I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 45]

Chapter Forty-Five: The Heroine of a Fool (Part VIII)

“…I don’t really want to have lunch with Himeno-chan forever. Somehow, this just happened because the flow.”

I planned on eating with her only once since it was the first time, but after that I actually planned to eat again at the cafeteria with Kaname.

However, every time I was focused on “pushing” Himeno-chan away, I ended up eating lunch with her like this.

So, I can only hope that it doesn’t happen again tomorrow.

“…That’s a lie.”

“Ah, I’m not lying!”

“The Hououin Ayaka I know is a girl who can assert herself more clearly… Even though a group of well-trained beauties surrounded her, she didn’t bend to them. I don’t think such a girl would be swept away just because a perverted woman forced her.”

“What? Are you looking down on me? Are you treating me like trash?”

“…Himeno-chan, shut up for a moment.”

“Ah! It’s such a pleasure! can’t believe that even such a stupid girl is treating me harshly…”

…We can’t make any progress like this, so let’s just not pay attention to Himeno-chan anymore. She seems to like being treated like garbage being rolled around.

“Well… You’re going out with this perverted woman, so I’m sure you already have some idea? Otherwise, I’m not very convinced.”


“…Can’t you open your heart to your best friend?”

“…That’s cheating, Sukeban Macho-san.”

“…I have no idea.”

I can’t believe I’m her best friend… If Sukeban Macho-san says it like that, then I can’t help but ask if she really meant it.

“It’s just… I don’t know if I have the right to stay next to him… I feel like my presence might deprive Kaname of his potential.”

No matter how much I liked Kaname or how much I deepened my bond with him as owner and dog, I really thought it would be only for a limited time before the otome game started.

I thought that when the heroine finally came to this school, then I’d have to follow my destiny.

From the very beginning, I’ve always believed that it was decided that I would break away with Kaname someday.

When Himeno-chan came, being as far away from the original heroine as she is. Or from the moment I was reborn as Empress-sama, the otome game settings were getting more stranger and stranger.

I don’t know, and it’s really gone haywire.

Should I keep up with this strange setting I’ve set for myself as before?

…Or should I let Kaname go because he’s no longer tied to the game’s original setting?

“…What a strange girl. When I tried to separate you from Kaname, you insisted that you would never leave him. It’s too late to back out now, isn’t it?”

“It’s different from that time… Because Kaname’s world is bigger than how it was then. Now Kaname can get along with anyone wherever he goes.”

I’m stupid, so I don’t know.

What’s the best path for Kaname?

I wonder how I can make him happy.

Kaname said he didn’t need happiness if it meant I have to sacrifice myself, but I keep thinking it’s good to keep a distance without changing schools.

…Ah, but I don’t want that.

I want to be near Kaname.

I don’t want to leave him. I’d be lonely.

I don’t want anyone else other than me to be next to him.

I don’t know what I want to do because my way of thinking’s become so messy… I’m stupid, after all. I can’t believe I don’t even know myself.

They say idiots could only get better when they die, but since I’ve already died once, I wish I could’ve gotten better. Then maybe I could have chosen the best path.

“…Really, you’re so clumsy that it makes me sick to this situation unfold. You, and Kaname-sama, too.”

Sukeban Macho-san let out a sigh of amazement and patted me on the head… Ugh, it hurts! My neck is going to break! Ouch!

“What’s important, for the time being, is what you feel. That’s all that matters.”


“But, nothing! You’re the one who clung to me saying that you were lonely to have lunch alone when Kaname-sama was elected to the Student Council. You know what you don’t like. At the very least, you need to explain the reason to him properly.”

As he spoke, Sukeban Macho-san grabbed Himeno-chan by the neck. She was irritated after being left unattended for too long.


“…Stop making strange noises… Anyway, I’ll take this perverted woman, so cool down and think carefully until you see Kaname-sama after school. I’ll tell the teacher that you will be absent from the afternoon classes due to poor physical condition.”

After saying that, Sukeban Macho-san dragged Himeno-chan, who looked so enraptured and unpleasant, away.

…I’m worried about Sukeban Macho-san’s future, but is this okay? I wonder if that Do-Me will make her the new target.