I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 21]

Chapter Twenty-One: Middle School for an Idiot (Part VI)

Little by little, Sukeban Macho-san-san told an essential story about herself that I didn’t know.

“When I first met him, he was like an angel, but he refused to accept others with his entire being. Well, it can’t be helped considering his unfortunate circumstances. But it was painful when my father told me that we couldn’t help him since we had been in business with their family, so I couldn’t help him directly…I knew it was none of my business, but I wanted to protect him.”

Sukeban Macho-san’s childhood…honestly, I can’t really imagine it. I don’t think she was this macho back then.

…Kaname, on the other hand, I can imagine it clearly.

“He kept away from those who clung to him without reading the air so that he could live without worrying about other…I worked hard so that I could twist them down by force if they became hostile to him. Originally, both my father and mother were mercenaries with great abilities. They made a fortune as combat consultants, so the both of them were happy to cooperate; because rich young ladies are always built in a way that is resistant to muscles. Even if I can’t touch him personally, since I can’t get close to him anymore than I am, I’ll just keep an eye on him.”

It seems like Sukeban Macho-san’s terrible family situation had just started to unfold…No, I’m not going to rush him. I dare not rush her story.

Because it’s a rich world of otome games, so everything’s exciting and possible! Yeah!

“In that time, his number of supporters increased as well, so I got myself into a training camp so that I could protect myself from any enemy that comes in my way. All of that resulted in the current fan club.”

…No, wait a minute. Did you really need to go as far as to form a macho army to keep Kaname safe?

What kind of enemy are you going to defend against?

…I see, so Sukeban Macho-san became the way she is because of their family business. Does that mean the other girls in the fan club aren’t from ordinary families too? Do all of them have muscles?

When I glanced at the subordinates behind her, they smiled, showing their white teeth, with each of them posing to emphasize their muscles.

…Yeah, they’re mad. You guys are all mad. Nice muscles! I think every girl here can win the bodybuilding championship right now.

……Ah, yes. Happiness depends on each person. If it makes them happy, then I have no right to deny them that. I’ll give them protein as an apology next time.

“But Kaname-same changed suddenly two years ago. That’s when he met you, Hououin Ayaka.”

I was startled by my name being unexpectedly mentioned.

When I looked at Sukeban Macho-san in a flurry, she looked as if she had bitterness against me….I’m sorry. Honestly, I got a little scared.

“He finally had a special partner just as he had rejected everyone….it’s supposed to be bringing me joy, but I couldn’t accept it honestly.”

“…is that because you wanted to be special?”

“No…I don’t think it’s such a big deal. I can’t even say that I could have done it even if I tried. I only know the Kaname-sama of the past… just.”


“Just…if I hadn’t kept people away from him, I think he might have met someone special earlier than when he met you.”

Sukeban Macho-san’s eyes sparkled.

It didn’t emit a ray of light…She was about to cry.

“Maybe I was just trying to protect him, but at the same time it also kept him away from happiness…but I couldn’t help it, it’s also the reason why I couldn’t accept you honestly. I’m sorry. None of it was your fault.”

…well, I can’t deny the possibility that Sukeban Macho-san kept Kaname away from happiness.

I thought it was bullying when I heard that Kaname was forced to stand alone for nine years.

Hmm, but now…

“…I don’t think Sukeban Macho-san need to worry about what happened in the past…”

“Sukeban…!? ……what?”

“He didn’t say anything to Sukeban Macho-san, did he? I think he was also comfortable with being alone.”

Regardless of the Ryudoji family, he is not incompetent enough to give himself up to the misfortunes he faces at the school.

After all, he is a genius with a fraudulent mental age. By the time I met him at the age of 10, no matter how many instructions he had to adhere to when there’s any family interaction, he’s always on his feet.

It would have been easy for him to break through the situation so as not to stand out.

Not doing that means…I guess that’s what it means. I was convinced when Sukeban Macho-san turned out to be a much better person than I had thought.

“For some reason, I think I’m grateful, to everyone in the fan club.”

By the way…the rooftop entrance has been slightly open ever since I came here. It’s not like the door was caught on something. Even if it’s windy, it’s still in the same condition.

“That’s the reason why you’re still listening like that, right? You know how important it is; to convince Sukeban Macho-san yourself.”