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57. Both are Stubborn

From there, it became a serious discussion between kingdoms.

“I do not require anything in return.”

Nigel, who sat beside me, shrugged.

“I cannot allow that. We were saved by Eliane, and it is you who kindly lent us the power of the saint. To not give anything in return, that goes against our principles.”


Nigel crossed his arms.

He was someone who would lend his aid towards a person in need without any hesitation. Even more so when it wouldn’t bring any disadvantage to the kingdom.

I was sure he truly just wanted to help the spirits. Hence why he was unsure what to do.


Despite so, the spirit king, Philip, stared at Nigel as he waited for his reaction.

Apparently, no matter how much Nigel refused, Philip wouldn’t give up.

Eventually, Nigel opened his mouth.

“If so, will you trade with us?”

“Some kind of transaction?”

“Indeed. The vegetables and water here are fresh. In Lynchgiham, they’d surely fetch a high price, and the market would be revitalized. Of course, the income will go to you, while we’ll only take the profit. What do you think?”

Fumu. That’s not a big deal. I can even provide them for free.”

“That’s not the point. I want to trade. I won’t give up on this matter.”

When it came to the kingdom, Nigel would become stubborn. He wasn’t going to step back no matter what Philip said.

“I’m alright with giving away our water and vegetables for free. That’s not a lie. But, the ‘income’ you’ve mentioned—is it the currency commonly used among humans?”

“Well, that’s the original plan.”

“Us spirits do not require money. We have no place to spend it. To be honest, it would be like handing us useless items. If it became a common sight, what would the other spirits say?”

“But, it is not the case that it absolutely become an issue, correct? After all, we do not know what the future may bring.”

“I suppose that’s true.”

Philip put his hand on his chin in contemplation.

It was the gaze of a king who thought about his kingdom. His eyes didn’t suit his boyish appearance.

“However, that spirits do not require human currency is reasonable. In return for giving us water and vegetables, what do you want in return?”

Philip was still quiet.

However, I felt his gaze on me.

“That’s right. Once in a while, I would like for Eliane’s dishes to be served to other spirits.”

Was what he said.

“—M, my dishes?”

Philip nodded.

“The omelet rice I ate at the castle was excellent. Us spirits do not have much understanding over cooking. It’s kind of embarrassing, to be honest.”

“So, you eat the vegetables raw?”


What a waste!

Even though they were such fresh vegetables!

Of course, eating them as they were would be delicious—but it still felt like a waste!

“That would surely satisfy the other spirits. Of course, when you want to do it would be up to you. What do you think?”

“I’m alright with that. But, would that suffice?”

“That’s already aplenty.”

When I looked at Nigel.

“If Eliane is fine with it, then there’s no problem.” He said to me.

If so, there was nothing to worry about.

“I understand. When I have free time, I shall travel from Lynchgiham to this village. I have no objection towards delivering food.”

“Alright, then…! That’s good enough! To think that I’ll be able to taste your cooking, again… I cannot help but look forward to it!”

Philip was excited.

Apparently, he really liked the other day’s omelet rice. I was honestly happy that someone else enjoyed my cooking.

Also, coming to cook meant that I’d be able to meet the cute spirits of the village again.

After learning they didn’t have much knowledge when it came to cooking, I wanted them to taste delicious food.

“Then, it has been decided. While the spirits provide us with their vegetables and water, she shall occasionally come to cook—is this okay?”

“No problem—however, there’s a condition. For a while, I want you to take charge of the trade. I really can’t trust other people.”

“I understand. If you want to stop trading with us, you can always say so. Of course, I shall do my utmost to ensure that we will keep trading.”

“Understood. Thank you.”


Nigel and Philip firmly shook hands.

Such a historical moment.

It’d be the first time that humans and spirits had joined hands in such a way, regardless of the method of exchange.

“Anyway… the prince of Lynchgiham sure is great—you’re many times better than that other prince.


Philip nodded.

“I was wary of humans after the unpleasant treatment I received from that kingdom, but… who would have thought our negotiations would proceed this smoothly.”

“Well, not all humans are the same.”

“That’s right. I feel stupid for avoiding diplomatic relations until now.”

Philip became slightly dejected.

That was when I suddenly became concerned.

“…Um, do you know how that other kingdom is doing right now?”

“…That other kingdom?”

Philip stared back at me.

“I do not know much about it. Two months have already passed since the last time I visited that kingdom.”

“I see…”

“However, I heard one interesting rumor. I do not know whether it’s true or false, though.”

“An iInteresting rumor?”

When I asked, Philip sipped his tea and continued.

“It seems that the demons have invaded the kingdom.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“You don’t seem too surprised.”

“Well, that’s only to be expected.”

Once the barrier was broken, that outcome was only natural.

Even so… it was quite late.

I sometimes inquired Nigel about the state of my former kingdom, but such information seems to have been kept secret.

If other kingdoms were to learn that my former kingdom was being invaded by demons, who knew what would happen?

Considering Claude’s personality, of course he’d try to conceal it.

However, someday, it would surely be exposed.

By the way, what was Prince Claude doing around that time…?

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