I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! x Background Setting (7)

Paddling Boat: The Lemaire Kingdom, where the protagonist lives, is an island nation, and the distance between it and the neighboring imperial kingdom is close. So, the “Flying Water Ship” is the one that connects the two countries with magically reinforced ropes and runs like a train. Since wind magic users and magic stones run it, it is naturally costly, and only small ships can run it, and it is used by diplomats like wealthy merchants, nobles, or His Royal Highness. Our hero is the first to board the ship! I can’t imagine enjoying being in the same company as His Royal Highness.

Coolakent: A large, soft-bodied demon. A ruffian of the sea but tastes surprisingly good! In other countries, the rule is “If you see one, run away at once”, but when these so-called “pathetic demons” attack the fishermen of Lemaire, it is as if it’s a “festival”. By the way, the Coolakent’s habitat is East Lemaire. The main character’s territory is West Lemaire, so I’d never seen one before!

Second Aide Flora Necro: While studying minor “anthropology” in minute detail, His Royal Highness unearthed her, and she became a diplomat! (Whether she’s happy about it or not is a mystery.) She has a crush on the First Aide, but her brother, His Royal Highness, has prevented her from achieving her goal.

Rururia (Main Character): Why am I going abroad to see the scenery? I can already feel a disturbance in the force. Huh? I’m trying my best to erase the two titles, which I’m not supposed to say, but now I’m flustered because I’m now a Saint as well!

Colosé Bread: This is the bread that everyone eats when they come to the Colosé site. It’s a fluffy bread dough with a slow-cooked tomato-based vegetable meat sauce inside, Well, why dont you eat it while youre at it? It’s about as good as it gets. But since it became the birthplace of the Saint of the Kingdom, several stalls hastily changed it from “Coroseth Bread” to “Saint Bread”.

Daikon Actor’s False Gatekeeper: It was a job for an acquaintance who ran away because he didn’t want to get involved with Lemaire. So, he was asked to take his place, a good-natured ruffian. He thinks he’s a criminal mastermind, but every job he’s involved in, he turns into a wimp. Again, the instructions were for him to roughen them up. He was all fired up for the money he would receive but never expected to find his clients imprisoned!