The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

112. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (2)

The small, golden-eyed, black dragon stumbled every few steps. It kept fluttering its eyes, probably unsure of what was going on.

“How cute you are~!!”


“Captain, he might be dangerous!”


The knights of the Dragon Princess—Camila and Zeke, whom were also Jill’s subordinates, rushed onto the scene. Staring at the little black dragon, the purple-eyed, black, dragon said.

“It can’t fly, yet. It can’t even though dragons should be able to fly a day or two after hatching…”

“How many days have passed since then?”

“It’s been five days since I saw him in the nest.”

Therefore, he should be able to fly?

The black dragon wasn’t only conspicuous, but also took up a lot of space. Jill moved from the terrace to the garden. She looked at the little black dragon whom was happily running away from Zeke. She felt that his wings were small, but his body looked healthy as a whole. As he was moving around, tThere didn’t seem to be any problems with the body.

“The golden-eyed, black, dragon’s growth relies on His Majesty’s heart.”

“Yes, the heart of the Dragon Emperor is his nutrients. It can be said that he is the embodiment of the Dragon Emperor’s heart.”

Which means…

The eyes of the purple-eyed, black, dragon and Jill naturally darted towards the cause. Hadith, who had leaned his back on the terrace door, narrowed his eyes.

“What? That ball-like dragon doesn’t have anything to do with me.”

“…Certainly, the emperor himself has sunken.”

The moment Jill said that, the small black dragon stumbled on a stone and fell rather comically. Afterwards, it rolled around vigorously before stopping after hitting a tree.

“Are you alright, my other half?”

When asked by the concerned, purple-eyed, black dragon, tears came to his golden eyes.


“I’m sorry! That must have hurt! Where, where does it hurt?! Let me lick it. See, it won’t hurt anymore…”

“Don’t run carelessly, Your Majesty.”

Okay, don’t cry, don’t cry… It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt. It’s okay, Your Majesty…”

“—I’m not the one who fell, though!?”

 At the same time Hadith retorted, the golden-eyed black dragon, whom was licked by the purple-eyed black dragon, came to Jill’s feet while making a sound.


Seeing his teary eyes, Jill lifted and hugged him.

Hadith, who saw the scene, exclaimed.

“You! Don’t act so spoiled! I’ll be misunderstood!”

“He’s like the actual His Majesty!”

“Indeed. He acts exactly like him.”

“I don’t resemble him at all! Don’t you agree, Rave!?”

“It’s you.”

Hadith collapsed onto his knees when even his parental figure, Rave, said so. But, soon enough, he raised his face and clung to Jill.

“Jill, you don’t think that way, do you!? I’m not like this dragon, right?! You, don’t stick to Jill, she’s my wife! You’re getting in the way, move aside!”


“It hurts, it hurts—!! Jiiilll—!!”

“You two, stop fighting… uh, that’s right, a name. Let’s decide the name of this child, first.”

Otherwise, it’d be complicated. The purple-eyed, black, dragon muttered.

“Okay, but steak is off the question.”

“…So, that name isn’t a good one…”

“Shouldn’t that be obvious? As a reminder, I don’t want to be called steak, either!”

“I, it’s alright, I’ll think of something else for you! Let me think about it, you’re a girl, therefore you’ll need a beautiful name… how does ‘Rea’ sound?”

After blinking her purple eyes, the black dragon repeated the name.

’Rea’… ‘Rea’… it’s pretty good. Much better than steak. Okay, I shall be Rea from today!”

“That’s a relief! I also didn’t plan to name this golden-eyed black dragon steak—after all, I was really looking forward to his birth!”

Kyurun—the small dragon’s golden eyes looked up at Jill. Looking back, Jill said slowly.

“How about ‘Rho’?”


Maybe, he was trying to repeat his name. After that, he flapped his small wings and nodded. Rea translated it for Jill.

“He’s fine with it.”

“I’m glad! What do you think, Your Majesty!?”

“Eh? I don’t know what to say about it, does ‘Rho’ comes from the word ‘roasting’—?!”


Rho, who had made a stunned expression, pressed himself to Hadith’s arms. Hadith was surprised, but naturally hugged Rho. Seeing that made Jill happy.

“Now, everything’s perfect!”

“By that, do you mean that the chef and ingredients have perfectly been assembled?! Jill, this is my heart, you know?!”


“By the way, did you come all the way here to show me Rho?”

Ignoring Hadith and Rho, Jill turned to Rea. Rea had a wrinkle between her eyebrows.

“There’s that, but I want to consult with you, Dragon Princess.”

***T/N: Now we got a Doradith. Btw, if you guys are wondering, ‘Rea’ can also be read as ‘rare’. So, basically, she’s still a steak, but more premium sounding.

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