I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 13]

Chapter Thirteen: An Idiot’s Surprise (Part I)


Finally, this day has come!

It’s time to carry out the well-crafted plan that I’ve been developing the past year!

Spread it around Kaname’s house, okay! (I’ve already made a reservation a month in advance! If I’m forced to work for it, I won’t mind).

Notification and preparation for the servants… check! (Everyone, smile and cooperate! This is of utmost importance… no, it’s my virtue as a master)!

Kufufu. All that’s left is to pull the string when Kaname comes in. To get the timing right, I had today’s security surveillance cameras installed in the hallway (as expected of rich people), and I had them connected to my laptop. The surveillance cameras are a standard…, but I never let them put some in my room! Privacy is essential).

…Oh, he’s here. A little more, a little more…

…All right! He placed his hand on the door!

Now! At this time…! I forgot to take off the tape I used while I was tying the string!

“…What are you doing here?”

I realized the failure of the surprise when he looked at me in bewilderment.

…Well, I spent a year working on the plan…

“What are you holding?”

But God didn’t abandon me!

It seems that this rich boy does not know the goods of ordinary people.

All right! Then now… Oh, it’s hard! The string is too tight!

“Huh? Should I pull that? Hand it to me.”

“Oh my gosh! I can’t point at you to do it!”

…Well, it can’t be helped. Now that it’s like this.

“…All right. Can you pull the string with me?”


As it were, we both hold it together and pull the string towards a direction where there was no one. The string, which was too tight, unwound quickly with Kaname’s help.

The explosive sound of the sudden burst and the scent of gunpowder rose immediately.


Kukuku…I surprised him. He was surprised. He had a straight face on, but he was terrified. That’s right; be astonished. I’ve been waiting for this response.

At the end of the main line of sight are the glittering pieces of paper and colorful strings… I’m sorry! The maids made the floor shiny earlier just for it to get dirty now. Later, I’ll clean it…I won’t make them do it, but I’ll have to ask them how! (Because I’ve never carried anything heavy like a vacuum cleaner).

“Happy 12th birthday.”

I said so with a glum face since he still didn’t know what was going on.

“Today is Kaname’s birthday party, hosted by Hououin Ayaka! I won’t be sending you home tonight!”


“Hmm. Unfortunately, you don’t have a choice! I got permission directly from my father to borrow Kaname until tomorrow afternoon, taking advantage of the fact that the Hououin family is superior to the Ryudoji family.”

Oh my gosh. I feel like laughing loudly.

Long live, power.

Long live, Hououin family.

People’s time can be bought with money, Kaname. It’s hard to know, but this is the reality.

Fufufu. I made full use of my authority as the only daughter of the Hououin family to buy Kaname for the night. Oh, when I say it like this, it’s kind of strange. I’m the most villainous daughter there is. No, it’s actually pretty nice.

“We’ll eat a lot of delicious food and play games together until late at night. Let’s have a great day! We’ll celebrate twice as much as we couldn’t celebrate last year.”

That’s right. Last year, I could only give you a little present, and we couldn’t celebrate it properly.

I had the image of having him have a big birthday at home, partly because of the stereotypes of being born into a wealthy family.

So, I was surprised to hear what he said right after I gave him the present.

“It’s a birthday present… I’ve never received anything like this before.”

…Which ultimately made me remember a vital birthday event in the original otome game.

There was a scene where he confessed to the heroine that he was treated coldly as an illegitimate son and was handed over to the Hououin family without being spared by his birth father. He also made it known that he had never had his birthday celebrated appropriately until that time. There was a ban on giving presents at the school because it is regarded as special treatment (and, of course, the pressure from the empress), but they found a loophole since he did not open it on the exact date of his birthday. It seems that the heroine’s gift is the first gift that he’s ever received since he was born.

…Damn, why did you forget such an important event?

No matter how much I was recommended in my previous life, I was not the president of the student council but the chairman of the beautification committee, so I should have remembered details better! I only played four times, while the others played around five times, but I was the only one who could remember the profile in excruciating detail! (Takeya Keisei, 17 years old, 187cm tall, weighing 68kg, AB-type, likes naps and heroines)!

…Anyway. No matter how crucial it is to make his birthday with the heroine more moving a few years from now, as long as I’m here, he won’t need to spend any more unfortunate birthdays! Because he’s my dog! It’s also the owner’s job to celebrate their pet’s birthday!

The original timeline will be fine! If anything, it’s the God who made me become an Empress in the first place who is at fault!

From now on, I’ll always make you happy on your birthday, Kaname!