the blood of the Dragon Emperor. Granted, Lizette belongs to a subsidiary line, so it is very thin. But…… if Lizette were to marry Nii-sama──]
[Awa, awawawawa.]
[There is a possibility for children who strongly draw dragon blood to be born. Of course, this would only be after Lizette has received Nii-sama’s permission. Lizette would like to know the opinion of Yukino-san as someone who came from the same world as Nii-sama. Are people from Yukino’s world actually allowed to make children with the ajin of other worl──]


It came out of nowhere. As if she can bear it no more, Yukino shakes off Lizette’s hand and shouts.

[So it is like that? As I thought, the people in Yukino-san’s world…… are against humans and ajin coming together to make children.]
[That’s not it! It’s not like that! I, like, Lizette-san. I don’t mind that you’re an ajin or whatever! But, but, you can’t!] 

Yukino’s body, yurari, sways.
Probably because she was shouting while still recuperating.

Despite staggering, Yukino stands firm on the ground and holds her body upright.

[I realized it…… I…… finally noticed…… that’s why……]

She stares straight at Lizette, clutching her chest. Her small body quivers to its limit as she shouts.

[Don’t take him away! After all, I finally got to meet him! I crossed a world, I crossed life and death, and we finally came across each other!! Don’t take Shouma-san away……my 『True King』 away────!!]

After that cry that seems to have squeezed out strength from her entire body──
Yukino, petan, sit down.

[I…… was mistaken. I thought my 『True King』 would be summoned while at the same age as me. But…… that was wrong. The 『Dragon King of Organic Farming《Organic Dragon King》-sama』 kept on living after I died in my previous world…… allowing his skills to develop…… then he came to this otherworld once his body reached a state it could withstand his powerful abilities── the state of a 『Perfect Body』. Unlike me, he carries the kind of power that allows him to respond to the summoning on his own.]
[Why does Yukino-san think such?]
[Take a look… at this.]

Yukino takes out a silver pendant from underneath her sleepwear. It is a small thing with a round crystal in the center.

[This is the token of a 『Summoned』. When a 『Summoned』 defeats a mamono, the crystal will keep count. The one who is been most meritorious in subduing these turbulent times may be revived in our original world with memories and abilities intact. Yet, Shouma-san didn’t have one of these with him. Even though we are supposed to have one of these on us when we fight mamono.]
[Thus Nii-sama is special?]
[When I heard that Shouma-san was a person from my world, I thought to myself, how strange, why doesn’t he have a pendant?]

Having spoken thus far, hau, Yukino exhales.

[…… That’s why I thought, I want to see Shouma-san fight.]
[That alone does not prove that Nii-sama is Yukino-san’s 『True King』──]
[Last night, it was Shouma-san who held my hand, yes?]

Yukino holds her cheeks and smiles.

[I was half asleep, but I remember it somehow. His hand at that time felt the same as that person’s. The hand that saved me and raised me up on that spring day 1 year ago. At that time, I realized it.]
[So, that is how it is.]

For Shouma, more than 10 years has passed since he helped Yukino. However, for Yukino, it was only a year ago. Therefore, she vividly remembers that time Shouma grasped her hand.

[He has grown much bigger, and his power is much stronger too, but…… I get it. After all, that is my 『True King』’s hand. There’s no way that I’d forget it!]
[That’s why! That’s why! If you wish to have children with my 『True King』, please  first defeat this Yukino Cloudy Dragonchild!
Of, of course, my 『True King-sama』 himself will select the lifelong partner who will stand by his side. But at the very least…… please allow me the opportunity to confirm the power within the 『body and spirit of the partner』 of my 『True King-sama』! I…… decided that I would serve him beyond the world…… so please…… at least…… allow me that opportunity…… eh, arere?]
[Lizette is sorry!]


Lizette performs a deep bow before Yukino’s eyes.

[That just now… was a lie.]
[A lie……?]
[Yes, Lizette wanted to know Yukino-san’s true feeling, so Lizette lied. Lizette is sorry!]

Lizette says.

[……Wh, whaat was that?]

Suton, strength leaves Yukino’s body. As her body is about to fall, Lizette catches her with her arms in a hurry.

