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55. I cut off the Miasma from its Source

“It’s the divine light…!”

From behind me, Philip uttered.

The light became more intense, and the greyness of the lake gradually cleared up.

“As I thought, this method is the fastest.”

At the same time, I used purification magic throughout the entire forest.

The forest which had been corrupted by miasma was rapidly purified.

The leaves that had withered and turned dark brown became fresh green. The soil, which had been soaked in miasma, returned to its former state. The pale, purplish, air was regenerated into a transparent one.

I spent about less than thirty minutes inside the lake.

After the emerald green light had disappeared, the lake took on a mysterious blue color.

“It’s complete.”

From beside the carriage, I wiped my feet with a towel.

“—is it finished!?”

Nigel was surprised and rushed to me at once.

“Eliane, what’s wrong? You seem to have consumed a lot of your magical power…”

“Indeed. But it isn’t a big deal. On the contrary, I’m glad to have broken a sweat after dipping my feet into the cold lake.”

I said to the concerned Nigel.

“As expected of the saint…! Not only did You purify the forest, you also accomplished it in a terrifying speed!”

“Is this result alright with you?”

“Oh…! Of course! The forest has been restored. In fact, the air and water are a lot cleaner than before!”

Purification magic can be activated without touching the target.

However, it was certain that the effect would be stronger if the target was touched.

Because that time around, the intended target was the water, I was able to permeate it without using too much magic.

In other words, the magical power oozed from me, and I was able to counteract the lake’s miasma.

…Although back then, when I tried to use that method, Prince Claude scoffed at me. “The water is turning into a nasty soup stock!” Which made me reluctant to do it.

Anyway, I was glad everything had been resolved.

“I don’t believe there will be any more miasma coming from this lake in the future. I’ve cut it off from its source.”

“Oh… Eliane, I don’t know how to thank you enough… thank you very much…”

“You’re welcome.”

However, why did the lake start generating miasma?

I didn’t think it was something that would happen just like that?

I tried to locate the cause, but I couldn’t.

It may had been caused by artificial means, but I couldn’t suspect anything yet.

In any case, I had cut off the source of the miasma, and the forest was restored.

One case was settled.

“You seem to be far more powerful than the saint I encountered 200 years ago. Even the saint from 200 hundred years ago would’ve taken an entire day to get rid this level of miasma.”


I didn’t know about the saint from 200 years ago, so there wasn’t much for me to say, honestly.

But I was happy to be praised.

“Well… let’s return to Lynchgiham.”

Thus, I entered the carriage…


Suddenly, two small lights appeared before us.

They were akin to fireflies.

“Saint, saint…!”

“The forest has become more beautiful…!”

As I heard such voices, the two lights spun around my head.

“Al, Mars, why did you step out of the barrier? I told you to not carelessly leave the village.”

“I came out because the forest is so beautiful.”

“Since the saint is here, it can’t be helped.”

From the lights, giggles and laughter could be heard.

“Philip, Eliane, what are those?”

“They are spirits.”

When I pointed my index finger, the two lights—the spirits, perched there.

“Are they young spirits? They’re very cute.”

“Thank you.”

“Mrs. Saint is also cute.”

Ara, what good children they are!

It was rare for a spirit to take a humanoid form like Philip. Young spirits… just like Al and Mars, were often seen in the appearance of small lights.

If they grew up into someone like Philip, then they wouldn’t carelessly appear in public. Hence, humanoid spirits were rarely seen.

Seeing us, Philip sighed.

“Well, thankfully, I’m with the saint. But what if it were a bad person? We’ll have this talk later.”

“I don’t wanna!”


“…Pay attention to your king…”

I jokingly said that to the quivering spirits.

“Even so, it is rare to perceive a young spirit. A young spirit can’t judge whether or not someone is morally good. Therefore, they only become fond of those with pure-hearts. You’re indeed eligible to be a saint.”

Philip seemed to be both surprised and confused.

Eventually, one spirit flew away from my finger and perched on top of Nigel’s head.

“This one’s also a good person. He smells good.”

“Are you referring to me?”

“Who else, silly~”

Nigel turned his gaze upwards.

Apparently, Nigel was also pure-hearted. Well, of course, that was only natural. No wonder the young spirits immediately grew fond of him.

“It looks like they are fond of us. Like this, we can’t return to Lynchgiham right away.”

Nigel shrugged.

Hearing that,

“If you don’t mind, why don’t the two of you come to our village?”

“Philip, by that, you mean the spirit village? I heard that humans aren’t invited, is that really okay?”

“Of course, I’ve been wanting to invite you all this time. If you have something urgent to do, I won’t take too much of your time. What do you think?”

When I turned to Nigel, I saw him nodding. “As long as we aren’t considered a hindrance.”

“Then, I will gladly accept your invitation. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

We were then invited to the spirit village.

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