Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

53. The Reliable Dragon and Divine Creature

After parting with Nigel and the others, I went to the courtyard.

“Douglas, Ralph-chan, are you guys here?”

In the courtyard, Douglas was playing with Ralph with a piece of the golden tree—katsuobushi.

I wanted to call them out immediately, but they looked like they were having fun, so I let them be for a while.

“It’s about time. My game is more than just a game. So, you better prepare yourself.”

“Huh, Ralph also think the same. Today shall be the day where we find out which one of us is the strongest—the beast, or the dragon.”

Sparks scattered between the two.



Douglas threw the katsuobushi up into the sky.

I thought it had reached the top of the royal castle.

It was apparent that Douglas was serious.

Eventually, the katsuobushi slowly tipped over and fell—before being swept away by the wind towards a corner of the courtyard—

—precisely at that moment.


Ralph barked like a dog.


Ralph rushed towards the falling katsuobushi.

As the katsuobushi fell towards the second floor of the royal castle, Ralph kicked off the ground and leaped high.


Ralph caught the katsuobushi and landed on the ground.

“Kukuku…! What do you think!? This is the power of Ralph! Have you finally decided to acknowledge it!?”

“Hmm… for a divine beast like you, that’s only to be expected. I shall throw it even higher this time. How long will you be able to keep up?”

“How silly.”

…It looked fun.

Was I in the way?

I felt guilty for letting Nigel wait.

“Douglas! Ralph-chan!”

I raised my voice and waved towards Douglas and Ralph.

“Why, if it isn’t Eliane?”

“The katsuobushi-bearer of a saint!”

Ralph happily rushed over as soon as he saw me.

Douglas, on the other hand, folded his arms and didn’t move an inch.

“Ralph-chan, you’re as fluffy as always.”

“This fur is a divine beast’s pride. I always take care of it!”

When I stroked his chin, Ralph closed his eyes in pleasure.

While doing so, I turned my gaze towards Douglas.

“Douglas. Nigel and I will depart from Lynchgiham for a while. It’ll be for about a week.”

“What happened, so suddenly?”


I explained the situation to Ralph and Douglas.

“I see… the Spirit King. Another ridiculous figure has appeared.”

“I’m also surprised.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“It seems that it will take about three days by carriage to reach the forest where the spirits dwell. Meanwhile, I’d like to ask Douglas and Ralph to stay home.”

The barrier surrounding the kingdom would become less effective as I move away.

That distance should be alright.

I didn’t think it’d be broken—unless something extreme were to happen. But, just in case.

Even if something were to happen, the dragon, Douglas, and the divine beast, Ralph, would be there to solve the problem.

“Got it. By the way, shouldn’t we escort you to the spirit forest? That will save time, unless you have another idea?”

“Don’t worry about that. More than anything, I want you to protect this kingdom.”

I refused politely.

There was also another reason… most importantly, to be held by Douglas again—that is just bad for a maiden’s heart!

Although that could help me travel faster.

However, there was that side effect—my heart pounding like crazy.

“There are three people, meanwhile Ralph-chan can only carry two people at once. That’s why, Ralph-chan also has to stay behind.”


Ralph let out a sad cry.

“I see. Haha! It’s fine, leave everything to me. I shall gracefully fulfil my role while you are away!”

“Ralph will also do his best.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Douglas’ fighting ability was considerable. In fact, he had slayed the Behemoth in an instant.

However, he may be lacking a little bit of common sense.

Douglas always said that I was a handful of a woman—even though that was supposed to be my line.

“As long as you’re with Nigel, even if something were to happen along the way, you’ll be alright. But still, I’m worried. What if you fall onto the side of the road?”

“You’re being overprotective!”

“What are you talking about? You have a beautiful skin. It’ll be a problem if it were to be grazed, or peeled. You haven’t had your marriage, yet. …That’s right.”

With a flash, Douglas manifested something akin to a ball.

He had just activated storage magic.

I heard it was a lost spell. But he used it like nobody’s business… as expected of a dragon.

“You should bring this.”

“What’s this?”

I received the ball from Douglas.

It was a mysterious, purple, glass ball.

The size of the purple ball allowed it to be put inside a pocket without any problems.

“It’s a ‘Dragon Jewel’. If something happens, pour your magical power into it. That way, I can appear before you in an instant.”

“Huh?! Are you for real!?”

He was carrying around some amazing things…

“Of course, but the moment you use it, it’ll break. Since it can only be used once, you must think carefully before using it.”

“Thank you! I’m grateful.”

I was honestly happy for his concern.

Douglas had a mischievous side, but he was akin to a dependable big brother.

“Well then, Fenrir, let’s stop playing and get ready to be watchmen.”

“Got it—but, ‘watchmen’? What am I supposed to do?”

“Who knows?”

Douglas and Ralph stared at each other before tilting their heads…

…Scratch that, ‘dependable big brother’ who?

When I saw Douglas and Ralph acting in such a way, I got worried.

***T/N: What if Douglas and Ralph accidentally summoned a hero from another world while Eliane is gone…

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