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58. The Countdown to the Kingdom’s Extinction

The time rewound to a month ago.

Claude heard a report from his subordinate knight that an archdemon had invaded. His head blanked for a moment.

“…A, an archdemon!? If this is a joke, it’s in bad taste!!”

As a result, Claude ran away from reality and decided that the report was nothing more than a lie.

However, the knight was undeterred.

“I’m not lying! The kingdom is currently experiencing great confusion due to said invasion!”

“T, that’s impossible…”

Claude immediately went to the window.

That was when he witnessed something incredible.

“T, the royal capital… is being destroyed—!?”

Smoke was rising from buildings everywhere.

Creatures with wings were circling the sky above.

It was the depiction of hell.

The royal castle and the castle town had quite the distance between them, but even from there, the people’s screams were loud and clear.

“W, when did this happen…?”

“J, just about 15 minutes ago?”

“What!? The royal capital was reduced to this in such a short time!?”

When asked by Claude, the knight nodded with a mysterious face.

“At first, there was only a single archdemon, but then they appeared one after another. Tthey won’t stop coming! The knights are being pushed back!”

“How many demons have invaded the royal capital, exactly!?”

“I don’t know the exact number, but including the lower and upper levels, there’s probably more than a hundred!”

Upon hearing the report, Claude became dizzy.

N, no way.

He couldn’t even maintain his posture, he could only lean against the nearby wall.

Demons were incomparable to normal monsters.

Even if it was only a lower demon, it boasted the same fighting power as a Behemoth.

It was said that a single archdemon could spell the destruction of an entire capital—

and there are many of them!? What is happening!?

Towards the rapidly changing situation, Claude failed to keep pace.

“Claude, Claude, more importantly, look at me! My face, my face has become horrible!”

Leticia clung to Claude’s clothes.

The knight who came to the room also noticed Leticia’s abnormal condition, probably because she raised her face for a moment.

“Hyiii—! A monster—! Stay away from His Highness—!”

The knight unsheathed his sword and tried to attack Leticia.


“Wait! She’s Leticia!”

“Le, Leticia…!? What a foolish thing to say!! Leticia has a beautiful appearance!”

“Don’t say such profanity! I don’t even know what’s going on. We have to treat her!”


It seemed that the knight was still confused.

Claude’s fiancée, Leticia.

After attempting to murder both Eliane and Nigel, she had suffered her just desserts. Her face had been scorched with a cursed flame.

Nothing of her former appearance remained.

“Claude, once Alberto, the SS-class adventurer, returns, he’ll surely overcome this situation. He may be an idiot, but when it comes to combat, we can count on him.”

“That’s right! Alberto! What is he doing!?”

Claude screamed.

“I, I don’t know!! I haven’t heard from him for the past few days!!”

“W, what did you say!?”

“I don’t think Alberto can resolve this situation! We have to ask for aid from the other kingdoms!”

“Don’t say stupid things! We won’t know what’ll happen once we do that!”

In fact, he didn’t think another kingdom could be bothered to help them.

—Claude’s deduction was strangely correct.

Until then, he had been doing all he could to find more ways to oppress the other kingdoms.

Military power, economy—every single aspect of his kingdom was more outstanding than other kingdoms.

With that power, he had been forcing them to submit to his.

Hence why, once the other kingdoms heard that his kingdom was in a pinch, would they even bother to help?

Of course they wouldn’t!

On the contrary, they’d use that opportunity to destroy his kingdom!

“F, for now, give an urgent quest—! Not only to the knights, but also the adventurers—! It doesn’t matter how many people we have to sacrifice—!”

Claude spewed out instructions that weren’t even instructions.

Not only was his decision dimwitted, it was also too late.

Ara, you don’t need to do that anymore?”

He heard a voice.

When Claude and his friends turned to the entrance of the room, a tall man could be seen leaning his weight against a wall.

“Who are you!?”

“Fufu, nice to meet you. However, it’s not like I’m required to give you proper greeting or anything—the prince of this kingdom is as ugly as usual.”

At first glance, the voice sounded like a woman, but the appearance was definitely that of a beautiful man’s.

His long silver hair flowed down, while his slender limbs were eye-catching. The beauty he possessed was otherworldly.

While Claude was speechless, the older sister-like man slowly approached them.

“Greetings, I’m Baldur.”

The man—Baldur, offered his hand towards Claude, and said.

“By human standards, I’m what you’d call an archdemon.”

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