Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

74.1 Unwinding at Home for New Year’s Eve

“No, no…”

Beside Priscilla-chan who is groaning out, I am also groaning. We can’t come up with any good names. How do the otou-san and okaa-san across the world come up with names?

The spirit girl of the spirit tree cheerfully sits and waits while Priscilla-chan and I are in a serious slump. Her nico nico smile is nothing like I’d have expected from a spirit.

The wind spirit-san and the earth spirit-san quietly stand in a line as they gaze at Priscilla-chan.

Mistral went into the ancient forest for some reason and currently isn’t here.

“Did you come up with something, Priscilla-chan?”
Nntto, will ask okaa-san and great obaa-chan to think for me.”

Looks like she gave up. Trembling and unable to come up with anything, she shakes her head and shrugs her shoulders.

“Think hard, Ernea.”

As if reading my thoughts, the girl approaches me with a smile.

“Yes, I’m doing my best.”

Except I can’t come up with a good name right now. I must come up with a fantastic name fitting for this child. Giving her a simple name would be pathetic.

Priscilla-chan and I give up thinking about names at this point in time.

Well then, I have finished reporting to Old Sleigstar and Mistral. I also want to have some free time today. While I’m thinking that, Mistral returns from the ancient forest. In her hands is a tall jar.

“You probably have to head back soon.”
“Yeah, I wanted to spend more time with Mistral, but I have to go be at home.”
“That’s right, we also have to return. It can’t be helped for today.”
“Sorry about not being able to take it easy[1].”
“To that extent, please be Priscilla’s partner in the new year.”
Nntto, will help.”
Fufufu, understood. I leave Ernea to you.”

I pick up Priscilla-chan and hug her.

“Sneaky, sneaky.”
With that, the spirit girl leaps up and clings to me.

“Ernea is quite popular with little children.”
“Mistral can hug me too.”
“Yes, yes, sooner or later.”

Mistral casually brushes aside my joke. Her not hugging me is fine, really.
Or rather, I want her to hug me.

It’s been a long time since I met Mistral. I can’t help but want to be spoiled by her. Except, today I have to hurry and get back home.

“Take this with you on your way back.”
Mistral makes a wry smile at my unease and presents the tall jar to me.
“It’s filled with drops of the spirit tree. Today is special for various reasons, so take this home with you.”

Could her, ‘special for various reasons,’ refer to the coinciding of my completing my trial and safely returning to this moss covered plaza with the end of the year?

The drops of the spirit tree is special water. Even though nothing is said about how much I drink in the moss covered plaza, taking any home is prohibited. It is a gift only meant for the Long Eared Tribe. As such, up until now, I have never brought drops of the spirit tree back home with me.

I receive the jar from Mistral with delight.

“Thank you, I’ll drink this with my family. I’m positive my tou-san and kaa-san will be surprised at how tasty this water is.”
“I’m happy that you are happy to receive this.”

I give my thanks to Mistral for her favor and consideration. Like I thought, she is fantastic. She isn’t just strong, she isn’t just beautiful, she is kind and attentive too. She is the best woman in the world.

“It’s just too bad about her chest.”

Old Sleigstar’s muttering triggers a sensitive reaction from Mistral.

“Did you say something just now?”
“N- no. This one said nothing. Ernea’s heart was merely read.”

Who are you passing your sins onto? I didn’t think about her chest at all.

I wince as I’m glared at by Mistral.

“Mistral has tiny breasts!”
“Small, small!”

A pair of little girls seriously unable to read the mood start clamoring.

“Such a… you’re misunderstanding… Owwwwww!”

Why did this happen!?
Having received Mistral’s fist, I’m crouching down.

You’re terrible, Old Sleigstar.

While I’m crouched down with tears in my eyes, Mistral is glaring at me.

“Remember this for the new year.”
“What’s that?”
“I will be giving you strict guidance.”
“Such a thiiiing.”

It’s unreasonable. Even though it wasn’t my fault, I received the injury. Old Sleigstar is inhuman.[2]

“While unfortunate, this one was never human. Thou’s thoughts art misaligned.”

I wipe away my tears. My head hurts and Mistral’s glare is scary, but… but our usual peaceful atmosphere makes me smile.

I’ve come back. I was able to come back. I won’t be parting with Mistral.

“Your grin is unpleasant.”
Mistral’s eyes are cold, but the current me is happy. I’m smiling so much, she takes a step back.

“Well then, time to go. Come again next year once things have settled down.”
“Yeah, please treat me well again next year.”

While holding the jar with the drops of the spirit tree I received from Mistral, I bow.

“Priscilla-chan, see you later.”
Nntto, play again tomorrow.”
“No, no, no, we really can’t come here again tomorrow.”

Mistral and I make bitter smiles at Priscilla-chan’s spirited response.

“Well then, shall we head go back?”

The spirit girl nods at my words, transforms into grains of light, and vanishes. Then, a gentle breeze passes by my ears. Even though I can’t see her, she’s still beside me.

I’m waving goodbye when I’m enveloped within a three-dimensional technique formula.
I really missed all of this.

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[1] ゆっくりできなくて
[2] This is a translation issue with previous chapters, but Ernea has been referring to everyone he meets with the character 人 which means person.

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