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52. Even if it’s a Spirit, Those who are in Need Cannot be Overlooked

“As you may know, us spirits have lived apart from other races since ancient times.”

That was common knowledge.

“Recently, I’ve been living in a village in a forest for three thousand years. Of course, we have been preventing humans from entering with a barrier.”

“Is it a forest nearby?”

“Yes. With a carriage, it won’t take more than three days to reach. Just in case, don’t tell anyone about this.”

Philip raised an index finger to in front of his mouth.

Even so… 3000 years?

For them to casually refer to such by saying, ‘recently’, the life of a spirit sure was long…

Philip resumed.

“We’ve lived in peace until now, but… it started about half a year ago. Something has begun to happen in the forest where the village is located.”

“Is it some kind of abnormality?”

“Yes, suddenly, the forest began to be enshrouded with miasma.”

Philip’s expression darkened in pain.

“From your perspective, that miasma must be threatening.”

“That’s right. Us spirits are a race that value air and water above all else. A plague has set because of this miasma. Furthermore, not only have we spirits contracted some illnesses, powerful monsters have begun to appear in the forest.”

“I see. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Just in case, I will ask you—have you tried everything to get rid of the miasma?”

Philip nodded.

“Despite so, our power alone isn’t enough to eliminate the miasma. Sso we decided to ask humans for help.”

“But why humans?”

“Because the saint… because you’re there…”

Philip gazed at me.

“Something similar happened 200 years ago, and with the help of the saint, we were able to remove the miasma. I also heard that 200 years ago, the relationship between the saint and the spirits was relatively good. Compared to that time… the situation has changed a lot, now…”

…How free the saint 200 years ago was!

Perhaps, 200 years ago, such was the norm.

My situation might be the odd one out.

I was a little jealous of the saint from 200 years ago.

“I never thought it’d result in me leaving the village. Since the saint has lived in the kingdom for 200 years, I thought she’d be there and went to said kingdom, however…”

“Wait a minute, when did you go to that kingdom?”

“Two to three months ago, I think.”

Two to three months…

…if such a troubled spirit king were to arrive, shouldn’t he have been aided immediately?

Why didn’t I hear of such a report?

“Although I can roughly guess what has happened, could you share with me what you experienced?”

“I was told to pay in advance, he also added, ‘A child like you? A Spirit King? Even an idiot could come up with a better lie! Not to mention, the saint is busy! As if she’d grant a child like you an audience!’

“…Did you ask for that person’s name?”

“I think his name is Claude.”


The only person who’d dare say that was Prince Claude!

Most of the time, people like us—even the gatekeeper would lend an ear to his story!

Even though the Spirit King was in such a state, he still yelled at him. He must had treated him as some kind of stress-reliever.

“Failing to meet the saint, I was in despair…”

“I wouldn’t say such a thing! I didn’t even know you where there! Believe me!”

“At that time, I truly believed the saint had changed. But today, after our first meeting, I’ve changed my mind. You’re as beautiful and kind as the saint from 200 years ago.”

Although there were many differences separating me from that saint of 200 years ago—but I didn’t need to tell him that.

“However, you couldn’t return home as it was. You heard about a good healer arriving in Lynchgiham from somewhere?”

From behind, Nigel asked.

Philip agreed.

Afterwards, he had been searching for a good healer for months… no wonder he became tattered.

“That’s right, I didn’t expect much, but who would’ve thought that I’d encounter the saint… Please, saint, and also Your Highness the prince of this kingdom, won’t you help us? That’s right, of course I’ll return the favor.”

Philip bowed again.

I understood his story.

Originally, him being scrutinized was already an issue. After all, he was the Spirit King—it could lead to a problem between the two kingdoms.

However, there was a more pressing issue.

Even if that escalated, it wouldn’t solve the suffering of the other spirits whom were troubled by the miasma.


“I understand.”

I made eye contact with Nigel—apparently, we had the same idea.

Then, I didn’t have to worry.

“I understand. I shall lend you the power of the saint.”

When I said that, Philip raised his face. “Really!?”

“T, thank you! I was prepared to give you some time to mull over this matter… but I’m glad that you decided so quickly. With this, the spirits will soon receive help…”

He squeezed my hand tightly.


Before, I didn’t feel anything because I thought he was a child, but now that I realized he was older than me, the situation was different…

Although his face was hidden beneath long bangs, Philip was quite beautiful.

No matter how much he looked like a child, if such a handsome guy was in my vicinity, I couldn’t help but get flustered.

“You don’t have to worry about anything. In this kingdom there exists a saying that people in need should be helped. I can’t abandon you.”

That said, I averted my gaze from him.

If he were to stare at me like that, I’d feel shy.

“There’s also a saying that the sooner the better. Shall we set out immediately?”

“Y, yes!”

“Well, then…”

I cleared my throat and declared.

“You don’t have to be so formal with us. You are the Spirit King, therefore there’s no need to humble yourself.”

“What are you saying? To the saint, who is our soon-to-be benefactor, it’s only natural to show this kind of reverence…”

“There’s no such thing as a saint! Please refer to me as Eliane!”

I was still not used to being treated so carefully.

Initially, Philip was anxious, but, eventually…

“I understand… then, Sain—I mean, Eliane, thank you.”

“Yes, I understand.”

I smiled. I loved that kind of tone because it felt more genuine.

“Eliane, I will follow you. I can’t let you go alone.”

“Of course, thank you.”

Nigel was suitable for the blessing of the goddess.

If he and I were together, even if we encountered a monster on the way, we should be able to survive without any problems.

“Then, again, Philip, thank you for your cooperation.’

“Yes, the same goes with you.”

Philip stared straight into my eyes and thanked me.

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