I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! x Background Setting (4)

Knight Commander Lionel Alston: Because Lionel and his nephew Solan are close friends (but actually rivals), he had noticed Solan was acting strange lately. That’s why Lionel decided to use Rururia-jyou’s training as a chance to help Solan as well. Two birds, one stone.

While on patrol he noticed that the light brown dragon was moving oddly. When he saw that Rururia was in trouble he sprung into action. Seeing how she handled the dragon, he began to wonder if there was a way to control them.

The Civil Clerk: His actual duties are to the Kingdom’s financial affairs, however, due to the shortage of manpower, he was required to take on festival preparations as well, which is why he was so short to Rururia-jyou: A foul mood due to lack of sleep. Once the festival is over, he intends to take his wife and kids far away to have a fun vacation.

Chief Magician’s Adopted Son Solan: His eyes are red, and his hair is white. He was abandoned by his real parents, and only the most powerful mage could handle him. So, the Chief Magician adopted him. The Chief Magician effectively had a “Non-interventionist policy” towards Solan, and never showed him love either. That’s why Solan became so attached to Irene. Being rejected hundreds of times had made his mental state troubled, which caused him to lose control of his magic. (Which is why he needed a headbutt.)

Since getting that headbutt, he’s been a bit more aware of his surroundings. Solan has always felt like he let everyone down, but things seemed different with Rururia, so he began to admire her. He plans to ask her for love advice.

The Knight: Is very happy to be celebrating his second child this year! He couldn’t ignore seeing the Knight Commander scare Rururia-jyou (who just so happens to be the same age as his niece). However, there isn’t much he can do, because after all, the Knight Commander is indeed scary! Good Luck!

Rururia Talbot (*Protagonist): Though she always got lost in the midst of magic circuitry, which is why everyone thinks of her as ‘Magically Tone-Deaf’, Solan’s lessons were able to help her learn how to better use magic. In this kingdom with its harsh history, the young have to learn how to be mature early. And it’s easy to get lost in the trauma and complain about things one probably shouldn’t, i.e., “I want to go home!!”

Flower Scales: Harvested ocean shells that have been shaved and shaped to imitate dragon scales. People all across the country comb the shores for these shells for a side income. The Flower-Scales which are scattered for the festival are often reclaimed by the people and kept as a good luck charm. Because of the exciting events that happen during this festival, the flower scales of “The Bride of the Dragon Knight” are selling for exorbitant prices on the black market. Fakes are being found everywhere which is definitely keeping the Knight’s Order very busy.

Captain of the Dragon Taunters: Originally, the group were a band of brigands who aimed at stealing dragon scales. However, their first surviving captain awoke to a ghastly transformation with a strange and unnatural power. Since then, every successive Captain of the Dragon Taunters has been deftly skilled at evasion, and always managed to avoid mortal wounds (This is probably important). As no kingdom can control him, he appears where great dangers are: To seek thrills and to show off his inhuman evasion abilities. That’s why he joined in the tourney between the Commander and the Chief Magician. (Out of all of the characters I’ve created, this one is my favorite. I will probably write an entire series for him.)

Chief Magician: His whole goal was to humiliate and devastate the unflappable Knight Commander, as well as to get a solid hit on Captain Dragon Taunter. The Chief Magician is more than capable of performing the most subtle and delicate magics, however, due to his brash and wild personality, he loves large scale and flashy magic. Since he was unable to win this go around, he steeled himself to win next time.