[Lizette is sorry. Lizette wanted to confirm if Yukino-san realized Nii-sama is her 『True King』…… That is why.]
[So, the talk about wanting to bear Shouma-san’s children…… because you desire children who draw strongly from dragon blood is……]
[As Lizette said, a lie. Lizette would not go as far as marry Nii-sama just because Lizette wants children with a strong inheritance of dragon blood.]

Yukino gives a long, long, sigh.

[That was cruel…… Lizette-san.]
[Lizette is truly sorry. However, Lizette had to make sure,]

Lizette nods with an earnest expression as she supports Yukino.

[Whether or not Yukino-san is someone who would walk together with Nii-sama during these turbulent times.]

With those words, Lizette grasps Yukino’s hand.

[If there is another 『True King』 out there, Yukino-san will not one day disappear? That is why.]
[Lizette and Haruka have sworn fealty to Nii-sama. No matter what happens, we have steeled ourselves to survive these turbulent times with Nii-sama. So, Lizette had to make sure whether Yukino-san is someone who would help Nii-sama…… and, whether Yukino-san was someone who would take the sword and stand beside us.]
[If that’s the case, then I understand.]

Yukino stares back into Lizette’s eyes and declares such.

[Thank you, Lizette-san. So you think about my 『True King』 that much.]
[I am his sworn little sister after all. That is a given.]
[……But still, what should I do from now on?]
[What do you mean?]
[Is it okay to call Shouma-san by 『True King』?]
[Let us test it.]
[Test it?]
[Nii-sama in now before Yukino-san’s eyes. Please try calling out to Nii-sama. Three, and go.]
[Shouma-san…… No, my 『True King』-sama!]


Yukino’s face turns bright red. Then, as if she has been submerged far too long in a hot bath, her small body crumbles as her strength fades.

[……Seems like…… that’s still impossible…….]
[Until Yukino-san is used to it, maybe you should pretend that it does not bother you.]
[Should I?]
[Nii-sama and Yukino-san have only recently come to this world, yes? Then, Lizette believes there is no need to rush. Nii-sama himself appears to be bewildered by his own power to this day.]
[Even though his power is that amazing.] 
[Lizette does not know the details, but it seems that various things happened in the previous world?]
[Muu, even though he doesn’t have to care about that.]

Yukino, pukuu, puffs out her cheeks.

[I shall not forgive those mediocre people who dared harm the heart of my 『True King』despite not even being able hear 『the aria of demise played by the abyss of chaos (Eternal Chaos of Ragnarok Opera)』. Had I been alive, I would have turned every last one of them into statues to decorate the absolute zero degree prison with 『Sixth Level Frost《Endless Cocytus』》……]
[Lizette doesn’t quite get it, but Lizette is of the same opinion.]

Lizette takes Yukino’s hand.

[Anyway, let us keep this a secret between us two until everything has settled down.]
[Right. So long as I can remain beside my 『True King』-sama…… then that’s enough for me.]

Lizette and Yukino exchange glances with each other and laugh. They then rise and start walking towards the village chief’s residence.

[Lizette will make porridge once we return. Yukino-san’s task is to get well soon, alright?]
[Is it because the decisive battle against the 『cult』 is drawing closer?]
[Indeed. Nii-sama seeks the magic circle for awakening the mana of the land. With that, the mamono can be completely driven away from the frontier.]
[Then, my 『True King’s』 territory is expanding?]
[Nii-sama said that he would 『peacefully pass his days in the frontier』 until these turbulent times end.]

Lizette informs Yukino of such while their hands are joined.

[In order to accomplish that, peace must come to the frontier. Thus, the wider Nii-sama’s 『barrier』 spreads, the more peaceful the frontier should become.]
[I’ll assist him too. As my 『True King』’s 1st subordinate!]
[……Please wait a moment, Lizette is the 1st subordinate.]
[……I believe that’s where you’re wrong. I’ve been his subordinate since my previous life.]
[……Let us discuss this thoroughly.]
[……Yes, let’s.]


Before any could realize it, a dispute over who actually is the 1st subordinate of the 『Aberrant Overlord』 unfolded──

[This will never be settled if we insist on deciding it by numeral order. Let us attempt another sort of title.]
[How about we draw from the elements of Shouma-san’s name?]
[Good idea. Then Lizette shall be the 『Dragon Shogun』, Yukino-san shall be the『Demon Shogun』.]
[Then Haruka is the 『Oni Shogun』, yes. That’s great, I think!」

Mysterious titles are being decided without Shouma’s knowledge.

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