I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 43]

Chapter Forty-Three: The Heroine of a Fool (Part VI)

This really feels like the choices for an otome game…

That I understand, unless it’s a very perverse game, choosing to have a meal with Kaname is a good option for me.

It’s because I’ve known that cute dog for seven years, and I love him more than anyone else.

If you can go to the Kaname route rather than the Himeno-chan route, you should go there.

…But I…

“… I’m sorry, Kaname. I’m going to eat with Himeno tomorrow.”

I found myself saying so.

“…I see.”

Depending on the setting of the level of difficulty in “The Prisoner of the Miniature Garden,” you can see the favorability rising and falling depending on the choices you make.

The best choice lets out a bright, high-pitched sound.

When it was the normal choice, there was no sound.

When it was a bad choice, it was a dark bass.

Of course, there is no way those sounds will occur in reality.

However, at that time, I felt like I heard a low note indicating that I chose the wrong option.

… That’s weird.

“Today’s lunch box is full of collagen for beautiful skin! Now, make your Empress skin smooth and plump.”

“…No, wait a minute! That doesn’t mean you should only put Jokbal and Genge in a lunch box!? It doesn’t look like a girl’s lunch box!”

“Oh? But the taste is delicious.”

“…It’s delicious, but what isn’t it girlish?”

“Haaa… I wonder how pleasant it would be if you struck my face with your fine-textured white fish-like hands until my cheeks swell red…”


“Huuu… Those eyes that are full of disdain… It’s wonderful… It’s too humiliating and pleasant to be looked down on by a fool. I feel like I’ve opened the door to a new sexual feeling…”

…Why did I do to find myself having lunch with this pervert for a week?

“Himeno-chan… About the costs of the lunch boxes…”

“Oh, it’s okay because the Director is shouldering the cost of ingredients.”

“(It seems like I just said something ridiculous…) No, I didn’t mean that. And tomorrow, I…”

“Well, it’s good because I can cook more amazing dishes. After all, special lunch boxes are only specified for my favorite queen. I don’t care whether the Director has shiny skin or now.”

“Is the Director eating the same lunch box!? Well, I’ve been curious about it for a long time, but what does your… hey, don’t do that here!!”

…Ah, I didn’t hear about the truth about the relationship between her and the Director… I also couldn’t say that I would be eating at the cafeteria tomorrow.

When I was with Himeno-chan, there were so many things that we could talk about that the conversation always gets spirited away.

“Himeno-chan’s bento… Same… For the Director of the school and the Stupid Empress…”

…And I always feel the hateful gaze of her stalker dog.

Takemiya, were you really that kind of character in the game? You seem to have retired from your graceful self when you were on the original target route… No, just like how Himeno-chan doesn’t notice Takemiya’s stalking eyes, the game’s heroine was dull and disinterested. He’s only complaining with his eyes, so since this situation appears harmless, then it’s probably harmless.

…I don’t care about abandoned dogs. He’s like a wild stray dog that no one has picked it up. Although he cries pathetically in the box, and my desire to protect is being aroused, I can do nothing since he only has eyes for Himeno-chan.

The problem is my own beloved dog.

“…Oh, you know, Kaname…”

“…Shut up and do your work.”


It’s been a week since then… Even if we’re alone after school, we don’t talk much outside of work…!

What should I do? Seriously, this rebellious period again…!

“Oh, Kaname… I’m sorry…”

“… I’m sorry for what?”

“It’s because you’re angry, right?”

“I’m not angry… Why would I be angry?”

…No matter how you look at it, you’re obviously angry! Kaname!

Whenever you call me “omae” instead of “temee”, is a characteristic that manifests whenever you’re the angriest!

This is… That? Is it the result of the bad choice I made?

This is what happens after a single mistake!? God!

“Oh, you know, Kaname… To Himeno-chan…”

I think tomorrow’s the last day we need to have lunch together.

My words were drowned out by the sound of Kaname hitting the desk.

“Don’t mention that name in front of me!”

The voice was so loud that for a moment, I was genuinely afraid of Kaname, to the point that I jumped without thinking.

The next moment, Kaname widened his eyes in surprise and turned away.

“……Sorry, my voice got too loud.”

“…No, no….”

What should I do? The silence is too heavy.

…Uhm, someone, please help me…

“–I hope you’re not doing anything weird! …What is this atmosphere? It’s not like you two.”

–Hooray! A savior–!

Aina-chan, seriously! Nice timing!

“… You’ve come at the right time, Sainohara. I’m sorry, but could you change with me for the Student Council room today?”

“I don’t mind… Are you all right? President, you look pale.”

“It’s a mental thing, so if I sleep, I’ll get better… I’m sorry.”

…Oh, you’re leaving?

Isn’t this a flag where Aina-chan gets in between and helps us make up?

“Well, I guess ….”


Kaname seemed like he was holding back words that he actually wanted to say.

“I’m sorry… For yelling.”

Then he closed the door.

“…What happened to you guys? Really.

There’s only one door between us, but Kaname felt so helplessly far away.


Translator’s Note:

Genge (eelpout) is a deep-sea fish which used to be called “the lowest of the low.” By peeling the skins and deep frying them with batter, it has a crispy, fluffy and moist texture.

The difference between omae and anata is that omae is very easily considered rude. That is, if someone doesn’t care about the pronoun, if it’s a friend, he will not care about it. While, the word temee てめぇ, also written with kanji as temee 手前, is essentially a very rude way of saying “you.” It’s way more rude than saying omae. That’s why it’s scary because the usual Kaname is rude, but the angry Kaname is not.