I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 16]

Chapter Sixteen: Middle School for an Idiot (Part I)

“…Ta-da! Look! I just got the Oudou Academy School uniform. Does it look good on me?”

Finally, the time has come for Hououin Ayaka to join the Oudou Academy Middle School at the age of 12!

I’ve had elegant and neat-looking uniforms in elementary school in the past, but the European school uniform is cute and looks like a girl’s ideal uniform! As expected of the rich…or rather, the world of otome games!

It’s because these short skirt lengths and color schemes don’t look very rich. Yeah. Two-dimensional specifications…Well, for me, three-dimensional specifications look good on such a two-dimensional uniform! An Empress quality cheat!

“…Oh, do you think it suits you?”

“Isn’t it cute? It’s cute, right?”

“…Well, it can fit you.”

“Tell me that it’s cute even if it’s a lie!”

Kuku…the usual cold treatment. Moreover, his mouth has been getting worse these days, and I feel like he’s starting to get into his rebellious phase. It’s regrettable for me as his owner. Quickly return to the cute Kaname…cute? That’s strange. I can’t remember a time like that.

Oh, well. I’m in a good mood today. I’ll forgive this much.

“Fuhaha, Kaname. Don’t be sad just because I overtook your score in the exam and took the lead.”

The transfer and final examinations for the Oudou Academy Middle School will be held on the same day, and it is said that the contents are the same. I’m not sure, but it seems that the result will affect the classification of middle school.

Although the grades were not posted directly, the announcement rankings of the classification were still in the order of the grades, so the test ranking was evident to people around you! …, the dean of the Oudou Academy is a devil. He cares more about arbitrary numbers than the mental strength of students…

But for me, who became a genius through pre-emptive education by Kaname, faced no problems!

Moreover, this time, I was the sole holder of my dignity because I had no one to blame if I were to make a fool of myself.

“…Why did I lose to such a fool, I…Damn, if only that one stupid mistake hadn’t been made.”

“Proud! I’m so proud, Kaname! I hope you didn’t get too carried away because you didn’t have a rival in the school that threatened your presidency?”

“…Stop talking like that. I’m getting irritated.”

No, it’s a complete victory. It feels good! I usually lose in chess and other games.

…But it was really such an incredible feat to the point that something feels off.

Why did he write “Kotoba no Ryo” as “The Heart of Aya,” in Japanese? It’s such a common-sense thing…Nevertheless, I’m so proud of myself.

“…But will you be in the same class as me from tomorrow on?”

In contrast to me, who couldn’t stop smiling, Kaname’s expression was grim.

“…Ayaka. I have something to tell you before coming to school.”

“Yeah? What is it?”

“You don’t have anything to do with me at school.”


I thought it was just a cruel joke, so I tried to laugh it off, but Kaname’s expression says otherwise.

This…this is…

“You’re in the rebellious phase, aren’t you?”


“I understand. It’s embarrassing to be teased if an adolescent boy is always with such a cute girl! What more if I’m the owner of such a dog…such a secret relationship can’t be known to others!”

Ah, Kaname is already around that age…Then, as the adult, I need to keep an eye out for him from a distance until the end of his puberty. It’ll take long for it to end; he’ll have to graduate from high school first before it happens.

No, no, no. I feel so lonely.

“…Well, I think you’ve forgotten it lately, but I’m the only daughter of a great family. You have no right to refuse my companionship, because you are my dog.”

That’s why power needs to be exercised! My Hououin family name is there to bind Kaname to me!

Even if you cry, I won’t let you go until the time comes!

“…I’m losing the will to explain to you that I’m not your dog…I mean, listen carefully, Ayaka. I don’t want you to leave me because I don’t like you…No; I’m saying it for your own good.”

…What do you mean for my own good?

Kaname sighed at me who was being skeptical.

“…It sounds off when I say it myself, but I am worshipped as a special being at Oudou Academy. The ‘Fanclub’ that I don’t care about especially, isolates distances everyone who approaches me. They seem to want me to rule as ‘The Lone King’.”

…Ah, that, it was in the game. Another harassment event for the heroine to conquer, the ‘Fanclub Required,’ which is a different enemy from the Empress. ‘A commoner like you is not suitable to be next to Kaname-sama’, she gets yelled that a lot. That’s why the heroine is subject to double harassment caused by the faction of Empress and the Fan club.

But, well, if that’s the case, then it’s okay.

“I don’t care about being harassed by such fan clubs.”

“…You can only say so because you don’t know the current situation.”

“No, I know. I saw it in the game.”

“…Is it game information again?”

I smiled invincibly.

“…Because I’m the Empress! I’m the only daughter of the Hououin family! No one can harass me.”