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61. Suddenly, I Mastered Potion-Making

The next day.

I immediately went to visit the director of the magic research institute, Robert.

“Good morning.”

When I greeted him, Robert responded with a gentle smile.

“Why do you look so tired?”

“Well, it took me all nigh to analyze the spirit water. Before I realized it, morning had come.”

“Eh!? Are you alright!?”

“Hahaha, I’m alright. It’s my hobby, after all.”

Looking at the table, I saw the spirit water we gave to Robert yesterday. There were beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks nearby.

He seemed to like studying magic.

“Let’s start the research, Lady Eliane.”

“Thank you!”

I didn’t really like being called with such an honorific, but I was so captivated by the thought of making potions that I didn’t care about it.

I wanted to make potions soon!

“Has Eliane ever made a potion?”

“No, I’ve researched how to make them, but I didn’t really need to make one until now.”

“That’s right. After all, I heard that Eliane is an excellent healer. Maybe it’s faster to use healing magic rather than to make potions.”

While saying that, Robert picked up a potion.

“However, no matter how good Eliane is, there’s only one of you. You won’t be able to heal adventurers and knights who are on an expedition. At that time, if they were to get hurt, potions can help them.”

“That’s right. I think your profession is very meaningful to the world.”

When I said so, Robert nodded.

“First, put the spirit water in the beaker.”

A tiny amount of bluish water moved inside the beaker.

“The next part is easier said than done—pour healing magic into this water in a fixed amount.”

“Certainly, that sounds easy, but getting the feel for it will be difficult.”

“That’s not true. I’m sure Eliane will get the feel for it right away. First, let me try.”

Robert released magical power into the spirit water inside the beaker.

The water began to glow.


“As I thought, that water is indeed wonderful. Since the purity of its magical power is high, infusing it with magical power is easy.”

Robert murmured.

When he stopped releasing magical power, the water returned to its original appearance.

However, I could tell that its contents were completely different from the previous one.

“The potion is completed.”

“How fast!”

“Haha, such isn’t the case. It’s because of the quality of the spirit water. Several materials must be combined to create a liquid that will become a catalyst. However, this water is enough to be a catalyst as it is. Would you like to see?”


Suppressing my excitement, I received the beaker from Robert.

Examining it, certainly, the water had healing ability. With that, one could easily heal scratches.

“It’s amazing!”

“Do you understand, now?”


“It seems that you can also analyze magical power. Even so, I’m embarrassed to be praised directly… we researchers don’t often talk to users directly. It’s something we aren’t used to…”

Robert grew bashful.

Although he had an adult atmosphere, as of the moment, he was as innocent as a child.

To put it simply… how adorable!

“It’s my turn, next. Let me give it a try!”

Once again, Robert prepared a beaker with spirit water and handed it to me.

Let’s see…

Should I try to do it as if I was casting healing magic on others?

However, even though I followed Robert’s instruction, it didn’t go well…

“It’s difficult…”

“Which part is?”

“I can pour magical power, but adjusting it is hard. In the end, it remains water with high magical power.”

“Ordinary people have a hard time with just pouring magical power alone. You’re already great enough to be able to do so in first try.”

Robert made a small thoughtful gesture, and then—

“—Excuse me.”

Suddenly, my hands were held from behind.


For some reason, I became breathless.

“Adjusting magical power, is like this…”

Robert assisted me by holding my hands.

…Doing it like that was certainly an easier method to understand it than just outright hear his explanation.

What he was doing wasn’t strange.


Him doing that that, it let me feel his breathing!

I felt like I was doing something wrong, and couldn’t concentrate on adjusting my magical power!

Eliane, what are you thinking!

You have a fiancé named Nigel!

Be rRational! Eliane scolded me, so I regained my mind and concentrated on making potions.


The spirit water began to glow in a familiar manner.

“I got the hang of it!”

“Such an intense light, this is…!”

I could hear Robert’s surprised voice from behind.

Certainly, the light was even stronger than when he did it.



I lifted the newly made potion inside the beaker and proclaimed loudly.

“E, Eliane, may I take a look?”

“Of course.”

I handed it to Robert.

While he was seriously studying the potion, the excited me asked. “How is it!?”

Honestly, that was my first time, so it probably wouldn’t amount to much…

…Or so I thought.

“H, how could this be! This… this is an advanced potion!”

Robert said with excitement.

“Advanced potion… you mean, the most effective potion?”


The potion Robert had created was low-level. It could heal simple wounds.

On the other hand, advanced potions were said to be able to heal fractures and major illnesses. In that kingdom, the stockpile was less than double digits, and it was very expensive for the commoners.

Also, I had heard that it took a long time to make one.


“Did I make such a potion!?”

I pointed to myself and asked Robert.

He trembled.

“Yes, I can’t make a definite conclusion without examining it in detail, but I think this potion is close to being an advanced one. For you to be able to make this in such a brief period of time!”

“Is, is it supposed to be an amazing thing?”

“Very aAmazing, the history of potion making will change! Originally, it’d take a year of training to just make a lower-level potion. But you, not only in an instant, you created an advanced potion…!”

Robert was stunned by what I had done.

No, no!

Today, I thought the best I would manage to make would be lower-level potions!

Despite that, I accidentally reached the pinnacle of potion-making!

What had I done!?

“I, it must be because the spirit water. I myself, am not—”

“Of course, the spirit water played a role. But should be impossible to just make an advanced potion on a whim—who are you!?”

“A, an ordinary healer! I’m just an ordinary healer that can be found everywhere!”

“There’s no way such an ordinary healer exists…”

Robert sighed in astonishment.

As such, I became an extremely advanced pharmacist in a day.

***T/N: Okay, this chapter is kinda–no, hella weird for me.

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